Disruptive DesElms Dismissed from Destitute Discussion
(11-20-2010, 05:40 PM)ham Wrote: If you want to give the homeless bread, then fine, but you don't go around distributing political pamphlets and trying to stir up controversies.

If you want to give the homeless your bread, then by all means, knock yourself out. 

If you want to take my money that I worked for and give it to some stinking bums or use it for any other iniquitous government purpose, then I say HELL NO!  That is the very definition of socialism.  The only public money that should be spent on Elmer and his winos would be the street sweeping budget--to broom the lazy turds off the public streets and sidewalks and into the appropriate dumpsters and landfills.

[Image: homeless%20man%20beggar%20Abovethelaw%20...20blog.jpg]
Typical smelly tramp, plenty of money for booze (two bottles), cigarettes, sunglasses, leather jacket, headphones, two lighters.  Thanks to charlatans like ACORN and Elmer, how many times do you think this guy voted in the last election?  Bet it was at least twice.

Here's an early sketch of DesElms. Anyone recognize him?

[Image: Zodiac_blog_2100x147.jpg]

(11-29-2010, 07:46 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Vallejo?

Here's an early sketch of DesElms. Anyone recognize him?

Where was Elmer on September 27, 1969........at a DeMolay meeting?????

[Image: door.jpg]

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