OR Schools Cut To 4-Day Week
Budget cuts are forcing Oregon government schools to consider cutting their school week to four days.  Just what cash-strapped Oregon didn't need was a potential $120 million federal lawsuit.  

But thanks to adjudicated anti-Christian bigot and civil rights violator Alan Contreras of the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization, the state finds itself in further financial peril for its alleged role in a Liberian shakedown scheme.  

Does it really make sense to Oregon taxpayers to foot the bill for this pervert's Christian-bashing while their kids' educations suffer?  Instead of letting the school district get away with this bogus "Washington Monument Strategy," shouldn't Oregon taxpayers be demanding the firing of the loser pervert Contreras and abolition of his anti-Christian office?

Quote:Klamath Falls may try 4-day school week to save money
Klamath County School officials are considering cutting the school week to four days in an effort that would save the district $6.3 million.

By The Associated Press

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Klamath County School officials are considering cutting the school week to four days to save the district $6.3 million annually.

The Herald and News reported that the shortened week is one of many money-saving measures school officials are considering.

District Superintendent Greg Thede says that a $5.8 million cut to his $60 million budget and nearly 20 layoffs last year prompted the district to form a committee to study the option of cutting Fridays from the school week.

He says that school days Monday through Thursday would be longer to meet state hourly requirements.

"I think we've seen all over the state, programs getting cut, class sizes going up, employee groups having to make concessions," Thede said. "These times we're going through right now are unprecedented. It's tough."

But there are concerns from the Klamath Falls Association of Classified Employees, the union that represents classified staff, such as teaching assistants, cooks, custodians, secretaries and bus drivers.

Union President Linda Braden says one less day in the week will mean a day less of work for 380 classified staff.

Still, Thede said the district will move forward with a shortened school week if it would save a significant amount of money.

Linda Kehr, a teacher at Ferguson Elementary School and member of the four-day week committee, said teacher workload wouldn't be dramatically affected, adding that teachers would use Friday to attend mandated teacher-training sessions.
Hmm, they want to cut the school week so they can pay their staff one day less, but also want to extend the school day to still meet requirements?

Will they not pay their staff for all the overtime they're putting in?

Doubtlessly this will be controversial. Class Action Lawsuits are probably the last thing a cash-strapped state wants.
I got it.... Oregon should fire Contreras and use the money they save to teach kids....

I guess that would make too much sense, Rolleyes
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in 2012 the same system will be effective in France.
Anticipate public order concerns, since schools (which Napoleon intended as replacements for barracks ) are the part-time concentration camp for the youth...can you imagine the likely surge in youth crime etc?
School has long ceased being a place of learning to become a place of temporary confinement or at best of silly civic indoctrination.
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