IL Progtard Maniac Shoots Up GOP Baseball Practice
Suspect in congressional shooting was Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump

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You knew it was just a matter of time before…oh wait, wrong guy.  It’s not the IL progtard maniac we would have suspected.  This guy is named James T. Hodgkinson and he’s from Belleville, Illinois, not Champaign, Illinois.  But same socialist, Marxist, dumbass politics.  

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IL 12 Congressman Mike Bost states that Hodgkinson contacted his office 10 times, but “never appeared threatening.”  This would be in sharp distinction to that other guy, the convicted ethics violator who stalked IL 13 Congressman Rodney Davis at his office…

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…stalked pretty IL 13 Demtard candidate Ann Callis at her office…

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…and stalked and no doubt continues to stalk everybody else who disagrees with him.  

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Thankfully, James T. Hodgkinson died from the wounds he sustained at the hands of the police.  Although this probably will not stop him from voting multiple times in the next Illinois election.
The only guy George Gollin ever shot in the ass was himself.

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Hodgkinson seems like the self-reliant type.  When he goes postal he throws his rifle in his van, drives to where he can find some of the people he imagines are responsible, and starts blasting.

Unethical George Gollin, on the other hand, is an inept doofus, as he well knows.  This actually makes him more dangerous, because he will find 15 other, more capable mental cases to do his dirty work for him.  As we have seen, when unethical George Gollin tries to do it himself, he gets sued, convicted and/or publically humiliated.

Consider, for example, that a relatively small college such as Evergreen State (4,416 students in 2006) is now "under siege" from leftist loonies.  How hard would it be for unethical George Gollin to find a similar collection of mental defectives at UIUC (44,087 students in 2015) to do his dirty work for him? 

Look at the shabby collection of "students" he managed to assemble for his inept congressional campaign. If unethical George Gollin could convince these naïve, gullible kids that he was a viable candidate for public office, what else might he convince them to do?

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Map to baseball practice field? Check. AK-47s? Check. Ammo?  Ammo?  Shit, who was supposed to bring the fucking ammo?
(06-17-2017, 06:31 PM)Don Dresden Wrote: If unethical George Gollin could convince these naïve, gullible kids that he was a viable candidate for public office, what else might he convince them to do?

Forget the naïve, gullible college kids.  Unethical George Gollin convinced the naïve, gullible Secret Service-tards that he was an expert in diploma mills!  Imagine what it must have taken to get the SS horn dogs to drop their hookers long enough to railroad Dixie.

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IL Man Arrested for Threatening to Assassinate President Trump

No, this one isn't him either.  Is there something going on with the water there in IL?  

FBI: Virginia Gunman Visited Bernie Sanders Before Shooting Scalise

Article says he also visited dim IL Senators Little Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.  Wonder if he visited any other pols, like maybe some unsuccessful candidate for the IL 13th district congressional seat????
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Balding creeper busted

Nope, a different balding creeper, but mere blocks away from unethical George Gollin's childhood home of Freeport, NY.  Definitely a family resemblance, maybe a relative?

[Image: queens-creep.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=606]
Not George Gollin, not George Gollin, not George Gollin, not George Gollin, not George Gollin.
Not unethical UIUC professor George Gollin, not candidate for dog catcher or IL 13 Congress.
Quote:Wilson Kenney, 33, of Springfield Gardens was sitting on a bench at the Forest City Park Pool facility in Wantagh on Sunday around 4:50 p.m. when he began to rub his groin area and exposed himself to the 17-year-old lifeguard, cops said.

The long-haired, partially balding man, shown in his mugshot with a blank stare, was arrested and charged with public lewdness, cops said.

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