Poll: How did John Bear end up on the avn.com site?
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He has it bookmarked in his favorites.
0 0%
He has long had a (financial) interest in the porn industry just like his pal Chip.
14 77.78%
His google search went awry but he thought it had a DL angle and knew that Jack Tracey would never come across it otherwise.
1 5.56%
Jonathan Whatley told him about it.
3 16.67%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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John Bear finds DL connection ...
... at a porn site!!!  Big Grin

degreediscussion.com link

Bear apparently came across a trademark infringement settlement between a DL school and a porn site while he was perusing the avn.com (Adult Video News) site. Rolleyes
Chip must have sent him the link.  Being so busy with that brothel he is said to own, it's hard to believe Bear would have time for porn.
Little Arminius Wrote:... at a porn site!!!  Big Grin

Somehow "wide-eyed and innocent" doesn't play well when you are a PhD.  "Chip sells gay boy porn?  I had no idea!"  Nobody is buying it, Klempner.

Same with that brothel business.  Klempner says he was just trying to get the cops to shut them down, which he couldn't do without evidence.  Sounds very noble.  

So who leased the space to a massage parlor in the first place?  "What?  Massage parlors are a front for brothels!?!  I had no idea!"  Yeah, right Klempner.  That's some PhD thinking there, especially from someone who lives and went to school in Berkeley.  Who would expect such a thing there?  Only everyone.

Or could it just be that the brothel wasn't paying rent, figuring they would squat rent-free until the absentee landlord got his thumb out and had them evicted, maybe drag it out in court for years?  Instead of hiring lawyers Klempner got the cops to do his dirty work for him, and for free at that.  Now which story sounds more like a chain of events a PhD would put in motion?
As far as the choices in the poll, is it Jonathan Whatley or Hungry Ghost that wants to become a Catholic priest? If it's Hungry Ghost than the reference to Whatley sailed right over my head.
Geoff Vankirk Wrote:As far as the choices in the poll, is it Jonathan Whatley or Hungry Ghost that wants to become a Catholic priest? If it's Hungry Ghost than the reference to Whatley sailed right over my head.

It's neither. Brandon had claimed that he wanted to enter the Catholic priesthood back when Uncle J was around. Since Unc's passing he hasn't really posted much so we don't know one way or the other. Maybe Wal-Mart elevated him to full-time with health insurance so he changed his career plans?

Jonathan Whatley is just a wanna-be member of the gang. His primary role is to be Bear's echo, loudly agreeing with J.B.'s statements.

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