Thomas Chip White, gay pornographer and owner of degreeinfo, gay rights spokesman
TruthOrFiction Wrote:But the good new is that Mountain Man Mark is also being investigated... for disseminating porn to minors... kinda blows a hole in him as a source, huh?

Chip White Wrote:From my private hotmail account, September 7th, 2010


If you look back at my original statement emailed to everyone in the SI planning group before there was an SI, you'll see that I said, very clearly, that I NEVER mix my support work with anything related to my adult-related businesses, do not mention them to anyone (except to staff who I always feel deserves full disclosure), and there's no crossing of lines there. I believe that the boundaries separating my relationship to the adult industry and my support work are very crucial and it's not something I take lightly. In fact, the company that I am involved in has not produced new content for several years (it is primarily a marketing firm now), (A FLAT-OUT LIE) and even if it did produce content again, there are far more models seeking work than adult companies to hire them, so there's no need to recruit at all; there are some 2700 people in the database that MRC maintains of models who have applied to work for MRC in adult entertainment and less than 200 have been hired, so the last thing I'd be doing is seeking out people recovering from abuse and risk further harm to them.

If you were to ask Zac, he'll tell you that while he did express that he was interested in adult work (I don't remember how he found out about my involvement -- he might have traced one of my email addresses or something, but I certainly did not volunteer that I was in the adult industry, and I certainly never suggested he work for us... he did not even know the names of our sites), I told him I thought he had much better opportunities open to him than working in porn, and, more than once, actively discouraged him from even considering it. Finally, to shut him up, I told him that I could not even consider having any such discussions at all until he turned 18, but even then, I told him, it would not be a wise choice, nor an option, given my role in working with him.

If you were to contact any of the models that have worked for MRC, they'd all tell you the same thing: MRC is one of the very, very few producers that only shoots safer sex content, it was one of the first to do full-panel STI testing of all of its models (even though it uses safer sex practices), and many of its models have told me that no one had ever shown the caring for the models health and safety, or spent the time explaining the risks of unsafe sex and issues with drug use that MRC staff did. MRC was also instrumental in encouraging a few other studios to stop shooting bareback content (MRC NOW CONTRACTS BAREBACK WORK WITH CZECH "ACTORS") and to encourage the use of STI testing industry wide, and it was the first in the industry, back in 2004, to adopt a set of ethical guidelines (no contact between models and staff/owners, (REALLY? SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOLDING A CAMERA IN THAT 2 YEAR OLD VIDEO ON YOUR WEBSITE, CHIP?) no drugs or alcohol on shoots, safer sex, ethical and honest treatment of models, staff, vendors, customers, etc.), many of which have now been adopted as industry-wide "best practices." I've also helped several of our models who had drug addiction issues to get help, gotten several others into therapy, and encouraged others to get out of the adult industry. Yes, there are shady producers in the industry, but the stereotype that everyone is, or that all models are drug addicts or HIV+, isn't true any longer; many models are college students or grads, and/or in professional careers. I know of one of MRC's former models who just finished his Ph.D, another who is in medical school, two who are in law school, and quite a few in various professional careers (architecture, music, academia) now. It's a different industry, with different people, than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

Finally, yes, all of MRC's models were over 18 at the time any content was shot, and MRC is firm in not even discussing anything remotely related to porn with anyone under 18 (Again, not something I can say for many of MRC's competitors.) If you point me to the link where you found that reference, (On one of MRC's websites, they claim that 23 year old Brent Corrigan has been working as a twink for 6 years, or since he was age 17!!!), I'll see that somebody corrects it. (It hasn't been corrected now since September 7th). The industry is heavily regulated, with very detailed recordkeeping requirements on models, and it's not something anybody in the legitimate industry would ever risk.

As to the future of SI and your participation, that's not something I can address as the entire team will have to consider it. I think Ken plans to get in touch today.

Thanks for your response.

- Chip

From an email I sent to Chip White on September 7th:

The next part of this is a lot harder to talk about. I remember from lots of my own experience, as well as from the experiences of many of the people that I have worked with, how so many of these perps groomed their victims, often for long periods of time before making their move. Michael (M3) on MS was guilty of grooming Zac the entire time that Zac was on MS. On 20/20s Catch a Predator series, it is a big joke when some luckless guy shows-up to try to date the 15 year old that he met online. After I used a bunch of time yesterday making Google searches, I found MRC, (Media Resource Consultants), and I found their website. I found MRC on your Linked In profile page, and there is a clear link to you that mentions MRC in the Google link to your Linked In page too. Also last night, Zac sent me an email where he greatly desires to become one of your organization's next big adult entertainment stars. Of course, you have known Zac for at least some time on EC, before he ever came to MS, and you have already had plenty of time to steer him in a direction of your choice.

So here is my problem now. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. The appearances suggest that some part of your job on both EC as well as on SI is to get to know these confused and sexually abused young guys who have come looking for help, befriend them, gain their trust, steer them in the direction of homosexuality based on what appears to me to be a fringe position that you took in the topic and who knows what else, and then by the time that they turn 18, you have them wrapped around your finger, and then they are more than willing to become your next big adult film stars. I would really hate it in an enormous way if any of the kids that I am close to here were to be offered jobs as gay porn stars, because that is not what we started this organization for. My firm understanding from the get-go is that Survivor Island was to be a healing community for teen and young adult sexual abuse victims. And from everything that I was taught and treated for, as well as quite a bit of the recent research that I found the other night would suggest, an SSAD symptom acquired from childhood sexual assault is treatable, regardless of what Joe Kort has recently asserted....

Now how do we ensure a safe place for these kids to attempt to heal from their abusive upbringing, the kind of place where there is no chance that they are getting groomed to appear in adult video the minute that they turn 18???

And this was before I discovered just a week ago that Chip White has no college degree and no experience as a therapist!!!

Chip White Wrote:From my private hotmail account, May 31, 2010

Lastly, there's one other issue that I need to share just to ensure there are no surprises or concerns down the road, and that has to do with my line of work.

My business partner and I together own a number of different companies, ranging from real estate marketing to distance education discussion and marketing to business consulting to web hosting and network management. But the ones that are likely important for everyone to be aware of, in the context of this community, are our properties in the adult media business. We own several adult media companies that market and distribute adult media (DVDs, membership websites, etc.) Our company is widely recognized among the adult media community as one of the pacesetters as far as ethics and integrity. It's important to put into context the fact that this is but one of a half-dozen companies and endeavors that AJ and I own and are involved in, but the one that always raises the questions Smile

I have always believed that full disclosure of my connection to that industry, and our corporate values, is important in any endeavors that I have that potentially involve at-risk populations, populations with histories of abuse, or younger populations. As such, I disclosed that to the staff when I first applied for full membership (ability to communicate with others) with EmptyClosets, as well as to the Sacramento Gay-Lesbian center where I volunteer, and I feel it is equally important to disclose it to the rest of you with regard to startup of this community. And just to be crystal clear, there is never any discussion whatsoever of anything having to do with adult media or my adult properties with any EC members or served constituency at the gay center, nor would there be with any members of this community (regardless of whether they are teens or adults.) (Obviously this statement does not apply to Chip's interaction with Zac, who won't be 18 until January)

If anyone has any concerns with this, I will be happy to discuss it further, and I should also be clear that if it poses a big problem for the group, I'm prepared to step back; the important thing here is the work to be done in helping the teens, and the last thing I want to do is interfere with that.

(Really? I expressed my displeasure with Chip's twink porn business on September 7th, and instead of him stepping back, I am gone instead).

So... with all of that said, let's communicate about the next steps in moving forward, and see if we can get this community up and running soon. Smile

Thanks very much

- Chip

Zac Wrote:From Facebook on September 6th, 2010

mark he doesnt talk bout that to ne of us or ne1 under 18. i wanted to work for him n he wont even talk to me bout it till i turn 18.

Hearing one of the 17 year old kids that I have worked with in a mentoring capacity for over a year mention that he and Chip have already discussed Chip's porn business really made me upset, especially after all the talk of "safety" for the kids on our site that Chip made before we ever started. Chip portrayed himself to be an experienced therapist that had worked with our target population for years. He even went as far as to chew out the therapist that runs Male Finding Chip's hottest gay sites was a real eye-opener for me, and finding this website and the information about Chip White contained here just tears me up. Here I thought that I was working all Summer long with an experienced therapist and come to find out that Chip is a total fraud with no college degree, not even an Associate degree. He has his fingers in a lot of businesses, and some of them are frauds too. It was a complete surprise finding out that Chip was a twink porn king, since that line of work is just about exactly a 180-degree difference from what our goals were on Survivor Island, trying to mentor and counsel teenage and young adult childhood sexual abuse survivors. Chip can say that he has good boundaries, but obviously those boundaries slipped just a little since Zac found out about Chip's porn businesses and now wants to work for his 50 year old mentor and friend who lives almost 3000 miles away. Are you going to run away from home the day that you turn 18 Zac? If you do, make sure that you bring your Winter coat, as San Francisco can be a bit on the chilly side in January!!!


And as for you Ken (Truth or Fiction), I got some dirt on you today that I am sure that your old lady would just love to find out about!!! Maybe she should get herself tested??? It is little wonder why you and Chip were so upset when I moderated two sentences of inflammatory cussing out of Jay's post, as he was your former bedroom partner!!!
Quote:Finding Chip's hottest gay sites was a real eye-opener for me, and finding this website and the information about Chip White contained here just tears me up. Here I thought that I was working all Summer long with an experienced therapist and come to find out that Chip is a total fraud with no college degree, not even an Associate degree. He has his fingers in a lot of businesses, and some of them are frauds too.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet...well, I can safely say ALL online pundits have a well-packed closet, and many are outright outrageous frauds and misfits. The crown jewels of online experts are just brass and windowpane fragments if you scrutinize them.
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