Gollin Brat to Marry…A Human!
[Image: chlamydiawedding.jpg]

I know it’s hard to believe but, yes, it’s a same-species wedding! Or at least that’s how it appears without a chromosome analysis to be sure.  Most were expecting a farm animal or inanimate object would be that lucky domestic partner.

Congratulations to George Sphincter Gollin and his breeding experiment, Chlamydia.  The young lez, errr, I mean, young lass (if you consider 29 to be young) is planning to be married June 30, 2018, to one Viraj Kamat.  (See related post here.)

Rumor has it that Kamat holds an Ivy League PhD--but did NOT have 15 buddies write his dissertation for him!  The grift is weak with this one.  Such an embarrassment he must be to his ethically challenged future in-laws.  Probably just another way for darling Chlamydia to shame, humiliate and degrade her parental units.  At least he’s not a Papist, right mom?

Which one will be breaking the glass?  Or will unethical George Gollin be breaking wind instead?

[Image: breaking-glass-2.jpg][Image: chlamydia300x.jpg]

Schnozzle Tov!

[Image: ChlamydiaGayHS.jpg]
How many members of the Gay student alliance will be on the guest list?  How many will be on the honeymoon?
Does that mean the Gollin Breeding Experiment will hereafter be known as Chlamydia Rose Loots-Gollin-Kamat?  Will Hadj Viraj have to get a handful of hyphens too?

Perhaps they can do like Klempner and just shorten the whole mess down to four letters.  Whoa, wait a minute, knowing the Gollin affinity for four-letter words, that probably won’t work.  Must be some law against calling yourselves “Viraj and Chlamydia Fuck.”  Although it’s definitely more concise and truth-in-advertising compliant.

But maybe they’ll go with something a little more civil, like “Vomit-Komet.”  Sounds really scientific.  Rolleyes

[Image: VirajKamat_facebook01.jpg]
Viraj Vomit-Kamat: Varsity Pocket Pool Team

OMG, a master debater, just like dear old dad!  
[Image: JamesHolmesGeorgeGollin.jpg]
Hubby looks like a man. Did she outgrow queer?
(01-13-2018, 04:48 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Hubby looks like a man.  Did she outgrow queer?

Hubby looks like he identifies as male.  Not the same thing.  Who is bearding for whom?
Speaking of shitholes, India leads the world in open defecation! 

“India alone has an estimated 600 million people defecating openly, according to a study by the United Nations, accounting for more open defecation than any other country in the world.” Yay, India!  They’re Number One in Number Two!  Shithole refugee + shithead offspring = true love!

India sounds like the ideal place for a Gollin honeymoon and get-together with the new in-laws.  This also suggests the perfect wedding gift:


[Image: ChlamydiaWaders.jpg]

Now the Vomit-Komit family can stroll the feces-smeared streets of India in the style and comfort befitting their illustrious family tradition of ethics violations and FDA citations.  A little extra sewage on the curbs, gutters and sidewalks won’t even be noticed.
Loots-Gollin-Vomit-Kamat Wedding, Live Video:

(10-01-2018, 03:00 PM)WilliamW Wrote: Loots-Gollin-Vomit-Kamat Wedding, Live Video:

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: GollinWedding04.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]
Loots-Gollin-Vomit-Kamat Honeymoon, Live Video:

[Image: GollinWedding03.gif]

[Image: GollinWedding05.gif]

[Image: GollinWedding02.gif]

[Image: GollinWedding01.gif]

[Image: GollinWedding06.gif]

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