Chatting with Wellness Industry Workers
Second: you can't possibly on one end loathe the intervention of state in all matters as "perverted socialism", and then justify the same intrusion on the basis of misinterpreted religious ideas that -come think of it- would have supported the soviet system...remember all that hogwash about "helping the poor",or a society where everybody's equal?
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This is an aside but when I was in college (in a four year state university) I had a bud who played baseball. He took me to a few jock parties. And it was totally amazing how much coke and lose women were there. I mean you had all the hot women of campus in one place and they were willing to sleep with anyone who had some blow and were on one of the school's athletic squads.

I was kind of surprised to find this one girl who worked in the campus library was there. She was really cute and kind of innocent looking. I asked my friend why she was there. He laughed and told me that she was the biggest 'ho on campus and some dudes from the basketball team pulled a train on her. Well its often the ones who seem the most innocent who are the.... well lets get back to the discussion here.

My point is this, you have this kind of behavior everywhere. You have people who will just go sleeping around for whatever reason. And then you have laws forbidding the sale of sex for money. I ask whats the difference? I mean some people give it away for free and some want to get paid?

Not that I agree with this. I mean, slutty behavior is not how I live my life but if others want to do it than who am I to judge? Rolleyes
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

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