Fake News
And the angry bitches screaming at Senator Flake in the elevator - paid activists, not abuse victims.

[Image: 41303077_281013709414434_692623760027558611_n.jpg]
Maybe Diane Fartstain should be booted outed of the Senate for hiding evidence from the committee investigating Kavanaugh until the last possible minute, thereby subverting justice.
[Image: feinstein-bathrobe.jpg]
ChiSpyDiFi, cry cry cry!  Message from the FBI: It's ohvah! Say goodbye!

[Image: UsedFord.jpg]
Is this why SlimeStain was crying?  Is she the "sitting U.S. Senator" referred to in this story???
[Image: Kavanaugh-takedown-planned.jpg]
[Image: DpmhuZ0UYAEgmdR.jpg:large]
After the Kavanaugh Shit Show, Democrat polls have gone to hell. And 50,000 wetbacks (can I say that?) are going to be wading into Texas on election day, scaring the shit out of independent voters. Some day, the Democrats are bound to figure out that running on policy wins while running on politics of division doesn't. Trump wasn't a rocket surgeon. He won by giving voters what they wanted, just like the last 44 presidents.
And then the Democrats or friends plant fake bombs in a sympathy ploy. Unfortunately for them everyone sees through it. And Pocahontas has conclusive proof she's Indian - all of 1/1,024. Ahahahaha ahahaha!

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