IL Progtard Maniac Shoots Up GOP Baseball Practice
This guy Cann looks like he might actually have something on the ball. Wonder why he would sully his good reputation by consorting with the Gollin Crime Family?

Quote:Isaac K. O. Cann
Professor, Microbiology and Institute for Genomic Biology
Deputy Director, Energy Biosciences Institute
University of Illinois
127 West Gregory Drive M/C 630
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-2090

[Image: isaac.jpg]

Biographical Information
* B.Sc (Hons) Animal Sciences, University of Ghana 1986
* M.S. (Rumen Microbiology), Mie University, Japan, 1991
* Ph.D. (Rumen Microbiology), Mie University, Japan, 1994
* Postdoctoral (Anaerobic Microbiology), Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, 1994-1997

Cann is originally from Ghana, so at an American university you would just figure he got the affirmative action discount. But he earned his masters and doctorate in Japan, which is like affirmative action in reverse. They don't much like gaijin in the first place and they have even less use for kurochan. The fact that he earned not one but two degrees there suggests Cann is either a glutton for punishment or he knows how to adapt to unfamiliar or adverse circumstances. Give the guy credit for being smart enough to roll like the locals do.

This would be in distinct contrast to George "Sphincter" Gollin. Remember when Gollin went to Japan with a big "Carp Buster" logo on the cover of his laptop? Traditionally, carp are revered in Japan as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune. Ten seconds of research would have revealed this, but George Gollin ain't got time for that. So, Gollin no doubt ingratiated himself with the locals pretty much the same way he did with the Democrat party, i.e.,"absolutely bizarre," "screwball," "cuckoo," "lame," "dishonest," "a joke," "silly," "goofy," "idiotic" "pitiful," "pathetic" and "moron."

[Image: carpbreath.jpg]
Hey, give unethical George Gollin a break. At least he put on a clean T-shirt for the big occasion.

[Image: carpbreath02.jpg]
(08-20-2019, 06:09 PM)Dickie Billericay Wrote: [Image: gollinsponsor03.jpg]
Do as you're told, cuckold!

Somebody should tell the missus that a bite from the Oakland Blacksnake can lead to bowleggedness.
(08-24-2019, 03:53 AM)Fort Bragg Wrote: Somebody should tell the missus that a bite from the Oakland Blacksnake can lead to bowleggedness.

[Image: 51QjkqN7KQL.jpg]
Another bad week for unhinged liberals in IL.

[Image: GollumMcBeef02.jpg]

No, not that unhinged liberal. Every week is a bad week for him. IL seems to have a surplus of unhinged liberals. I guess they all don't have half a million bucks to piss away on a futile run for Congress.

Quote:Unhinged Liberal Charged With Threatening To Kill Illinois Republican Congressman

[Image: ebd6d36a7b844709256be8fe61728918?s=48&d=mm] by Aleister December 15, 2019

[Image: Rodney-Davis.jpg]

The life of Illinois Republican Congressman Rodney Davis was recently threatened by a crazed individual who accused him of working with Russians.

Will anyone in the liberal media take any responsibility for fanning the flames of this lunacy?

Townhall reports:

Quote:Crazy Liberal Charged After Threatening to Kill GOP Congressman

A crazy liberal called the congressional office of Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) a few weeks ago and threatened to kill the GOP representative, court documents reveal.

The caller left a voicemail for the congressman identifying himself only as a "sharpshooter" who would "like to shoot your f****** head off you stupid mother******."

The nameless caller accused Rep. Davis of "backing the Russians." Surely, Hillary Clinton was the prime suspect until
Capitol Police were able to trace the call back to 64-year-old Randall Tarr of Illinois.

Tarr told FBI agents that he called the Republican congressman after watching a TV commercial about Rep. Davis that made him very, very angry. Tarr denied being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he made the call, but it is likely the man was under the influence of either CNN or MSNBC.

The Hill
has more details:

Quote:Tarr, who was arrested Thursday and subsequently released from custody under conditions, told The Associated Press in an interview that he was angered by a TV ad in which Davis claimed that Ukraine, not Russia, had interfered in the 2016 election, prompting him to call.

"I said I had been a sharpshooter in the Army. I didn't realize I said anything about shooting him. I might have. I don't even own a weapon," Tarr told the AP. "I wish I could just take it all back and just say he's a lousy [expletive] for backing the Russian theory."

A spokeswoman for Davis told NBC News that the congressman hasn't aired any recent TV ads but has been targeted by ads criticizing President Trump and his foreign policy. The spokeswoman also said she didn't recall the congressman pushing the debunked Ukraine theory that Trump and his allies have floated.

This is what happens when the media spends three years telling the public that our "democracy was attacked" by a hostile foreign nation.

We should not be surprised when a few people snap and lose their heads. It's not acceptable, but it makes sense.

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