Another John Bear Lie
First let me say this. If you are satisfied with the state licensed/approved school that you used it makes no difference if Bear/Other Morons disagree. It will only matter if you let them get inside your head. I have never met any of these "ONLINE" supper killers. In person none of them would be acting the way they do when only confronted by their own computer screens. You can bet Bear would be a fluffy little kitten as would the rest of the poo bears he travels with when standing in front of some intended victim.

Now, enough of that. Now about Bear lies. Does he tell them? of course. Why? for profit and because he believes that it makes him appear more than he is, a failed would be rich guy. He tries to convince the world that his little known (how to) books are fantastic and have made him one of America's leading authors. Stephen King has sold more books from one title than Bear from all his works combined. Bear never stuck with any school that he was part owner of long enough to build it into anything. He failed over and over because he couldn't get rich quick. The guy actually made money by bringing in partners and then dumping them and running to other ventures. Want a real crook for a partner, well, just go into business with him. You will put up the money and he will offer his name and time, both of which will run out really fast. Take Greenwich for an example. He put up nothing and left after being unable to bring in more than a handful of students.

I do agree that Bear is really slick. Crap doesn't stick to the old crook. But remember this. It still doesn't make him honest or a decent person. It just means he didn't get caught. He got lucky and dumped on his friends and partners before they knew who they were dealing with. Will he ever be remembered by anyone other than the handful of people who deal in this stuff? of course not. It begins and ends with him and us. 99% of America has no idea what a John Bear is, and I say thank God for it. The world is better off with him being king of a mole hill. The handful of discussion groups is his world. Kind of small ain't it. For a would be KING that is.
Well said James. I agree, for all his efforts to torpedo small, proprietary schools that are legal and valid, he has failed. HR departments throughout the nation recognize many,(if not all), the schools he has tried to pole-axe, most are still standing, and quite a few are now accredited... so the last laugh is not on Bear/Klempner , as usual....

Sadly, he has done some "less than wonderful things", along the way.... least of which is crank calling men's wives and people's places of employment, to caste "some" individuals in a bad light, or just "freak" them out. This deviant behavior borders on the antisocial, and is usually the work of a miscreant. The more intriguing question is why has he flipped on the very schools he used to champion? He doesn't get rich by pumping up the crummy RA schools, so the answer must be something else. I believe he has turned on these proprietary schools because he is just mean-spirited and vengeful. Many of the schools he rags on, have done very, very well financially. In fact, many of these institutions have not only made a great deal of money, but they have provided sound education and academic credentials to students who have improved themselves and the world around them and Bear/Klempner doesn't approve of it. When citizens become "branded" for being a "criminal", because they attended a non-RA school, that is a shock to most peoples sensibilities. Unfortunately, Bear and his buddies have been at the forefront of perpetuating this precept. By insisting that society at large should subscribe to this false precept, it places people under a "cloud of suspicion", a cloud they should never be under in the first place! Seems like a fairly crude assessment, but when you analyze the situation, what else is there?
Hey Bigfoot, I hope you aren't in Texas! I'm sure Klempner would find this "delightful" if you are.

Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas – if he's Texan
The depths of this man's darkness are on full display when he gloats and takes sinister pleasure in "discussing" with fellow bloggers the enjoyment he derived from crank calling that man's work and making "strange inquiries" the hopes of putting him under a cloud of suspicion. He further exposed his deviance by not answering the other person he crank-called, when they picked up the phone. This is how this turd gets his jollies. No wonder nobody wants to publish his "useless" distance learning guides, that aren't even relevant anymore,(as if they ever were, LOL!). Is this normal behavior for a man in his 70's, who has a PHD, and family, who allegedly are also very well educated?

This guy is a "whackjob" from way back
Florida statute 817.567...... clearly states-that a state approved degree or any of it's political subdivisions is legal to use in "the sunshine state".... remember the case in Florida a few years back, concerning the degree holder who had a doctorate from Canterbury University.

legendary baby!
errata...florida statute 817.567 was repealed 2011...on grounds of being unconstitutional. state approved baby!
I wonder who Bear/Klempner will be crank-calling today? Whose place of employment will he be calling this afternoon? Who will be harassed next by Klempner?

The only thing funnier than Bear/Klempner, are those ridiculuous,"distance learning" rags he publishes....lmao! Talk about a waste of money, just read his rubbish from 5-10 years ago, it's the same "useless" book, with a different cover....

Better still, just surf the internet for information about distance education, the info will be more accurate and worthwhile, his books stink!
I hear that Klempner/Bear sent a letter of apology to CPU, after he pulled his stalker vid from the internet. He only did this after he was " EXPOSED" for being a stalker again, who was trying to do a mean spirited "number" on CPU. He tried to put a positive spin on his "less than wonderful" behavior, (as usual) just didn't pass the smell test. James said it best "king of a mole hill" ant hill is more like it...
(05-13-2012, 02:01 AM)bigfoot Wrote: I hear that Klempner/Bear sent a letter of apology to CPU, after he pulled his stalker vid from the internet. He only did this after he was " EXPOSED" for being a stalker again, who was trying to do a mean spirited "number" on CPU. He tried to put a positive spin on his "less than wonderful" behavior, (as usual) just didn't pass the smell test. James said it best "king of a mole hill" ant hill is more like it...

You are correct, Bigfoot. It appears Klempner's stalking video has been pulled "by the user" from YouTube.

Would you know anyone at CPU who could snag us a copy of Klempner's apology letter?
Sorry Herbert, I wish I did...He stated on another blog, that his motives were pure when he posted the CPU video, back in September..( my a$$!), as if anyone believes that nonsense. One of his own people shamed him, by implying that what Klempner had done was "pretty lousy" (words to that effect). Klempner was doing serious damage control, and stated that he sent the letter himself to CPU, and pulled the video from 'You Tube'.

I don't believe this guy would have ever pulled it, until you turned up the heat Herbert.. good job!

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