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Noseburn Racist...or just another publicly employed idiot?
Apparently attempting to wrest the coveted "Village Idiot" designation from Gollum, Noseburn launches a thread about.....the security paper on which his LLM transcripts are printed. My, how very interesting........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, snore. Rolleyes

Perhaps suspecting that nobody really gives a rat's rear end about either his bush league law degrees or his transcripts, Nosebum attempts to liven up the otherwise desultory thread by taking a dump on the entire country of Mexico:

Quote:Taft sent me a copy of my transcript as evidence of credits for CPE and also of the award of the LL.M. degree. Heavens! My J.D. transcript is printed on plain white paper by a laser printer. That was 1986. My LL.M. transcript is printed on ultra-secure Treasury Note paper with all of the usual copy protect and watermarks and warnings about colors and images that must be present for the document to be accepted.

Reminds me of a modern birth certificate. All bells and whistles now. Understandable but...unfortunate. Even MEXICAN birth certificates have become high security documents.

Oops! Looks like somebody just gave away their true feelings about "MEXICANS"! Do the taxpayers of New Mexico really want to employ law clerks who disrespect and denigrate MEXICANS? Especially when probably ninety percent of the criminal defendants in the state are themselves MEXICANS? Shouldn't the ACLU and criminal-loving defense lawyers throughout New Mexico be filing writs on behalf of every MEXICAN defendant who got convicted in any of Nosebutt's bosses' court rooms?

While the rest of the slack-jawed DI yokels ignored the ethnic slur, the redoubtable "Composition" nailed Nosebleed:

Quote:I'm not turning it into a race thing. Nosborne48 did. His statement was incredibly racist.

Imagine if one said: "These days even AFRICANS are learning to read"

No one can doubt that a statement like that is incredibly racist. Nosborne should be ashamed of his filth.

Quote:I beg your pardon, composition. If you were to do a search of my posts here, you would quickly see that I am very much pro-Mexico and pro-Mexican. I have undertaken to learn Spanish to make visiting that country, and communicating with Spanish speakers here in New Mexico as well, easier and friendlier. I have made more visits into Mexico over the last two years than most Americans will make in their lifetimes.

So the "I'm not racist because my best friend is black" argument? I've heard that one before.

Quote:My point was that Mexico has usually been behind the U.S. in the implimentation of technology. That is no longer the case in many areas. I was expressing amazement, nothing else.

It doesn't matter if it's a true statement, or if you're honest in your amazement. It's still racist. Any time you degrade a race it's racism no matter how honest you are.

Don't you agree that if one used the quote "even AFRICANS are learning to read these days" in polite company that the conversation probably wouldn't end well?

The quote may have a hint of truth to it. More and more communities across Africa are becoming literate. But it doesn't mean that the statement isn't incredibly racist to just make out of the blue like that.

You are picking them out and suggesting that they are an inferior people. That's degrading.

Plus you would think somebody who has spent the last two months bragging about his 4th rate LLM might be able to spell "implementation" correctly. Great job Mr. Composition for exposing another of the clone frauds and defective moral compasses.
Nosebum Wrote:Even MEXICAN birth certificates have become high security documents.

Here is why he hates Mexico--he's jealous! Look at the dump he lives in:

[Image: NoseburnEstate02.jpg]

Nice. Talk about Desolation Row. No wonder the guy has time to check out the paper on his transcripts. It's either that or go back to squashing cockroaches.

Quote:Norman Osborne
732 N Miranda St Las
Las Cruces, NM 88005-2161

Quote:Call Sign: AA7NP, Licensee ID: L00035388
Grant Date: 11/25/2002, Expiration Date: 02/23/2013
Registrant: Norman E Osborne, 732 N Miranda, Las Cruces, NM 88005

Quote:Attorney: Norman Osborne
Firm: State of New Mexico, District Court, 12th Judicial District
Address: Otero County Courthouse
1000 New York Ave., Room 209
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310-6940
Phone: (505) 437-7310
Noseburn Wrote:I have made more visits into Mexico over the last two years than most Americans will make in their lifetimes.

Why all the trips to Mexico? Wonder what the attraction is? Is there some product available in Juarez that isn't available in the US? Sarapes and steer horns? Hmmmmmmm.............

Control Shifts in Juarez Drug Trafficking Routes

Mexican Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking Organizations

(05-11-2011, 07:00 AM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: It's either that or go back to squashing cockroaches.

Cucarachas por favor


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