RA Dean College Beating
Welcome to the world of regionally accredited higher education. They want the world. Are your shoes in order?

Link to full video, not media sanitized version:

Sanitized version below. Note brain surgeon's unintentionally funny reference to a "dark cloud" over the school.

Quote:Nine Dean College students expelled after beating is captured on videotape; criminal charges expected
By Amanda Cedrone, Globe Correspondent

Nine [regionally accredited] Dean College students have been expelled following a one-sided fight on Friday that was captured on videotape and posted online. Police said they expected to bring criminal charges in the case.

The fight began when a group of male students confronted another male student over a pair of sneakers, said Franklin Deputy Police Chief Stephen Semerjian.

“It began with a sucker punch so the victim really had no idea,” Semerjian said. “Once he was horizontal on the ground, it was brutal from that point on, absolutely.”

The video shows a young man being punched without warning and then repeatedly punched and being hit with his own shoes. His attacker then walks off with the shoes.

The victim was treated at the campus medical center and released Friday night.

“It was really one-sided,” Semerjian said. “The victim was lucky to be able to get back to his feet.”

One student was expelled Friday, and eight more were expelled after the video came to light Monday, said Gregg Chalk, spokesman for Dean College. Chalk said no other students are being investigated at this time.

“Dean has zero tolerance for anything that infringes on the safety of students,” Chalk said.

At least one person is expected to face criminal charges, Semerjian said. Charges would include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and unarmed robbery, he said.

“There absolutely will be [charges] once we finish everything up,” he said.
An unprovoked attack. Could be an example of hazing.

College hazing exists in a lot of places. I have seen it myself at a (Regionally Accredited) college I attended.

In this case it was all caught on camera. But too often in the past it was ignored.
Interesting. According to the second video the one guy said that the kid stole his shoes. Well its all pretty messed up.
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