Gus Sainz makes his initial 2010 appearance
I was just about ready to write Gus off and, like an android in a bad sci-fi movie, he comes back from the dead. Does this mark the beginning of Gus' return to the DL fora?

DD thread
One of our intrepid correspondents has passed on a copy of the post Goose censored.  Apparently it had too much truth in it, so it had to go.
Pork4Sale Wrote:
Bill Huffman Wrote:it would be better place if the maladjusted person just went away.

Hey, that's funny! The stalking, racist, anti-social, violence-prone psychopath Huffman is calling other people maladjusted.  Here's an example of the sort of mature, thoughtful work we've come to expect from him:

[Image: bighed.gif]

The only people who defend the likes of Gollum are his fellow mental cases.  Hey Halfman, ask Gollum if he can get you the group rate on psychotherapy the next time he goes in for a tune up!

Let's see, is Huffman a stalker?  Unquestionably yes.

Is Huffman a racist?  Without a doubt.

Is Huffman anti-social and violence-prone?  If that website of his is any indication, most definitely.

Is Huffman a psychopath?  Well, as Bob Dylan said, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  

So the post is absolutely true, which explains why Goose had to be interrupted from his pre-bankruptcy planning so he could delete it.
Here's another example of Huffman's violent, anti-social fantasies:
[Image: cokerevenge.gif]

He he he, indeed.  Pretty funny, unless of course you happen to be the object of that charming photo-shopped death threat.  Reminds me of the art work of another violence-prone, anti-social, maladjusted loser:

[Image: george_and_melanie.gif]

And remember, don't trust your own eyes, that's not really a rifle sight.  In the delusional world of Goose and Gollum that's a microscope.  Sure it is.
Don't let them distract you from the real issue, the post from "BCleaver" that asked the forbidden question:
BCleaver Wrote:Can a USJDLC student submit a doctoral dissertation authored by 16 people?

So far no response from David Chavarria Vargas.  

(If his name was Irving Goldberg Feinstein do you think Gollum would be giving him the laundry sniffing routine?  Lucky for Vargas he's not black too or he'd really be in trouble.)

It would be nice to know whether the "odd looking" SJDLC really would accept a 16-man "collaborative" dissertation like Gollum palmed off on Princeton.  Since SJDLC seems to be a responsible operation the answer probably is "no."  

Quote:Compare Gollin's dissertation with research paper with 16 co-authors. ... Princeton's policy is clear that dissertations must be the student's independent work.

As the later posters make clear, Gollin has already admitted that his dissertation was a "collaboration," and not his independent work.  Now he wants to change the focus to who is outing him, rather than what he did to deserve to be outed.   We had a lengthy discussion of his fraud here back when it was discovered years ago.  And he's only now getting around to trying to re-write history?  I wonder what prompted that?

Notice Gollum's very odd line of defense ("Mommie pays your bills"), which is incomprehensible and irrelevant.   Anybody have any idea what that even means, or how that exculpates him for his malfeasance?  Perhaps that is his signal to the Klones that since he has no factual defenses he must rely on childish ad hominem utterances.  I don't know what all that "psych treatment" stuff is about, but if he hasn't been getting any maybe he ought to think about starting.   There are stinking homeless bums stumbling down the street that are more coherent.
It is clearly a 'before' picture of a Ward Churchill/bishop Williamson etc case.
Everybody knew Churchill and Williamson held unorthodox views about many 'sensitive' Big Grin subjects, but hey! that was what made them awesome, right?
If Joe Blobb had disrupted Churchill's tirades accusing him of being a fraud, that person would probably have been criticized as a nasty racist who didn't want the truth about those poor little, precious Indians to be known and thus interjected nonsense.

Then one day big brother opens its eyes and the flood gates of outrage open when it oh-so-suddenly discovers Ward Churchill was not an Indian and was an academic fraud...although his books of yore had all gone through the hoops of editorial process and were deemed just fine...
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