An entire forum about Chip White???
[Image: Gay%20Test.jpg]
Id like to help in anyway I can in this

Please look up Kelly Taylor, Sammy Case and Elijah Wood .. His top 3 models of all time... on 18westStudios

Message me back

I know 22 of his models and stay in contact with all the abused boys

This man needs to be put in jail
This man is abusive
Hes into shit porn
Theres alot more to him

He bullies, abuses, stalks and silences his boys
I have many videos, stories and things no one else has that can help you stop this

If your still needing help
Please let me know
He is dangerous, a monster and a sicko
A dangerous psychopath
Please let me help you get justice
He ruined me and many boys lives

So lucky I found this

(10-11-2010, 03:03 PM)Winston Smith Wrote: Thanks for the info, Eric and Mark.  By all means report these facts to your local law enforcement.  It's about time somebody put a permanent end to this guy.

It's funny how the turds on other channels get all revved up about people competing with the wealthy higher ed cartel, which activity in fact harms exactly no one.  The best argument they can muster against it is the totally vacuous claim that doctors with unaccredited degrees are killing people.  In fact it's already illegal to practice medicine without a license, and you aren't going to get a license with a fake degree.  So in other words, their best argument is a total sophist load of crap.

On the other hand, when you have disgusting perverts like Thomas "Chip" White destroying the lives of innocent kids nobody blinks.  

Where is that dickless George Gollin and his SS pals?  Is he waiting for Chip to turn 70 like Steve Randock so the feds might be able to catch him in case he runs?

Where is Bear and his FBI buddies?  Where is Alfalfa Sainz to take a bow for preventing another kid from getting his ass pronged by perverts?  Why is Quincy MA PD union goon Bruce Tait still acting as a moderator on Chip's gay boy porn front?  

Missing in action, the whole rotten load of them.  
I can confirm all of this as I worked for Thomas Chip White for 4 years and have some very dark proof of all this and much more.. 

I know this is old but Chip has 5 porn websites, 3 video labels and much much more

Young boys shitting and doing enemas on film sold to the black market! 

18west studios had a dark closet thats not empty
Lets take the skeletons out

(10-10-2010, 02:58 PM)Mountain Man Mark Wrote: Hello everyone:

I am new here, a friend of mine just turned me on to this site.  I am a 53 year old straight former administrator of Survivor, which is a website that was founded in June of this year by myself, 3 other administrators, and your Chip White.  One of our original administrators was run-off pretty quickly, and Chip and his young sidekick Blair Wilson, tried running me off almost right away after I finished a re-write of Empty's siteuser rules for SI.  (Empty specializes in trying to convince sexually-confused teens and young adults that they are gay, and is also partially owned by Chip White and MRC).  I lost my admin position at Survivor Island the first week of August, voted off by the 3 gay guys that still run the site.  The focus of Survivor Island was originally supposed to be providing peer and adult mentor support for sexually-abused teenage boys and young adult men.  Many of our original younger members had joined us after a crisis on Male, where a gay moderator had been caught trying to pick-up several of the teenage members under his supervision there back in April.  I was used by Chip, Blair, and the other admin, Ken, to bring to SI several teenagers who trusted me from MS, where I had been an adult site mentor for 2 years.  Once our site was up and running, I was no longer needed.  We had our last big shootout over Labor Day weekend, at which time I was permanently banned from SI by Chip and his sidekick Blair.  In June Chip flew to Atlanta to meet with a 17 year old from MS that he had first met on EC, then flew to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Blair's graduation, so Blair and Chip know each other really well.  Now the 17 year old, who has a long history of childhood sexual victimization, wants desperately to be Chip's next big adult film star.

Our last big shootout was over whether or not there is such a symptom of childhood sexual abuse as same-sex attraction disorder.  In my own recovery I was successfully treated for SSAD, and have lived the last 13 years of my life as totally straight, half of that time happily married, largely free from my own history of childhood sexual victimization.  There have been dozens of recent high-level academic studies by PH.D-level researchers at respected universities confirming SSAD as a symptom of childhood sexual abuse and the validity of treating such a symptom.  However, Chip White has found an outspoken gay therapist (Joe Kort, out of Royal Oak, MI), to support his contention that any history of SSAD makes someone 100% gay.  Chip has been feeding his confused young guys this theory on EC as well as on SI now since June.  It was Labor Day weekend that I also discovered Chip's gay adult website, MRC, which specializes in "twink" porn, or gay porn involving young adults aged 18 to 25.  Once I discovered his website, it all started making sense to me.  Chip has been abusing his position and misrepresenting himself as an allegedly experienced therapist with a degree allegedly from Oberlin College in Ohio, on both Empty Closets as well as Survivor, to get to know and befriend sexually confused and now abused teenagers seeking help, convince them that they are gay using flawed and misquoted research, to the total exclusion of the majority of academic research on the subject, and once these young men turn age 18, Chip tries to bring his new friends into his adult porn world.  

At the very least what Chip is doing constitutes a serious breach of professional ethics as well as a serious conflict of interest.  Does he even have a degree or is that made-up too?  He has been portraying himself on Survivor Island as an experienced therapist.  Since my discovery I told Chip flat out that if any of the young men who trusted me that I brought to SI from MS EVER ended up being adult porn stars for MRC that I would turn him in to California Mental Health authorities.  What he has been doing with young childhood sexual abuse survivors should be considered very abusive and possibly illegal.  These young guys came to Male Survivor seeking help for their issues, not hoping to become twink gay film stars.  Right after Labor Day weekend I wanted so badly to turn Chip in, but I didn't have enough information about him to do so.  If he doesn't even have a degree, and with the information that I have found here, we have more than enough to hang him once and for all.  He should have absolutely no business trying to counsel teenage sexual abuse survivors using false academic credentials.  

Chip has a profile on Linked-In as well as on some Sacramento gay dating site.  I have the URL's to both as well as the URL to MRC Entertainment.  It would please me greatly to share my info with all of you here, in the hope that his ongoing abuse of these kids can be stopped.

Mountain Man Mark
Denver, CO

NOTE:  May be extremely ***Triggering***.  This is Chip White's gay young adult video website:
[Link deleted]
Be sure to click on the Records Compliance Statement at the bottom of the page!!!

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