George Gollin's Wishlist: Wallet, Wallet, Wallet
What does unethical George Gollin wish for on Amazon? A wallet, and a wallet, and another wallet! He's got so much money he can't keep it all in just one wallet. After pissing away half a million dollars on his laughably unsuccessful congressional campaign, he still needs three more wallets just to carry all his filthy lucre.

[Image: UnethicalGollinWishlist.jpg]

Has Unethical George Gollin finally figured it out? Not likely.

[Image: your-wallet-drilling-wallet-democrats-po...184483.jpg]
My friend Quentin called. He's says he's got the perfect wallet for a scum sucking piece of shit like George Gollin:

[Image: GollinUnethicalWallet02.jpg]
[Image: MEMEETHICS.jpg]
[Image: MEMEWALLET.jpg]
[Image: MEMEDARE.jpg]
[Image: MEMETYRANNY.jpg]
[Image: MEMEDOUCHE.jpg]
[Image: MEMETHREE.jpg]

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