Concordia Colleges and Universities
This seems to be another controversial online school which has been under a lot of heat lately. 

So the Wikipedia accreditation mafia did a real hatchet job on this school....

I recall hearing in the news how this string of schools went out of business following an investigation.

I really wonder if this was another politically motivated witch hunt against a legitimate school with controversial methods. Anyone know anything about this?
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One of the incidents discussed in the Wikipedo story involved a police chief who obtained a degree from the Virgin Islands version of Concordia based on transfer credit and some significant and very real life experience.  On that basis a court found that his degree was “earned.”

As a general rule you would like to avoid situations where a judge has to decide whether your degree was earned or not.  It would be fair to say that degree-seekers can minimize the potential risk of public embarrassment by using a cartel-approved degree vendor.

It also would be true that in many instances one could receive a cartel-approved degree for little more money or effort than required for one from a “life experience” issuer.  You would think a police chief might have the investigative skills to find such a school.  The fact that he either couldn’t or didn’t bother speaks volumes about his professional competency, even if he was not convicted of a crime.

In most cases, the “life experience” degree buyers know exactly what they are and aren’t getting.  In particular, they know that their degree has little or no actual value as an indication of traditional academic achievement.  The presumption seems to be that, as the thief Allan Kuhn supposedly said, people don’t look up.  Buyers know few people bother to check the credential, so they can get a lot of play with anything that sounds legit.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing should be determined by the marketplace.  As we always say, if it’s important enough to charge a guy with two felonies then it’s important enough to be checked out before the job is offered.  It seems like the wrong guy was on trial there.

If the higher ed cartel wants people to be aware of the distinctions between their degrees and any others, they can do like the union goons and run ads with cute songs urging that we “Look for…. the cartel label.”  Let the marketplace decide if that’s important or not.  The fact that the cartel doesn’t do that, and in fact arranges for the government to prosecute their competitors, also says plenty.  Do we salute a bully?

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