Gollin Sued For Slander in Federal Court
You knew it was just a matter of time before somebody had enough of this guy.  Finally somebody has sued UIUC physics professor George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin).

On March 11, 2010, St. Luke School of Medicine filed an action in the California Central District of the US District Court against George Gollin, the University of Illinois, and a number of others for assault, libel and slander.


We are looking forward to seeing justice done in this case.  Hopefully somebody at UIUC will now realize that they are employing a lawsuit magnet and an embarrassment to higher education and take appropriate action.
A copy of the Complaint against George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) is attached.

This is a class action on behalf of all St. Luke School of Medicine students.  

Defendant Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois, Champaign, purports to be a higher education expert in "diploma mills" and fraudulent colleges and universities.  He also claims to be a consultant to the Republic of Liberia.

Attached Files
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The gist of the complaint is that after approving Dr. Dolphin’s medical school, certain Liberian officials then sought a $6,000 a month bribe from him.   When he refused to pay it they embarked on a campaign intended to destroy him and his school.  They apparently found a willing stooge in the gullible fool Gollin, who repeated the lies without bothering to verify the facts.  Sound familiar?

Quote:179.  Dr. George Gollin has numerous links on the Internet about SLSOM being a ‘fake’ school and a ‘diploma mill’.  Many of his postings are fantastic, speculative, and imaginary.  One MS Power Point online presentation states that, “St. Luke is a diploma mill.”; “A U.S. State Dept. official says it’s fake”; “Liberia says it’s illegal”; “A Ghanaian official said it’s bogus”; “It’s really run by a small group of Americans”; “Dr. Dolphin is an owner of Bio-Life Laboratories”; “Dr. David Karam and Steve Arnett are owners of SLSOM”; and “St. Luke School of Medicine: www.stluke.edu an entirely fake medical school run from TX, KY, CA.”

180.  Gollin stated in a recent interview that he intends to put SLSOM out of business.  Gollin recently presented a 91-page document to the Ghana National Accreditation Board full of false, libelous, and slanderous statements about Dr. Dolphin, Dr. Dolphin’s wife, Susanna Mitchell, and SLSOM.  The document was submitted to the Ghana Court of Appeals by the National Accreditation Board to appeal a judgment in favor of St. Luke School of Medicine-Ghana (not the same institution as St. Luke School of Medicine-Liberia).

181.  The Ghana National Accreditation Board submitted Gollin’s document to cast doubt on the credibility of Dr. Dolphin and SLSOM because SLSOM-Ghana won accreditation in Ghana through a decision of the Ghana High Court in October 2009.  In Gollin’s document, he claims that Dr. Dolphin is a fraudulent criminal, despite the fact that he was never arrested in Liberia or sued for fraud by anyone from Liberia, or anywhere else in the world including the United States before, during, or after SLSO’s crisis in Liberia in 2005.  Gollin accused Dr. Dolphin of being a fraud.  Furthermore, he accused Dr. Dolphin’s wife of embezzlement without any proof, only naked assertions that cause her name and reputation to be publicly disparaged in Ghana.

182.  The University of Illinois—Urbana is complicit in its support of George Gollin, who uses University of Illinois letterhead and insignia to lend credibility to his misinformation.  The University of Illinois has permitted Gollin to use its computers and servers in Gollin’s campaign against SLSOM.  Gollin has slandered and libeled SLSOM in more than two dozen speaking engagements, as listed on his University of Illinois website: http://web.hep.uiuc.edu/home/g-gollin/ .  Gollin’s University of Illinois website [has] seven direct links full of false and misleading information about SLSOM.

The complaint alleges Causes of Action for Trade Libel
Quote:197.  …Dr. George Gollin and the University of Illinois have and continue to disparage SLSOM and its services, students, diplomas and degrees based on information gleaned solely from the aforementioned sources.
as well as Intentional Interference with Prospective Business Advantage, False Imprisonment, Negligence, Loss of Consortium, Conversion, [Denial of] Due Process, [Denial of] Equal Protection, Conspiracy to Commit Civil Rights Violations (Gollin does not appear to be included in this count), Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

This could be the first of many such actions against Gollin and UI. This is the very thing UI feared when they ordered Gollin to close his defamatory website several years ago. This is the sort of thing against which the State of Oregon sought to protect itself when they ordered Gay Al to take remedial courses in defamation law. Now the floodgates of litigation could be opening, hopefully to sweep away the rubbish that for too long has been soiling the academic environment.
Herbert Spencer Wrote:This is the very thing UI feared when they ordered Gollin to close his defamatory website several years ago.  This is the sort of thing against which the State of Oregon sought to protect itself when they ordered Gay Al to take remedial courses in defamation law.

That's the simple concept that seems to elude the likes of "intellectuals" RolleyesRolleyesRolleyes like Gollum and his ilk.  It's one thing to express your opinions about political issues on discussion boards.  That's constitutionally protected free speech.  It's quite another thing to use these boards and other media as tools to destroy people, their businesses and their livelihoods.  And the mental giant Gollum gets quoted saying his intention is to put them out of business???  That's about the clearest proof of malice anyone could ask for!  Go St. Luke!

And bringing the action in downtown LA is pure genius.  The kind of jury pool they are going to get...is there anyone who didn't see the OJ trial?  They are going to just keep adding zeroes to the judgment until they run out of ink.  In these days of multi-trillion dollar Obama budgets, once they get a load of Gollum's scratch and sniff show I can see a jury awarding billions.  

U of Illinois probably has more money in petty cash than all of Liberia put together.  You know they are going to want to settle out of this as fast as possible.  After their lawyers run up a nice bill with procedural crap I can see them eventually offering a big fat check to Thaddeus J. Culpepper, Esq. and praying he takes it before this goes to trial.    

Herbert Spencer Wrote:Hopefully somebody at UIUC will now realize that they are employing a lawsuit magnet and an embarrassment to higher education and take appropriate action.

You know that right this very minute Robin Kaler or somebody with a brain there at UI is screaming, "God damnit, I told you eight fricking years ago that this would happen!"  The taxpayers of Illinois are going to get soaked for Gollum's stupidity, and they are going to want somebody's scalp.  The days of sweeping these little problems under the rug are over.  They can't fire Herman and White because they are already fired, so who does that leave?  Better update that 90 page cv George, you're gonna need it.  
Liberian Officials Defamed Medical School After Shakedown Attempts, Doctor Says
Quote:Wednesday, March 17, 2010


     LOS ANGELES (CN) - Corrupt Liberian officials with ties to rebels defamed a Liberian medical school, calling it a "diploma mill," when its founder refused to pay bribes, Dr. Jerroll Dolphin claims in a federal class action. Dolphin established the St. Luke School of Medicine in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1998.

     In 2005, after the school had relocated because of civil war, "organized conspirators and government officials, who were angered because St. Luke School of Medicine refused to pay bribes, attacked SLSOM in the media and on the Internet," according to the 66-page complaint. The medical school and Dr. Robert Farmer are also named plaintiffs.

     Defendant Mohammed Sheriff, head of the J.R. Kennedy hospital in Monrovia, "asked for a bribe of $6,000 USD a month to make SLSOM a 'credible' institution in Liberia," according to the complaint. Dolphin says he refused to pay.

     Sheriff, who allegedly has ties to rebels and a reputation of being "very ruthless" and "untrustworthy," intimidated the local press into defaming Dolphin and his school by threatening to have their press passes revoked, Dolphin says.

     It was a frightening threat, as "The unemployment rate of Liberia at that time was approximately 80 to 85 percent," according to the complaint.

     Dolphin says at least one other government official also demanded bribes. When he refused to pay, the school was subsequently denounced as a fraud and the diplomas of graduates were no longer accredited, he says.

     Among the attacks, Dolphin says, was a radio broadcast by a man "who called himself Dr. Kpoto" stating that the school was "giving hundreds of 'fake' degrees to Indians from the streets who came to Liberia to register as doctors."

     That report claimed that the school was "taking thousands of U.S. dollars for these fake degrees."

     Dolphin says his school never issued hundreds of degrees and that some students did not pay tuition at all.

     "During the first eight years of SLSOM's existence, 1998 through 2006, SLSOM graduated 36 doctors," the complaint states. "This does not fit the definition of a 'diploma mill.'"

     Dolphin says that though some campus areas may have needed small repairs, he had plenty of books, computers, microscopes and other equipment needed to support a student body.

     Dr. Benson Barh, Sheriff and others bent on ruining Dolphin's reputation held several press conferences and "kangaroo court" hearings featuring a "list of 'haters' with prepared statements, with similar statements, almost word-for-word, coming forth to speak against SLSOM," according to the complaint.

     Dolphin says that his passport was taken from him several and he was unlawfully held and forced to stay in Liberia when he wanted to fly to Ghana to visit his wife. When he did travel to Ghana or Los Angeles, Liberian press reported that he had "fled Liberia for fear of prosecution" and was "thought to be in hiding," Dolphin says.

     By April 2005, the school had been removed from the International Medical Education Directory, at the request of Dr. Isaac Roland, director general of Liberia's National Commission on Higher Education, according to the complaint. Its graduates are not allowed to take the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam.

     Defendants include the Pennsylvania-based Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, the Foundation for Advancement of International Education and Research, and University of Illinois professor Dr. George Gollin, an expert on "diploma mills."

     Dolphin seeks damages for trade libel, false imprisonment, negligence, violations of due process and equal protection, conversion, conspiracy to commit civil rights violations, emotional distress and loss of consortium.

     He is represented by Thaddeus Culpepper of Pasadena.

This all sounds strikingly similar to the SRU situation.  I'm still mystified why anyone pled guilty to anything in that case, rather than going to trial and exposing the real crooks and liars.  

I wonder if this case could generate enough new insight into the situation to get Dixie sprung?

Gollum obviously is, was, and always has been just a tool of these Liberian shake-down artists.  His credibility meter was already running sub-zero, but it just went down another notch.   Has he ever bothered to verify anything that somebody in a foreign country told him?  How many bridges in Brooklyn does he own?
George Gollin "research" session:
[Image: Gossip_c8b9.jpg]
Did you hear?  Mohammed Sheriff told me that St. Luke School of Medicine is a mill.  Don't tell anyone I told you.
Let's see how the combatants match up...

In one corner you have a true patriot, a man who has literally sacrified everything to bring decent medical care to the impoverished people of his war ravaged nation.  And who, against all odds, actually succeeded in creating 22 new, duly licensed medical doctors, including an 80% pass rate on the US Medical Licensing Exam.  

In the other corner you have a self-aggrandizing, racist, marxist, anti-Christian bigot trying to make a new career out of destroying independent Christian schools who dare to compete with the billionaire higher education cartel.  His employer spends more money on paper clips than the entire gross national product of Liberia.

I'm praying this goes to trial and they allow video in the courtroom.  Watching the jury retch as Gollum scratches his ass, picks his nose and sniffs his armpits should be priceless.

Maybe the Crazy Guggenheim society will be asking Gollum to make a movie next time.   I'm thinking young Richard Roundtree as Dr. Dolphin ("Who is the man who brings doctors to a ravaged land?  Dolphin!  Right on!  That dude Dolphin is a healin' mother...hush yo' mouth!).  

And that Japanese guy who plays Guy LaDouche on MXC as Gollum ("nG-nG-nG-Gollum here! Now it's time to play Eat Shiitake!")
Yancy Derringer Wrote:I'm thinking young Richard Roundtree as Dr. Dolphin ("Who is the man who brings doctors to a ravaged land?  Dolphin!  Right on!  That dude Dolphin is a healin' mother...hush yo' mouth!). 

Gollum:  John, help me close another Christian school run by black people.
Klempner:  Close it yourself, Shitty.
ukqualified2 Wrote:Liberian Bribes at the MOE Office
by ukqualified2 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:53 am

I tried to tell ye gentlemen that there are things a brewin in the ole academic hearsay arena, but ye wouldn't listen. I couldn't mention the specifics within my last post, but there are more lawsuits at the class action level than just this one. Ask around, and I'll just bet that someone you know has received some strange phone calls and / or e-mails that may be a bit of a give-a-way.

A group of individuals have been collecting every post George Gollin has ever made in his life. They even had a copy of the letter Gollin sent out requesting information for his soon to be "Best Seller" regarding St. Regis. In fact, there is someone else also doing a book, and this one is regarding our hero, none other than George Gollin himself. This book contains everyone that George Gollin has ever blasted, everyone he has ever worked with, with noted dirt on them as well. I hear there is even one chapter dedicated to Gollin and the Military personnel he tried to ruin, even with a letter from the old chap himself to the Military. A big effort is being made to connect The UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS as the main funder and pusher of George Gollin. From what I hear, they have some pretty good info.

I mentioned there were investigators involved, and this Johan shot that down, so stay tuned, and you will gradually see things unravel. They are going after others as well……..and if all goes right, some of these ACADEMICIANS may be writing from behind some US Bars?

ukqualified2 Wrote:...there are more lawsuits at the class action level than just this one. ...so stay tuned, and you will gradually see things unravel.

I am shocked, I tell you, shocked to learn that George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) has been acting as a shill, a pawn, a dupe, and a lackey for Liberian terrorists and thugs.  

I thought he only acted as a shill, pawn, dupe and lackey for the billionaire higher education cartel.  It appears George Gollin is an equal-opportunity asshole.

Does he really think the University of Illinois is going to stand behind him (other than to push him off a cliff) as these cases start to unravel?  As we saw with the "Conflict of Interest' scandal that his wife presided over, taxpayers are sick of spending money on bureaucratic frivolity and self-serving clowns like Niranjan Shah.   George Gollin and his little hobby are the definition of self-serving clownish frivolity.

Instead of taking the hint back in 2003, when he was told to take his slander and lies off the university servers, he embarked on an even more reckless course of conduct that can only drag the university down into the gutter with him.  

Shah, Herman and White learned the hard way what happens when you cost the working people of the state who pay your salary a lot of money with your stupidity.  Time for Gollum to ask 15 friends to help him find his local unemployment office.

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