John Bear--CPU, Yes he Did!!
Please remind me exactly what I said, and I'll see if I can remember why I said it.

Yours sincerely,

Typical Klempner
(06-11-2015, 04:51 AM)JohnBear Wrote: Please remind me exactly what I said, and I'll see if I can remember why I said it.

Typical Klempner Answer #2:  It was a long time ago and I don't remember.

Coming soon:  Typical Klempner Answer #3:  It was a minor point and you are just being picky by bringing it up.
It's up to you to look and find the things you have said, or, to remember.

In short---you told Him that you couldn't imagine what he had to be proud of (concerning Summit) and when he said you had picked Summit as the best of the choices he presented to you. You acted as if some horror show had just come on. Then you did one of your--maybe I said it was better than being poked in the eye. In other words you helped them ridicule Jimmy for having a degree from a school you listed in your guides as good, as I have shown, 100 Good Schools Guide Book.

But I am confused. How can you explain a statement that you claim to not remember. I suppose you intend to look at it and then try to make it seem less smart-assed than you meant it back them. Levicoff and Chip seemed to think it very funny.

I'm sure Jimmy has overlooked your statement. He's a very nice person, though sometimes too willing to turn the other cheek, in my opinion. I wouldn't have felt that way. I figure most smart-assed remarks represent what the person meant. But perhaps your humor is different from mine, or, maybe you were playing for what Lev/Chip delivered. Applause and praise for your great knowledge and wisdom. In this case, a smart-assed attack.
You do seem to require the applause of the crowd. An audience is nice, if it leads to wisdom, but not when it leads to what you did and said at DI/AED. A tone of voice and manner that is much more a reminder of Dick Chaney than the liberal statements you were making concerning Distance education in the 1970's and 80's.

I'm sure you do remember how your daughters skipped high school and moved on to college via GED'S.
Dropping out of school, as you allowed, seems a bit different. I approve, not that this is required. People must be allowed to travel life as they must. Not something you appear to allow others to do.

Now here is how you spoke:
"For those persons willing to spend a year or more to earn their (graduate) degree, California Coast University offers an "Excellent" alternative."
--John Bear--Bear's Guide 10th edition--page 85

This is WHAT you said.

Here is WHAT you say.
"Unaccredited schools can range from "Merely dreadful to out-and-out diploma mills"--fake schools that will sell people any degree they want at prices from $3000 to $5000."
--John Bear--University Business--March 2000

Is that Lev getting off??? Yep, I think so. He approves of you John. How proud you must be.

You do see the problem you have John. You told us it was ok to choose the unaccredited schools and that they were useful and of value for many people then (later) to get on TV and in the Newspapers and say that all of them were substandard at best and mills at worst.

You even went after John Gray who obtained a Doctorate from a school you were part owner of. Now that really takes a pair of balls.

Really now, did you know at the time you trashed John Gray that he had obtained the degree while you were a minority owner of CPU??? Smile
"Eastern University is worthy of consideration by the serious student willing to work, who can benefit from a well earned, legitimate, respectable, if unaccredited university degree."
--John Bear--AED--1995

Now can you imagine what John Bear and Gang would have said (if I said) at DI or AED, year 2000 or later, that I had a respectable, well earned, college degree from Eastern University??

God the explosion would have been enormous. Shill-fraud-fake-you fool, and much more colorful words.
And Old John, well, he would have provided the so-called-facts to prove them right, not having a clue I had used his own words. In fact I have done the very thing and he didn't have a clue I had baited him. I don't know, but it just seems sad when someone doesn't have the slightest clue you are saying word for word what he said and then he trashes you for it. Hmmmmmm Sort of a self hate thing, maybe???
Oh, and by the way, your guides didn't have 95% accredited schools and about 5% unaccredited. I counted three of them, just ain't so. 1980 guide book, 1988 guide book, and 2003 guide book. The 1980 guide even listed 131 degree mills and the contact information. And most of the others were unaccredited. 1988 Guide unaccredited 117, accredited 86. 2003 Guide 64% accredited, 36% unaccredited.

Like I said, 95% is a bit of a sticky number. I would try being a bit more vague. Smile
You're comparing accredited schools and degree mills. I was referring to accredited schools and unaccredited schools (that were not degree mills).
You did not say that. You have repeatedly said that 95% of the schools in your guides were properly accredited. As I have shown, they aren't. You must try to remember what you have said and not just try to say what sounds best now. It was obviously your intent to write guides that appealed to the most people. Some wanted accredited-some wanted unaccredited but good-some wanted unaccredited but barely legal-and some wanted it milled like a log. And you, you sold them what they so obviously wanted. This accredited stuff started about 1997/2000. About the time you started your AED RANTS.

As an example--you got it, right here. Smile

A man at AED said that he had a degree from Adam Smith University and that he hadn't heard anything bad about it.

Guess what---you had.
"Ok, here's some. Adam Smith is run from a convenience address in Hawaii, by it's owner who lives in New York. Formerly it used a mail service in Louisiana, until Louisiana laws toughened in 1994. Accreditation had been claimed from the dreadful World Association of Universities and Colleges, as well as several other unrecognized agencies. From my understanding of the new and tougher Hawaii school law, I do not see how Adam Smith can be operating legally there, because of the requirement of having 25 full-time students resident in Hawaii. To the best of my knowledge, neither the credits nor the degrees of Adam Smith have ever been accepted by any University with proper (GAAP) accreditation. This is not new information; it is what I have believed and written for quite a few years. Founder Hecht does indeed have a Harvard Doctorate, and he writes me charming and pleasant letters."
--John Bear --AED--Feb. --2000

You knew and you had been writing about ASU in this manner for years. Why oh why did he not listen to you and waste his time getting a degree from ASU, WHY-OH-WHY did he do it?? Smile

Maybe this:
--John Bear--100 Good Schools...etc. --1995 --page 58

Guess who---yep---Adam Smith University--big as life. And how was it described? A good school, not one negative word. It was the very first school 58.

You know, John, before you go boom...boom...boom, you might had better ask if they are readers of your guides...hell he may have contacted it BECAUSE of what you said/ or failed to say.
Now, lest we believe that the above fook up was your one and only.

Jimmy C. said he was proud of his Summit degree.

So you did your boom...boom...boom. Lev and Chip loved it by the way. I'm sure you relished their approval.

"It would be interesting to learn what it is about Summit that makes Jimmy "PROUD." And as a Proud alumnus, perhaps you can enlighten us as to whether your alma mater is still in business?

I always got a smile out of their rationale for being unaccredited: "Summit aligns itself with all nations, avoiding process, accreditation, that tends to be exclusive and restrictive."

I never quite figured out what the first six words had to do with the remainder of the sentence."
--John Bear--AED--Dec. 24, 2000

Jimmy C. then replied that you had recommended Summit.

"I did? Oh, my. Really? The only circumstance in which I could imagine "recommending" Summit is when asked a specific question about a group of schools. "I have narrowed my choice down to Summit, Eula Wesley University, and American Global University, which would you recommend?"
--John Bear--AED-- 2000

Jimmy replied that he had sent you a list and you told him that Summit was the best listed.

"Oh, good. That's what I thought/hoped. Often, if I am asked that sort of question. I simply answer it, without pontificating.
Question Which is better?
A- Summit University
B- A poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
C- Pat Buchanan
My answer: A
-- John Bear--AED-- 2000

Of course you know what the gang thought of this lovely put down. Poke in the eye with a sharp stick...good that one.

But here we have "YOUR" problem. Smile

You listed Summit in both the 1995-1996 books (100 Good Schools) as a "GOOD" School......and guess what? sharp stick comments.

But just to drive the nail deep... this.

"Ray Chasse had a lot of, um, challenging involvements in addition to his Summit and American Coastline."
--John Bear--AED--2000

Yet you listed it as a GOOD SCHOOL. People would have read your comments about "Let me be your guide, let me show you the way."
And you did. You touted schools and when people used them you turned 180 degrees and attacked what you had recommended as being a good choice.
Here is my statement. John Bear recommended unaccredited schools for years and then attacked the people who bought his books and followed his advice. He did this for his own reasons and for the applause of people like Chip/high school graduate/pornster, Levicoff/truck-driving expert on colleges and abnormal sex acts. To get on TV and in Newspapers he attacked people like John Gray-his former partner at Greenwich--Jimmy C., and many more graduates of the many unaccredited but legal, and often decent, state licensed schools. No wishy washy crap he now spouts can take away from his selfish opinion.

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