RA Schools by the Numbers
From the Knoxville Metro Pulse "Vols by the Numbers":

Total Athletic Department Budget for UT-Knoxville Campus 2008-2009 (Proposed): $87.5 million
Proposed Research Expenditures for 2008-2009: $58.4 million

Graduation Rate of UT Football Players in 2007: 39 percent
Average UTK Graduation Rate in 2007: 52 Percent
Graduation Rates for Other SEC Schools’ Football Teams in 2007: 88 percent for Vanderbilt; 45 percent for Alabama; 45 percent for MSU; 36 percent for Arkansas; 35 percent for Florida; 30 percent for LSU

Annual Income of UT Football Coach Phillip Fulmer Under Current Contract: $2.4 million
Annual Income of UT President Dr. John Petersen: $432,165

Full Article: http://www.metropulse.com/news/2008/sep/...s-numbers/
What can we say?
We would probably bleed our employers as dry as these athletic buffoons do, if we were in equally high demand.
There are soccer players paid 1 million a month (on top of ads & other stuff), who publicly lament their financial distress...
Who's to blame?
I say the mindless morons who pay to these people's patrons (tickets, pay TV, merchandising, magazines...), while they live on minimum wages themselves.
Supply and demand, that's it.
B&M ballooning costs often go down the drain of such nonsense as sports and the like, with more tax money being squandered because -after all the nonsense- the purse is empty and poor students still need financial help...then you get contractors, repair, watch services, heating...a whole nonproductive city in the desert that is the delight of contractors and administrators running their profit schemes.

Another reason to prefer distance education...if education is THE priority.
If THE priorities are parties, sport, auditoriums...
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