Northcentral U Nixes DETC
Dennis Ruhl Wrote:
DBAinAccounting Wrote:NCU provided me an opportunity to get a regional accredited doctorate degree for about 15K(the cost of average master's degree) so I took it, the other places that you can get an accredited doctorate for about 15K are some other DECT schools, but they have many limitations. So, for me the NCU situation worked just fine, because I was in the right time and had the right resources.

Isn't the DBA now 30K?  Congrats on the 2 doctorates.

I doubt that the sub bottom tier accredited schools are substantially different from many California Approved(OK, OK) schools.  I suspect a lot of cost is added simply because they need to have the right replies to 100 plus pages of accreditation questions.

As I've said 100 times accreditation is only a measure of inputs that should provide a certain quality of output.  Accreditation is not a direct measure of such output.

That reminds me, I have to finish off my DBA soon or they will want more money.  Under 5K for an MBA and DBA wasn't all that bad.

Thanks, but still working in the second doctorate, I am almost done(hopefully mid year in 2010). The DBA at NCU is about $30K for new students, still low when compare to other online schools, but with all the fees and increases, they will be as expensive as other online schools, which will leave them with the dilemma, what can you offer that the others can't?. I paid a bit more than you for the MBA/DBA deal from CPU,still it was a good deal.What school are you attending? Anyway, whatever works for you as long is legal you should be fine.
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DBAinAccounting Wrote:What school are you attending? Anyway, whatever works for you as long is legal you should be fine.

California Coast U. Why wouldn't it be legal? I'm sure the Oregon etc. laws have to be illegal. I don't live anywhere it's a problem.

Actually my complete doctorate will have been completed while the school was accredited. I'll leave it to people more foolish than myself to digest that one.

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