George Gollin's Racist 'Eggplant' Slur
Is this what racist George Gollin thinks appeals to Democrat voters in rural Illinois counties?  A picture of George Gollin holding an eggplant, juxtaposed with a picture of a black man lounging on his porch?

[Image: GollinEggplant01.jpg][Image: GollinEggplant02.jpg]

This shocking racist imagery is exactly what racist George Gollin posted on his own campaign Facebook page on August 11, 2013!  

The term "eggplant" in the context of referring to black people is a well-known racist slur.  Urban Dictionary defines "eggplant" as "the term that [I]talians use to address [A]frican-[A]merican[s]." Also, as a "Word used by whites, specifically [I]talian [A]mericans, to describe blacks."  

Viewers of the movie "True Romance" might recall Dennis Hopper's character attempting to provoke Christopher Walken's Sicilian character by taunting him with a "history lesson" alleging the rape of his Sicilian relatives by Moors, concluding with "You're part eggplant!"

Is racist George Gollin going to claim that since he's a Jew from New York and not an Italian that he had no idea he was making another insulting, demeaning and racist reference?  

Racist George Gollin is perhaps most notorious for his role in attempting to drive a Liberian medical school out of business, thereby denying sick and dying black women and children vital medical care.  This is the sordid activity that racist George Gollin would like to characterize as "fighting diploma mills," when he actually was actively contributing to the cruel deaths of untold numbers of black babies.

[Image: GeorgeGollinDiplomaMill.jpg]
(10-23-2013, 03:20 AM)WilliamW Wrote: Is this what racist George Gollin thinks appeals to Democrat voters in rural Illinois counties? A picture of George Gollin holding an eggplant, juxtaposed with a picture of a black man lounging on his porch?

[Image: GollinEggplant01.jpg][Image: GollinEggplant02.jpg]

[Image: More_Thats_Racist.gif][Image: thats_racist_animated1.gif][Image: thats-racist.gif][Image: racist1.gif]
[Image: 21924236.jpg?w=500]
(10-23-2013, 03:20 AM)WilliamW Wrote: Is this what racist George Gollin thinks appeals to Democrat voters in rural Illinois counties? A picture of George Gollin holding an eggplant, juxtaposed with a picture of a black man lounging on his porch?

[Image: GollinEggplant01.jpg][Image: GollinEggplant02.jpg]

Can you imagine the uproar in the national media if a Republican had posted such an overtly racist load of crap on the web? He'd be getting death threats and the noose media would be camped out in front of his house. A scumbag leftist like George Gollin does it and they ignore it. Well, considering that historically the Democrat party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws and racial terror, this sort of thing must appear like business as usual.

[Image: V55PE.gif]
Unbelievable. This is an actual screen shot of racist George Gollin's racist Facebook page taken today, showing the actual racist way the "eggplant" picture is located next to the "lounging on the porch" picture. Apparently these racist pictures move around a bit on the page depending on what is above them, but since they are numbered consecutively (39 and 40) it's clear that racist George Gollin meant for them to be displayed as close as possible to each other.

[Image: GeorgeGollinRacist03.jpg]

The guy lounging on the porch doesn't look real impressed. He looks like he's about to open that door and let the pit bulls out.

I wonder if he knows that racist George Gollin has posted his picture next to that of an eggplant? Surely at this very moment he is suffering humiliation, embarrassment, mortification, shame, indignity, ignominy, disgrace, discomfiture, dishonor, degradation, discredit, belittlement, and opprobrium--all to his general damage in the sum of millions of dollars!
Yo, check it, homes. George Gollin be down wit the brothahs, knowwhatImean?

[Image: GeorgeGollinEggplant07.jpg]

"Hey Eggplant, er, I mean hey boy, I've got an EBT card in my pants pocket, wanna reach way in and grab it?"
Gollin's Facebook page reeks of condescension. It reads like, "The great physics genius walks elegantly amongst the pathetic unwashed proletariat, marveling at their quaint pastimes, poor dental hygiene and unusual skin colors. Occasionally he may even favor one of the rustic yokels with a look or a word, for which the grateful bumpkin will pose giddily for a picture..."

How can he defeat Callis (and thus assure Rodney Davis' re-election) if all the Dimocrat voters in the 13th Congressional district think he's as big an asshole as everyone who has read his grand pronouncements on the DL boards over the years does?

Never let it be said that we aren't here to help. Here's a fantastic article with loads of helpful hints for The Sphincter. We know it must be good because it has 24 authors, even more than Gollin's dissertation.

Quote:How to Stop Being a Condescending Person
Edited by Mona Westman, Carolyn Barratt, Teresa, Krystle and 20 others

Condescending people consider themselves superior to others. Does this describe you? If it does, and you'd like to change your behavior, here's what you need to do.


It might not be easy letting go of the habit of condescension, but if you wish for it wholeheartedly, your aspiration will not be too far.

Method 1 of 2: Look Inward

1 Think about the things that make you behave as if you are superior to others. Often there is a deep-seated fear of rejection pushing condescension. For example, it's easier to belittle a person than it is to really get to know them and let them into your world. By rejecting someone first, you avoid rejection, mockery, and disappointment yourself. If you carry around such a fear, confront it and root out the reasons for it.

2 Stop assuming that you know more than everyone else. This is not necessarily the case. As a whole, we know a great deal. As separate entities, while we may be expert in one small part of our field/hobby/profession/passion, we don't know it all and we have a great deal to teach and learn from each another. Instead, treat each encounter as an opportunity to learn more, to expand your own knowledge and to gain an ally.

3 Be compassionate, not condescending. Condescension can leave you lonely and turn you into an outsider, which, in its own vicious way, only serves to make you feel less secure and therefore internalizes the need to remain condescending. Try compassion instead; see others for all the struggles, triumphs, achievements, doubts, fragility, and strengths that they are really made of. We all possess unique perspectives. Every person you see is a wealth of information and ideas that you haven't come across. Learn how to approach people and find the hidden gem in them. Look for that unique thing in them that makes them special.

Method 2 of 2: Look Outward

1 Try something new.
Do something you have never done before, something that requires you to rely on somebody else's knowledge and abilities. Let yourself trust them and keep your mind and ears wide open. Learning is a process of being humble and in being humble, you unlearn condescension.

2 Be assertive, not biting. If you have long used wit as a form of undermining others, it may come as a surprise to learn that your behavior is seen as aggressive, or even passive aggression. Instead, make your points using the skills of assertive speaking. If you are afraid that people won't respect you or listen, think again – people respect the differing views of others when they are put calmly, clearly, and with a view to discussion rather than cutting off further communications.


•Don't wait for someone to accuse you of being condescending before taking action. You can initiate the change on your own.
Isn't it strange how much time the Golly's of the world can spend on the poor when it's time for an election, and how fast they forget them when it's over. When will the poor realize that no one loves them for being poor. It's only when you get something that the Golly's of the world will kiss your ass and mean it. Big Grin
[Image: RacistGeorgeGollin09.jpg]
St. Luke School of Medicine weighs in on the candidacy of racist George Gollin. Not surprisingly, they seem to be against it!

Actually, they make a couple of good points. One is the obvious one that every new school is unaccredited. But they take that a step further by mentioning the lack of due process available to new schools, both in obtaining accreditation and in terms of being branded publically as illegal "diploma mills" by government agencies and their renegade employees like Gollin without due process, a clear violation of constitutional rights.

The thought that a congressional candidate has a "hobby" of violating people's constitutional rights would be laughable if it wasn't actually happening right this moment!

As we see so often, it's the people from "foreign" countries who truly understand and appreciate the constitutional guarantees that are supposed to be available in the US, while it's the native born scumbags like Gollin who do their utmost to trample those rights while acting under color of authority.

The other excellent point is that George Gollin seems to confine his stalking, extortion, civil rights violations and similar sordid activities to private institutions that serve the disadvantaged and minority communities. His own employer, for example, operates corruptly ("conflict of interest scandal") and in violation of health and safety laws ("sale of 386 mutant pigs to the public for food") yet he doesn't say a word about that. He prefers to feather his own nest at the expense of impoverished black people.

It really must be heartbreaking for the folks at St. Luke to watch helplessly while their sick and dying countrymen suffer--solely for George Gollin's personal entertainment and demented self-promotion.


Since 2003 or sooner George Gollin has been using his position as Professor of Physics, University of Illinois - Urbana, to shield himself from lawsuits for his phoney [sic] campaign against "unaccredited" higher education institutions.

First of all, the United States Appellate Court has already ruled that "Accreditation" is not lawful or enforceable requirement for an educational institution of any kind. Benton vs Oregon, UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT, 2005. This ruling has not been challenged. The courts also ruled that the Office of Degree Authorization was a civil rights violator.

Despite this Gollin, has continued to write his "diploma mill list" ("DML"), which has been published on the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization website, and has been accepted as law by the state of Texas and a few other states that are not concerned with fairness or justice.

As the rule of law, fairness, nor justice do not take precedent over Gollin's bias, prejudice, or vindictiveness, he continued writing this list trying to overrule the decision of judges much more experienced in providing opportunity and fair play in a complex social society.

How would new institutions open if there was a requirement for accreditation before they opened? Gollin's DML is ridiculous from that perspective, and furthermore, there is no hearing or court to determine if these institutions are fraudulent before they are placed on Gollin's DML. This is a blatant miscarriage of justice, and itself, a fraudulent procedure.

Gollin has time and time again, selected only private institutions that are open to and permit the disadvantaged and minorities to enroll, seeking advancement in education and opportunities, worldwide. It seems, that he does not believe that minorities or disadvantaged peoples are capable of teaching or learning, and therefore, are only seeking a quick and easy way to succeed.

His prejudice is so blatant. He knew all the time that he could disguise it under the banner of 'crusader for accreditation', and get the taxpayers of the state of Illinois to pay for his legal defense.

He is one of the few employees of the state of Illinois to have ever been sued for libel and slander. The state of Illinois spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending him and itself over Gollin's false accusations. The end-result was "Immunity" by reason of the 11th amendment.

If Gollin was to be elected into the Congress of the United States, he would begin another McCarthy-like era substituting "accreditation" for "communism", to which the US courts have already ruled. Communism was doomed to failure because it was an unnatural system, which took to [sic] much effort (force) to control. When it did not supply its citizens the minimum requirements for existence, when its governments became to [sic] cumbersome and unresponsive, it collapsed under its own weight. It is for these reasons that I declare that the people of the United States not be subjected to people like George Gollin as a lawmaker. The people of the United States should be PROTECTED FROM GEORGE GOLLIN. .
To me the main point is who gives people like Bear or Golly-Gee-Who-Me the right to make the decisions about which schools are valid and which are not? If ten of us had to make a list of good and bad schools that list would be different for each of us. Bear says this school or that one is bad, but, he doesn't PROVE it. He just lightly looks at some school and then says it may be ok or maybe not, or, that a school is a mill. I know that he claims to have made only a few mistakes in rating schools, but, no-no-no, he has made many, a very many. If you check his track record, and I have, you will find that he doesn't research the schools well enough to really know. He tries to fake his way out of his misadventures by saying that things change and that what was bad is now good or the other way. He does this to try and cover things such as saying Kennedy Western was good and now saying it was a mill. It would have taken much time and money to really evaluate all the schools in his so called guide books. SO, what does our hero do? Simple, he calls them, looks at their literature and then through some magic spell decides good or bad, subject to change, of course.

His guides books were of no value other than to get the addresses of a lot of schools. John Bear didn't know which were good or bad. He simply used them to make money, and selling us the addresses and contact information was his way, forget the guide part, it was worthless.

And if John Bear doesn't like what I'm saying I will gladly debate his past statements as to their honesty and accuracy.....

I saved his guides, his sales literature, plus his two notes to me, plus information sent to me by past employees and, sadly people he has damaged with his self-serving crap. How bout it John, want to talk about your 100 good schools? A really fine list it was, or perhaps we could talk about the lists you sent clients about wonderful unaccredited schools. You remember those I'm sure. The one in which CPU was one of the finest schools in America is my favorite. The idea that you were the full time president at Greenwich and its previous father, you know which one don't you John, for, as I remember, 5 1/2 years. Yeah right!!! Big Grin

Amazing how people like Golly and John damage other people and then claim to be innocent sweet people. Much like the used car salesman, buyer beware when dealing with sharks. They want your money, and In Golly's case your vote. I would think they deserve neither.

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