How Contreras Protects You From Oregon's Unaccredited Colleges.
Actually Contreras doesn't Protect You at all, he never did.

"Degrees issued by religious-exempt schools are not considered ODA approved, but Oregon law allows users to claim them WITH NO PENALTY."

"About half the United States, including Oregon, allow certain unaccredited religious degree-granters to issue degrees WITHOUT the USUAL state oversight. Such degrees MAY or MAY NOT resemble standard degrees and MAY or MAY NOT meet an employer's needs. Oregon's standards for such degrees are set forth on ORS 348.604 and 348.605. However, the state does NOT KNOW whether these standards ARE MET beyond the initial issuance of exemption."

Now aren't we impressed with Oregon's close inspection of its own unaccredited schools. They MAY or May NOT be doing a good job. Oh well, I guess we will just have to make our own decisions without the help of the Accreditation Office of Oregon, oops, my mistake. ODA is state approval, NOT ACCREDITATION. DD/DI often make this same mistake. They like the form of state approval as established and interpreted by a Fat Homosexual. And yet they see little use for other forms of state approval, how strange. I guess the proper understanding of DL education requires looking thorugh the eyes of the homosexual. That is a view I'll just have to do without. It is a view that comes from an abnormal way of looking and thinking. It's as misplaced as the lifestyle that causes it. You can't get common sense and judgement from the far corners of life. It is completely devoid of the judgement and character as understood by the normal human being. It comes from the fringe, not the center of life. It is as devoid of understanding and judgement as is possible. The very extremes of the views expressed by such as the head of the ODA is more an indictment of the speaker rather than of the schools being wrongly maligned. It's obvious that Oregon fails to police its own and lacks the moral imperative to challenge from other states that which it tolerates at home.

Just another warped case of (Do as I say not as I do). You notice how they just love that DO AS I SAY STUFF?
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.
Contreras continues to prove himself very idiotic!
Richard Kimble Wrote:Contreras continues to prove himself very idiotic!

He will never disappoint in that regard.

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