Spawner of Evil Croaks
It only took 70 years, but the shame of spawning an evil ethics violator must have finally gotten to her. Rot in hell, Gollin pig.

Quote:Dolores Joseph

1928 - 2023

[Image: 5da285a68a50935a5ca6a84affcb438b40264913...0&option=3]

BORN              DIED
1928               2023

Queens College
University of Illinois

FUNERAL HOME                           UPCOMING SERVICE
Renner-Wikoff Chapel                    Celebration Of Life
1900 S Philo Rd                             May 14, 2023
Urbana, Illinois                              3:00 p.m.
                                                   Renner-Wikoff Chapel
                                                   Send Flowers


CHAMPAIGN - Dolores Rebecca Joseph, 94, of Champaign passed away Friday, May 5, 2023, at ClarkLindsey, Urbana.

Dolores, born July 9, 1928, was the fourth child of Lewis Joseph and Rose (Flaxman) Joseph. Lew was a New York City detective and then assistant district attorney, while Rose earned a degree in law but never practiced, instead staying home to raise their children, Ruth, Elaine, Edwin and Dolores.

Dolores was preceded in death by her older siblings.

Dolores was twice married and twice divorced; both ex-husbands were named Sidney. The first Sidney was the father of their two children, George Gollin, a physics professor at the University of Illinois, and Olivia Gollin Hoepfl, a retired special-education teacher and coordinator, living in Ohio. George and his wife, Melanie Loots, are parents to Dolores' first grandchild, Cordelia, while Olivia and her husband, Bill Hoepfl, are parents to Dolores' second grandchild, Lucas. Cordelia and her husband, Viraj, are the parents of Anjali, Dolores' great-granddaughter.

Dolores earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Brooklyn and Queens College, taught English in New York City and suburban schools, and eventually moved into administration as an assistant principal. She retired in 1986 and joined her sisters in a senior citizens' residential community outside Princeton. There she met Donald Jones, a retired physician who became her partner in life for nearly 20 years. Dolores and Donald eventually moved to Champaign to be closer to her family.

Dolores was a strong, aggressive tennis player who regularly trounced the (male) teachers with whom she would play and, after retiring, played with a group of women who were 30 years her junior. She was a talented pianist, blasting through complicated pieces like the Grieg Piano Concerto and solo-piano reductions of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and other compositions. Dolores loved Chautauqua Institution and vacationed there during summers for more than 30 years. She was loving, strong-willed, charismatic and wonderful mother and grandmother who loved to cook.

We will miss her and will celebrate her life Sunday, May 14, at 3 p.m., at Renner-Wikoff Chapel, 1900 Philo Road, Urbana.

Published by The News-Gazette on May 12, 2023.
Too bad she didn't share George's special predilection for anal sex and she wouldn't have procreated.

On second thought, maybe she did, and he was the byproduct.
Thanks for the heads up, William. We fired up the DL Truth blimp this morning and will be passing over the big celebration at Rimmer-Whackoff Chapel, 1900 S Philo Rd, Urbana, Illinois, at right around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday to offer an inspirational message for all.

[Image: blimp001.jpg]

Normally we drop spring rolls, chocolate vaginas, and condom keychains to all the onlookers at such occasions, but given that in this case they are likely to be Gollins of some sort, they no doubt already have a complete set. No need to be redundant when there are ten million needy illegal aliens swarming over the border who could really use them.

Sorry, no parachuting Asian hookers this time either. We are holding them in reserve for when George snuffs it, which by the looks of him should be soon.

[Image: 79328997.jpg]
George, is the A/C on the fritz? Did you forget to pay the electric bill again? For some reason it's really HOT down here in the basement. Where's Donald? This is the basement, isn't it? George?

[Image: 5da285a68a50935a5ca6a84affcb438b40264913...50option=3]
[Image: Flames.jpg]

I'm sure she'll have plenty to keep her busy in her new home.

Such a lovely ceremony today at the Rimjob-Wackjob Chapel. Everybody there was there. The great Joe Pesci even called in with a compassionate message for convict George Gollin:

[Image: GollinEthicsTime.jpg]

Quote:... passed away Friday, May 5, 2023, at ClarkLindsey, Urbana.

ClarkLindsey is a "senior living provider," i.e., nursing home. Apparently ethics isn't the only thing George Gollin ain't got time for. He dumped his mom in an old folks home and left her to die there alone. For the half a million bucks he pissed away on his abortion of a congressional campaign he could have provided her with 24/7 concierge service at his own home and still had money left over. But no, George Gollin just ain't got time for that either.

What goes around comes around. When Chlamydia gets tired of having George stumbling around the living room in his Depends he will find out first-hand what it's like to celebrate Christmas alone in a geezer death house. Can you make a hand turkey, George?

(05-16-2023, 05:59 AM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: ClarkLindsey is a "senior living provider," i.e., nursing home. ...

It's not a nursing home, it's a retirement community. Of course there's a room available, somebody died. Do you think George got the Cartier rings or the vibrating chair?

(05-17-2023, 04:14 PM)Armando Ramos Wrote: Do you think George got the Cartier rings or the vibrating chair?

Gollum probably finished in third place again, behind his sister and Goodwill, and got nothing.

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