Songbird McCain is Dead
How to brighten up a lackluster day.
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Custer was buried at West Point. McCain is being buried at Annapolis. The military sure honors its fuck ups.
Politically correct irony at its best.  They get a five foot tall girl to try to carry the casket, because we must be all-inclusive and everything.  She literally can't hold up her end.  One of the big strong men has to do double duty to keep McStain from falling onto the scorching hot AZ pavement and cooking. Igniting that embalming fluid (56% methanol) would have made a nice re-creation of the Hadean barbecue McStain is surely enjoying this very moment.  

Quote:Oopsie! Pallbearers Almost Drop John McCain’s Body at Arizona State Capitol (VIDEO)
[Image: jim-hoft-headshot-cropped-150x150.jpg] by Jim Hoft August 29, 2018 335 Comments

[Image: mccain-body.jpg]

Senator John McCain’s body was moved to the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday.

During the ceremony the military pallbearers nearly dropped the senator’s body in the transfer.

They were able to catch the casket before it hit the ground.

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Why don't they light up Johnny Wetstart just like he did to the USS Forrestal?
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