RA Prof Faked AIDS Vaccine
The Gold Standard at work again. Remember, regional accreditation is the mark of quality in higher education because, um, errr, because they say so. Rolleyes

And your punishment for scamming us out of $19 million??? You can't try to scam us again for three years! That'll fix him, yes sir.

Quote:Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants
By Andy Soltis
December 26, 2013 | 3:00pm

A [regionally accredited] Iowa State University professor resigned after admitting he falsely claimed rabbit blood could be turned into a vaccine for the AIDS virus.

Dr. Dong-Pyou Han spiked a clinical test sample with healthy human blood to make it appear that the rabbit serum produced disease-fighting antibodies, officials said.

The bogus findings helped Han’s team obtain $19 million in research grants from the National Institutes of Health, said James Bradac, who oversees the institutes’ AIDS research.

The remarkable findings were reported in scientific journals but raised suspicions when other researchers could not duplicate Han’s results.

The NIH uncovered the scam when it checked the rabbit serum at a lab and found the human antibodies.

Han resigned from his university post as an assistant professor of biomedical studies in October. His case came to light this week when it was reported in the Federal Register.

Han agreed last month not to seek government contracts for three years, the register said.
Quote:Dr. Dong-Pyou Han
See? I don't know why all those fascist redneck bastards keep slandering honest, hard-working foreigners who want to come here to help us make our great nation even better...
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