Scarlet Knight Goose?
We all laughed at Goose and his 110-day TESC humanities BA.  But could Goose get the last laugh?  

NJ governor Chris Christie is proposing to strip TESC of its $5.6 million funding and merge it with Rutgers University.  How long before Goose updates his resume and breaks out the Scarlet Knights gear?

Goose's new resume? Wrote:BA Humanities 2001
Rutgers University

(formerly Thomas Edison State College)

N.J. Governor Wants to Merge Thomas Edison Into Rutgers
Quote:New Jersey's governor on Tuesday proposed an austere budget for higher education (and most everything else), recommending a cut of about 15 percent in operating funds and a reduction of nearly 5 percent in financial aid for students. But the most stunning aspect of the governor's 2011 budget plan for public college officials was its proposal (see page 33) to strip Thomas Edison State College of $5.6 million in state funds and merge the online education institution into Rutgers University. The governor's budget plan bills the merger as a logical way to bring Rutgers's brand of classroom-based learning to Trenton, which is home to Thomas Edison, while "leveraging the two institutions' distance learning programming." Under the merger, Rutgers would also take over the State Museum and Library that Thomas Edison now oversees, for a total savings of $8.4 million. Public college officials, though, note that Trenton already has a classroom-based public institution, the College of New Jersey, and that enormous, research-oriented Rutgers would make an unlikely and discordant overseer of Thomas Edison's unusual brand of personalized education for adult students and overseas military personnel. Thomas Edison officials reportedly did not learn about the proposed merger until early Tuesday, and could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.
Yancy Derringer Wrote: How long before Goose updates his resume and breaks out the Scarlet Knights gear?

[Image: rutgersshirt05.jpg][Image: RutgersGooseShirt.jpg]
[Image: rutgershat03.jpg][Image: rutgershat04.jpg]
I bet Rutgers alums think this is a great idea.

Why would COSC cost $5.6 million. They are overpriced for the little they do. Simply hire a private operator.

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