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Full Version: Thomas Chip White 's (owner of degreeinfo.com ) likely day schedule
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well well well...
What might just be a typical daily schedule of busy Thomas Chip White, owner of degreeinfo.com ?
Say at 11h10 he's castigating "nazis and degree mills shills" at degreeinfo, abode of the righteous...
At 11h13 he's posting
Quote:Join Date: May 2004
Location: Sacramento, CA
Posts: 163
The blond is our exclusive model Jesse McCarthy. He's been on the cover of Allboy twice, is on the covers of several of our DVDs, including our foot fetish title, and is very popular, not to mention a really nice kid.

The top pic is a former nationally-ranked figure skating champion who is also one of our exclusive models. He's on our foot site as well as our DVDs and on Boyfunk.

The guy in the middle has a cavernous ass and could take that dildo with no problems at all... it was scary to watch while it was being filmed
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email (chip at gayb-cks dot com )

this piece of poetry, no doubt inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost...
It seems uncle Janko, professor George Gollin, doctor John Bear, Alan Contreras, George Brown and crusader against sex industry Gregg DesElms are either totally clueless or worse...
Remember dr. Bear & Chip White were "a match made in cyber-heaven"...

Hey Janko, is that gay enough for ya or what?
Forget altar "boys" and join the party!
I know, I know... Nazis were bad and milled degrees are a crime... now what about the topic at hand?

Big GrinRolleyes
C'mon ham, aren't you being a little hard on poor Chip? Remember that dork Russ Blahetka's ( Blahetka's website ) admonition that we should all have a scotch and take a deep breath?

Why the magilla? DI thread

In the world of Blahetka, Chip is just a businessman, doing what businessman do - running a business. The fact that it is gay porn oriented and has pedophilic overtones (or is it undertones?) shouldn't bother the rest of the DL online community, at least according to that idiot Blahetka. As I reread this hemorrhoid's post, I realized that I despise Blahetka even more than Chip White. IMO, Chip is a sick person who should be confined to an institution and medicated for the rest of his miserable, warped life. Blahetka is an apologist for this deviant and those of his ilk. He is an enabler and may actually be even more harmful to the good of society than a lone deviate like Chip.
If Chip and a random Nazi were running for president of the PTA they would give a big Sieg Heil to the Nazi. What a sick bastard. And they all used to lick his toes and some still do.
Ben Johnson Wrote:If Chip and a random Nazi were running for president of the PTA they would give a big Sieg Heil to the Nazi.  What a sick bastard.  And they all used to lick his toes and some still do.

Variation on an old joke:

Q: Stalin, Hitler and Chip White are in a room together.  You have a gun with two bullets.  Who do you shoot?

A: Chip White. Twice.

that man is an idiot.
another spineless sea cucumber trying to get schoolyard bully Moe to like him.
There are a few problems:
1 Thomas Chip White isn't a billionaire, anonymous corporation like Mitsubishi
2 Thomas Chip White (owner of degreeinfo.com ) does his own "talent scouting", shooting and advertising. Read his posts. He selects "pretty gay teen boys", then films them while they stuff their anus and goes around queer sites as sandwich board man advertising the above.
3 I suppose that this mr. financial advisor might shamelessly sell junk bonds and other known fraudulent investment "opportunities" to gullible, clueless elderly telling them afterwards this good old story about all being relative and all being ultimately rooted in evil, therefore we all are evil.
So I have this keyboard here; $10 from China; to produce it toxic fumes were released and toxic fumes killed thousands of people in the third world this year, therefore I am guilty of murder and cannot object to Thomas Chip White running a gay teen porn empire on one end, while invoking the thunder of moral justice upon so-called nazis and degree mill shills on the other...
And look how the other DI/DD clones are just happy someone put forth this awesome theorem...
Sorry folks but I'm not buying it...
You all and your so-called Sherlocks and pundits are totally clueless.