AMU's Kitchner Takes Aim At Gay Al
Russell S. Kitchner, associate vice president for regulatory and governmental relations at American Military University, took a shot across Gay Al's rotund bow at the recent Washington DC meeting of the Presidents’ Forum ("A group of Web-based education administrators, consultants, government officials, and researchers").

Questioned about state governments' regulation and authorization policies for internet schools operating across state borders, Kitchner said:
Quote:“In some states you’ll find people who are just going to decide to interpret the legislative intent of the laws under which they are operating in a way that is convenient or consistent with their own personal opinions,” Kitchner added. “…That’s not good for the industry, it’s not good for the agency, and it does not breed the kind of cooperative environment which I think is going to be necessary in the longer term."

Although not mentioning the self-described "Fat Homo" by name, clearly the remark was a direct hit at the likes of the Oregon Pole Smoker and his subjective, self-serving, bigoted administrative activities.  As an adjudicated anti-Christian bigot, Contreras has been found guilty of operating his state agency pursuant to his own perverted biases and deviant whims, and not legislative intent.  Kitchner is right on point, for civil rights violators like Contreras are neither good for higher education nor the State of Oregon.  

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