Scams "Fascinating" Says Bear
Funny....I never see Bear/Klempner's guides at the bookstore seems the only way to acquire any of his crummy books is by ordering them on-line....mainline book stores don't even carry his rubbish anymore, who would want em'? (LOL!)....good on em'
Bear/Klempner finds scams fascinating, because he is a perpetrator of "diploma mill" scams...he seems intrigued with deviant behavior, e.g. calling men's wives at work...crank calling people at home, to listen to the alarm in their voice..."dimeing" out people with legitimate academic credentials and implying they are frauds. I would love to see how Bear/Klempner would score on Dr. Hare's Psychopathy checklist...the very thing that intrigues him, he was waist deep in...for many years...gee, I wonder when Bear's "new" guide to distance learning will hit the bookstores?...methinks it's an order only book...ROTFLMAO!
(09-24-2012, 01:59 AM)bigfoot Wrote: Bear/Klempner finds scams fascinating, because he is a perpetrator of "diploma mill" scams...

Don't forget Klempner's psychotic swarm of sycophants and suckups. They "research" his books for him--for nothing more than a brief mention of their names in the foreword. They dedicate their empty lives to stalking his enemies for him. While Klempner is busy making crank calls, they make death threats. Those who are foolish or naive enough to actually follow his ill-considered and often bought-and-paid-for "advice" are labeled buffoons or worse. And it's all "delightful" because he keeps collecting the royalty checks.
Beautifully stated the case of Bear/Klempner and his merry band of parasites, the only tragic thought that comes to mind is this..."When the truth is so ugly, only a lie can be beautiful" the case of these tragic and pathetic figures, that's all anyone could deduce by the juvenile and antisocial behavior they display...
Klempner fave Snopes exposed as a scam run by whoremonger. Is that a surprise? Strange how consistently anything Klempner endorses or finds "fascinating" begins to rot like dead fish.

Quote:Snopes Co-Founder Accused Of Embezzling Company Money, Spending It On Prostitutes

Peter Hasson
Reporter, Associate Editor
6:02 PM 12/21/2016 

The founder of mythbusting website Snopes, which was recently tapped by Facebook as one of four "fact-check" organizations patrolling the site for "fake news," embezzled $98,000 in company funds before spending it on "himself and the prostitutes he hired," according to legal documents filed by his ex-wife reviewed by the Daily Mail.

After divorcing from his first wife, Barbara Mikkelson, David Mikkelson married Elyssa Young, a former porn star and current escort who now works for Snopes as an administrator, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail also revealed that top Snopes "fact-checker"? Kim LaCapria claimed on her personal blog that she has "posted to Snopes"? after smoking marijuana. As TheDC previously revealed, LaCapria describes herself as "openly left-leaning"? and once claimed that Republicans fear "female agency."? (RELATED: Fact-Checking Snopes: Website's Political "Fact-Checker" Is Just A Failed Liberal Blogger)

As originally reported by TheDC, Snopes almost exclusively employs leftists as fact-checkers, many of whom have exhibited a clear distaste for Republican voters. TheDC could not identify a single Snopes fact-checker who comes from a conservative background. (RELATED: Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively)

The mythbusting site has butchered the truth on more than one occasion.

In July, TheDC exposed a Snopes lie about the lack of American flags at the Democratic convention, trying to pass off a picture from day two of the convention as though it were from day one in a flailing attempt to debunk a factual Daily Caller story. (RELATED: Snopes Caught Lying About Lack Of American Flags At Democratic Convention)

Similarly, a Snopes attempt at discrediting a news story from The Daily Caller News Foundation earlier this month was riddled with factual errors and omissions. (RELATED: Snopes Deliberately Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry's State Department)

Neither Snopes nor Facebook returned TheDC's request for comment regarding the accusations that David Mikkelson embezzled company money and spent some of it on prostitutes.

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