Gus Fiddles, DD Burns
It is very common of most sites where cliques reign. Sooner than later you only get a few idiots, most often with vested interests, taking turns to the podium and the rest is silence and spammers posting cheap viagra, nike shoes really cheap from China and porn...the perfect combination.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
ham Wrote:It is very common of most sites where cliques reign. Sooner than later you only get a few idiots, most often with vested interests, taking turns to the podium and the rest is silence and spammers...

Which is a good argument against vandalizing DD, however creatively or accurately it is done. There's nothing going on there, nobody reads it, so why give anyone a reason to look in? Let Gus enjoy his slumber, while he ponders his overwhelming financial and legal problems. The spammers will bury it, the weeds will grow, and eventually it will disappear.
Lootsy?Tootsy Wrote:Sainz, you stupid Cuban pendejo, get your head out of your fat frijole ass and administer your board. I swear if you got any more stupid you would be as big a dumbass as my idiot husband. Aren't you down with the program? You are supposed to ignore my jerk daughter and any reference to her filthy blogs. You are supposed to pretend that it is bad taste by anyone to post and mention my idiot husband listening to her sing the Suck My Dick Fuck My Ass Song. God damn it, has the collective IQ of the entire human race dropped ten points in the last week? Quit screwing your sisters, you ignorant hillbillies, and get to work! Remove that post immediately, and apologize to me for the embarrassment. I've had enough of you turds playing your little accreditation spy games. Get a job, get a life, and go get fucked, for Christ sakes.

Melanie Jane Loots

Lootsy?Tootsy Wrote:Blow it out George. Haven't you embarrassed your family enough with your stupid comments? Toilet jokes, how mature. Are you a PhD or a 3rd grader? I for one am sick of your public flatulence.

Melanie Jane Loots

You make a good point, Armando. The only thing that reads DD anymore is the search engine crawlers. I'm sure nobody would post these rude comments just because they wanted them to get picked up in searches for terms like "Melanie Jane Loots" or even "Melanie Loots," or "George Gollin," "George D. Gollin" or "George Dana Gollin"........would they?
pybgnow Wrote:Yes, it was in the movie. I remember it very well. It was right after the part where George Gollin and his daughter Chlamydia were singing the SMDFMA song together, while Nana and Donald were in the basement.
Quote: Melanie Loots, the university "Conflict of Interest Officer," needs to be fired, along with Herman and White. Day after day, conflict of interest after conflict of interest, and what is she doing about it? Same as Herman and White--nothing! From nepotism to selling mutant lab pigs to the public for food, it's the same story every day, and we taxpayers have had enough. Kick the garbage to the curb and start over, this time with competent, ethical admins.

I see your point Martin, but it seems like a lot of work just to develop a tiny bit more public awareness via Google. Those two already have plenty of real stuff out there. Our little board here gets serious attention from the search engines, so anybody looking for it shouldn't have any trouble finding it.
What is the latest on Gus Sainz? Whenever you don't hear from him for awhile, invariably he is/was up to something. (TESC degree, launching DD, helping Miami-Dade Police bust open a scandal concerning teachers in the school system, etc.)
Drug ads. DegreeDiscussion. It not only makes perfect sense, it causes one to wonder what level of collaboration Gus has in this new charade. It's the only plausible explanation, given that even the world's least capable spammer wouldn't waste his time on a site that averages less than a single hit per day.

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