Elmer = Douches Tecum
ham Wrote:They are like those amnesiac sociopaths who kill someone, cut him into pieces and bury him in the basement, then revert to another personality who knows nothing of all that...maybe TECUM knows nothing of the massage parlor addict, who knows nothing of the one soliciting underage DeMolay boys, who knows nothing of the social misfit marrying young filipinas, who knows nothing about the gay-affirmative preacher...

I saw that movie. It was called "The Nineteen Faces of Elmer." I think Joanne Woodward played the part. Or maybe it was Burl Ives.
It looks Elmer has returned to the task of helping count the number of homeless in Vallejo, CA for the U.S. Census.

DI thread
Little Arminius Wrote:It looks Elmer has returned to the task of helping count the number of homeless in Vallejo, CA for the U.S. Census.

Vallejo was driven into bankruptcy by union goons, which makes it just the place for a leftist numbnuts like Elmer.

Quote:Vallejo is a Bay Area community of 121,000 that two years ago became the state's largest city to declare bankruptcy. Like other municipalities, its public-sector unions had driven its budget deep into the red. A report issued by the Cato Institute last September noted that 74% of the city's general budget was eaten up by police and firefighter salaries and overtime along with pension obligations. The average city in the state spends 60% of its budget on those things.

The study also found that lavish pay and benefit packages were a root cause of the city's problems. In Vallejo compensation packages for police captains top $300,000 a year and average $171,000 a year for firefighters. Regular public employees in the city can retire at age 55 with 81% of their final year's pay guaranteed. Police and fire officials can retire at age 50 with a pension that pays them 90% of their final year's salary every year for life and the lives of their spouses.
Vallejo's Painful Lessons in Municipal Bankruptcy

The city won a huge victory last year when a judge ruled they could void their union contracts.  But then the dumbasses pissed it away when they actually negotiated an increase in pension contributions.

Quote:But when it came to voiding those contracts on pensions—a major driver of public expenses—the city blinked. The "workout plan" the city approved in December calls for cuts in services, staff and even some benefits, such as health benefits for retirees. However, it does not touch public-employee pensions. Indeed, it increases the pension contributions the city pays.

Elmer and his stinking winos are just the cherry on top of the socialist crap sundae.
Elmer Wrote:I've partnered with the US Census Bureau this year to help ensure that all the homeless are counted… there may even be as many as 1,500 of them out there, then at $1,200 per person per year, that's some roughly $18 million that could be heading Vallejo's way in the next ten years if we can just get all those homeless folks counted!

For Elmer the filthy puke-encrusted winos must seem just like hookers.  You can’t have too many.  Elmer wouldn't intentionally overcount the rancid bums in Vallejo, would he?  If $1,200 is good, wouldn't, say, $40,000 be better?  

Census Director Admits ‘We May Have Duplicates’
Quote:Wednesday, July 07, 2010
By Edwin Mora

U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves told CNSNews.com on Wednesday that the Census has "no way, unfortunately, of knowing" whether or not homeless individuals were counted twice, and added, "we may have duplicates."

As CNSNews.com reported on June 10, the Office of the Inspector General of the Commerce Department, which oversees the Census, published a report in May indicating that Census workers were instructed by a Census manual to recount homeless people who said they already had been counted.

The IG's report also revealed that the enumerators (the workers who count people for the Census) were not required to collect homeless persons’ names and birth dates.

During a conference call on Wednesday, CNSNews.com asked Dr. Groves, “What process is the Census using to remove duplicated records of homeless individuals who were recounted by enumerators and for which no name, birth date, or ethnicity information was collected?”

Groves said it is “feasible” that homeless people could have been counted twice. “It is common that when we visit those outdoor locations that we can’t get the names and age and race of each individual. They say essentially, ‘We don’t want to talk to you,’” Groves said.

“As a last resort in those cases, we enumerate them, we count, we write down ‘Person 1, Person 2’ – that’s about the best we can do,” said Groves. “What the caller notes is sometimes person number 13 under the overpass may have been counted in the soup kitchen.”

“We have no way, unfortunately, of knowing that in that circumstance,” he said.  “That’s a weakness in the enumeration of homeless people, we may have duplicates.”

The May 5  IG report showed that a Census manual for counting the homeless “indicates that enumerators should recount any individual who asserts that he/she has already been counted.”

“Unique to this operation, enumerators were allowed to create an individual Census record based on their direct observation of the race, gender and ethnicity of the respondent,” the OIG reported. “Enumerators were not required to obtain names or dates of birth from such respondents.”

“When deviating from established procedures, enumerators appeared to follow a more common-sense approach to reducing the risk of duplicate records,” concluded the OIG report. “However, this risk remains great for individual records created during [homeless count enumeration]. We have not reviewed the process Census will use to remove duplicate records for enumerations that were simply based on direct observation of race, gender, age or ethnicity, and in which no birth date or name was provided.”

For the June 10 story, CNSNews.com asked Census spokesman Michael Cook how the Census Bureau was going to eliminate the double-counting of homeless people from the final Census count. In an e-mail response, Cook said:  “We have a process for dealing with duplicate responses to the 2010 Census to which the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Inspector General (IG) are very familiar."

Cook did not explain what that process was, nor did Groves when CNSNews.com asked about it on Wednesday.

Counting the homeless population, a process that Groves described as “challenging,” is part of the Census’s constitutionally mandated decennial count. It is done during the Service-Based Enumeration (SBE) phase of the Census, which is a component of the Group Quarters Enumeration (GQE) operation.  

“We attempt to count those folks that are non-traditionally housed, including those who live and sleep in outdoor locations, in a special operation three days at the end of March,” explained Dr. Groves on Wednesday.

“The way we do it is to both visit service providers where the homeless would seek services – soup kitchens, health services, shelters and so on--on a couple of days and then one night we actually go to outdoor locations,” he said.

“It is feasible as the caller noted that we would count someone both at a soup kitchen on Monday and then we would visit an encampment or a group of people sleeping under an overpass the next day,” Groves said. …

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