New Tailpipe Trolling Forum at DI
When a pedophile-pandering gay boy pornographer opens up an "Introductions" forum, it can only mean one thing: Chip is trolling for tailpipes!

Here's how the pervert describes his own sorry career:
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Introducing... me


Well, since I created this new forum, I figured I might as well post something even though a lot of the regulars here probably know me.

I am a serial entrepreneur, having started, run, and/or sold something like a dozen or more businesses over the past 30 years. I've worked in a bunch of different fields all over the map, from holistic health to computer sales to the music business to adult media to real estate to management consulting to film and broadcast media and more -- and I still have my fingers on the pulse of several businesses I am part-owner of, but my biggest passion is probably holistic healing, psychology and counseling, with music and film being a close second.

I attended Oberlin College (but didn't graduate -- I got distracted by work opportunities.) I've done coursework at a number of other schools as well, and have been interested in distance learning since the mid 1990s, when I first saw an ad for John Bear's book in the classified section at the back of a magazine.

As far as distance learning, I've always been interested in (and alternately amused and disgusted by) the antics of degree mills, and providing a resource to check out validity of various schools (or, as Rich Douglas says, businesses masquerading as schools) is, I think, one of the most valuable and unique aspects of DegreeInfo.

I am delighted to be a participant in this community, and I hope to be a little more active in coming months than I have been.

Holistic health?  Is that what the coffee enema quacks are calling themselves these days? I think he meant "ass-holistic."  

And just sneak "adult media" in there between music and real estate and hope nobody will notice?  There's nothing adult about the interests of the boy rapists Chip is peddling his filth to.

What happened to the claim of being Oberlin "alumni"?  Fact is he's a clown with no credibility in distance learning or any other aspect of higher education.  He's obviously looking for more pervs like himself or to get over on naive morons who don't know a predatory pervert when they see one.
I typically disagree, but hell, they are right...
it's not what you are, but how you say it that matters!
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Chip is a fag,
Contreras is a fag,
Levicoff is a fag,
who are the other fags at the the RA forums?
Geoff Vankirk Wrote:Chip is a fag,
Contreras is a fag,
Levicoff is a fag,
who are the other fags at the the RA forums?

Not just fags, but admitted fags, which is why we feel free to deride them for their PDP (Public Display of Perversion).  Obviously there are quite a few more suspects.

There are at least 10 at DI who identified themselves as "gay" in their little poll.  (Chip no doubt immediately added their names to his porn mailing list.)  

Levicoff identified himself and bo97 as perverts.  He also said he knew of two others he didn't identify.

These figures would not include those who claim gay relatives (e.g., Reginstein) or those with relatives who claim to be gay (e.g., Gollin).

Interesting that the perverts are so active in protecting the higher education cartel and attacking religion.  Clearly they have infiltrated the system to the point that the perverts are the system.  

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