Wikileaks and Free Speech
Well, Jewish-canadian activist Ezra Levant makes much noise about the fact many "Nazi" websites are in reality...1.completely controlled. 2. heavily infiltrated by government agents,and/or agents from "special interest" groups with vested interests in fomenting the "racist" scare. What's more, it's all over the press: you don't have to believe Levant. The famous (pro)Jewish advocacy group NIZKOR clearly stated on their website how they set up fake "hate" groups or venues in order to entrap possible suspects.
Now, if THAT is possible, anything else is, right?
Only 2 options remain:
1 Wikileaks is a conscious pawn in the strategy
2 Wikileaks is fed rubbish to stir up a controversy with a predictable end
Just in case anyone doubts, MIS/DISinformation is as crucial as intelligence or counterintelligence.
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