IL Progtard Maniac Shoots Up GOP Baseball Practice
FIFY. Another UIUC physics teacher convicted. They could balance the national debt by auctioning off the right to throw the switch on this murdering piece of shit.

(07-15-2018, 05:41 PM)Yancy Derringer Wrote: I wonder what unethical George Gollin's physics colleague Brendt Christensen will be teaching this Fall 2018 semester??? According to Coursicle, convicted kidnapper and murderer Brendt Christensen is "not teaching in Fall 2018." Well that certainly will be a disappointment to all the potential deviants looking for pointers to improve their abduction and molestation techniques.

UIUC Physics Department
Let's Compare These Two Fine Examples of Higher Education Instructional Prowess...
[Image: GeorgeGollinBitesTheBigOne.jpg][Image: FullSizeRender.jpg]
"Teaching" next semester                              Not teaching next semester
Convicted Ethics Violator                                Convicted Kidnapper & Murderer
Blamed for Death of Millions of Africans          Blamed for Death of One Chinese Girl
Posts 1,280 times on                                      Visits "Abduction 101" forum on
   gay boy pornographer's website                   fetish website
Makes death threats using Zodiac Killer logo     Doesn't make threats, actually kills people
Wife cited by FDA for                                      Wife wired by FBI to record incriminating statements
   selling mutant lab pigs to public for food
Illinois law has penalty for ethics violations        Illinois law has no death penalty
Drives a Saturn                                                  Drives a Saturn

Quote:Yingying Zhang: US man convicted of Chinese student's death

An Illinois jury has found a former PhD student guilty in the kidnap and murder of a Chinese student after abducting her at a bus stop.

The court heard that Brendt Christensen, 29, beat Yingying Zhang to death with a baseball bat and decapitated her in June 2017.

At trial, Christensen's former girlfriend testified that he had bragged about murdering Zhang, 26.

The same jury will determine if Christensen will be sentenced to death.

He sat staring blankly as the verdict was delivered on Monday.

Zhang went missing in Champaign, a city about 135mi (200km) south of Chicago, on the University of Illinois campus.

Ms Zhang was planning to seek her PhD, the University of Illinois said. Christensen's former girlfriend, Terra Bullis, testified that he had confessed to the murder to her while they attended a vigil for the Chinese student after she was reported missing.

Ms Bullis told the court that Christensen had grabbed her phone and typed into the note function: "It was me."

He added: "She is gone. Forever."

Ms Bullis said she agreed to wear a wire for the FBI in order to record her conversations with Christensen.

Jurors heard the secretly taped audio in which Christensen describes in detail how he sexually assaulted Zhang and her "valiant" attempt to fight back.

[Image: _96791485_41facce500000578-0-brendt_chri...444588.jpg]
A photo shared on social media showed Brent Christensen (centre) at a campus walk to raise awareness of Zhang's disappearance
(06-25-2019, 06:11 PM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: Another UIUC physics teacher convicted.

Like wolves among the sheep, dangerous stalking assholes still roam freely among innocent UIUC students. When will UIUC start taking its obligation to provide students with a safe environment seriously and put an end to this?

[Image: brendt_christensen_george_gollin_stalkers.jpg]
(06-25-2019, 06:11 PM)Yancy Derringer Wrote: Wife wired by FBI to record incriminating statements

When do you suppose the FBI will wire up Mutant Pork Mel to get the goods on convicted ethics violator George Gollin? You know if one of her shriveled tits got caught in the wringer she would sell him out in a second.

[Image: MutantPorkMelLoots.jpg]

Tell me again about that campaign money, George. Quit mumbling, goddammit, you putz. Louder, George, they can't hear you, urrrrr, I mean, I can't hear you.
This is really disgusting. What would it take to start a Go Fund Me page for the family of the inmate who, um, arranges for this sack of shit to fall on something sharp in the shower? Accounts vary, but apparently there were two Peoria turds who would not vote for the death penalty for this animal. According to this story, at least one of them was making up "additional mitigating factors." All he did was beat, rape, choke, stab, torture, cave her head in with a baseball bat, and decapitate her, then toss her lifeless body away like garbage. I guess that's just how UIUC physics teachers are expected to act.

Quote:Christensen sentence: Life in prison
Ben Zigterman
Jul 18, 2019

PEORIA -- After being convicted last month for kidnapping and killing Yingying Zhang, [UIUC physics teacher] Brendt Christensen was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without the possibility of release.

The sentence -- officially handed down at 4 p.m. today -- comes after seven days of often emotional testimony during the sentencing phase, beginning with Ms. Zhang's family describing how difficult her death has been for them and her friends describing how bright and generous she was.

Christensen looked at his family after the sentence was announced, but had no noticeable reaction. His mother was crying after the sentence was announced.

Ms. Zhang's family, sitting in the first row, also didn't appear to have much of a reaction. Her mother, Lifeng Ye, was in the courtroom for the first time during the trial.

Ms. Zhang's family is "devastated"" by the life sentence, their family attorney Steve Beckett said. "Second only to learning that your daughter was missing and ultimately killed."

For most of the trial, she watched from an overflow room because her lawyers said she often cried at the sight of Christensen.

Shadid read the special verdict form the jury filled out.

He didn't read every section, but noted that the jury found additional mitigating factors besides the ones argued by the defense, as they were allowed to do.

Shadid discharged them from their duties and thanked them for their service.

Prosecution's response

John Milhiser, U.S. attorney for the Central District of Illinois, issued a statement after the sentence was handed down.

"For his unthinkable acts, he's been held accountable," he said. "He will live the rest of his life in prison and he will die in prison, as he should for these horrendous acts."

While his office pushed hard for the death penalty, Milhiser said, "We respect the decision of the jury."

"We would not have asked for the death penalty if we did not think it was appropriate given the facts in this case, given what this defendant did to Yingying," he said. "But we respect the decision of the jury. It is a hope, and a sincere hope, that the family has some sense of justice and some sense of closure in this case."

He described the death of Ms. Zhang as "an unimaginable tragedy, thousands of miles away from their home."

"They have shown an incredible amount of resolve and strength," he said.

And he thanked prosecuting team, as well as the FBI, University of Illinois police, the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Police and the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District, "who all worked to solve this case."

He specifically thanked FBI case agents Andrew Huckstadt and Anthony Manganaro, "who worked tirelessly for two years to make sure this defendant was brought to justice."

On that note, he said the search for Ms. Zhang continues.

"The efforts to locate Yingying have not stopped," he said. "They started two years ago and they'll continue."

Defense attorneys don't plan to make a statement or hold a press conference.

Questions remain

While the sentence puts an end to the lengthy trial, questions still remain two years after Ms. Zhang was last seen June 9, 2017, entering Christensen's Saturn Astra near a bus stop on campus.

Most notably, Ms. Zhang's body still hasn't been found, and Christensen hasn't said what he did with it.

In pretrial documents, Christensen's lawyers said finding Ms. Zhang's remains was something "over which he had no control. ... He could not guarantee that the victim's remains would be found."

Throughout the trial, FBI agents and UI police detectives described the extensive search for Ms. Zhang after she went missing.

They testified about working 20-hour days in the weeks after she was kidnapped, searching garbage bags at Centennial Park, the Murdock Mine 30 miles south of Champaign and an isolated area near Olympian Drive and Interstate 57.

And the search continued, with an FBI agent describing a search of Clinton Lake in November 2017 and another of Allerton Park in 2018.
[Image: MutantPorkMelLoots.jpg]

Speaking of disgusting, no wonder Gollin acts like a mental case. Imagine coming home to that every night.

Of course, no wonder she appears to be grouchy and a tad out of sorts, considering the unethical stalker and gay activist that she has to come home to.

Or does she? It looks like she takes field trips with Isaac Cann, professor of microbiology and animal sciences at UIUC.

Quote:EBI, Shell sign $25 million partnership to fund new energy tech research
March 15, 2017

UC Berkeley's Energy Biosciences Institute has entered into a five-year research agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production to fund research that meets the growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. . . .Other attendees included Coates; Isaac Cann, EBI deputy director and a professor of microbiology and animal sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Paul Alivisatos, Berkeley vice chancellor for research; and Melanie Loots, executive associate vice chancellor for research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Considering that Cann is an EBI deputy director, it seems reasonable that he might put all his important perfessering duties on hold while he makes this little junket. But why would Mutant Pork Mel need to accompany him? Can't Cann handle this simple task all by himself? Did the caterer cancel lunch and they needed a couple dozen ham sandwiches and carnitas burritos pronto? Or is this the real reason why gay activist George "Third Place" Gollin likes to compare black people to eggplants?

[Image: LootsJeopardy04.jpg]
Good evening friends and welcome to another exciting episode of

The Adventures of Mel & George

[Image: LeaveItToGeorge02.jpg]

In tonight's installment, George receives some troubling news...

GEORGE: So, you're going to Berkeley eggplant?

MEL: Oh George, don't be silly. It's strictly business, administrative stuff you wouldn't understand.

GEORGE: Um, yeah, but still...

MEL: You know all my male friends are gay. Just like all my female friends.

GEORGE: Um, yeah, but still...

MEL: Come on, you know I like my sausage kosher, not smoked.

GEORGE: Um, yeah, but that was like 30 years ago...

MEL: Look, our darling daughter Chlamydia dropped off some more of those delicious chocolate vaginas. If you get lonely you can grab one and jerk off.

GEORGE: But that's what I did last time.

MEL: That's what you do every time. Get used to it. At your age that's the closest to the real thing you're ever gonna get.
Love, exciting and new

Come aboard, were expecting you

[Image: LoveBoatLoots.jpg]

Love, life's sweetest reward

Let it flow, it floats back to you

[Image: LoveBoatSinking.gif]
[Image: GollinUnethicalEinstein.jpg]

Come on, George! It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out!
[Image: gollinsponsor02.jpg]

I noticed that murdering POS Christensen was said to have an "open marriage," i.e., his wife was banging other guys. Is that just one of those Physics Department things (like stalking and/or killing people) or does everyone at UIUC do that? Do you suppose that, as part of their ongoing attempt to be stylish, relevant and relatable to the masses, the Gollin Crime Family has an "open marriage" too? If they do, do you think George knows yet?
(08-20-2019, 12:17 PM)Herbert Spencer Wrote: Do you think George knows yet?

The news is out
All over town...

[Image: gollinsponsor03.jpg]
Do as you're told, cuckold!

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