The College Scam: New Book by Charlie Kirk
Nice to see the rest of the world is beginning to catch up with us about the college cartel.? Happy to share this special deal with our readers.

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Fellow Patriot,

I am EXPOSING the College Cartel for the first time.

And now I want to send YOU a copy of the evidence against America's colleges and universities -- my NEW BOOK, The College Scam.?

Will you claim YOUR copy of The College Scam right now? All I'm asking for in exchange is a gift of ANY AMOUNT, even just a dollar, to Turning Point USA.

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I was proud to share my new book, The College Scam,with President Donald Trump.

I've spent 10 years leading Turning Point USA, the BIGGEST and most IMPACTFUL pro-America student organization with 500,000+ student activists in all 50 states.

And at Turning Point USA, I've met THOUSANDS of college students from every corner of the country -- and I've criss-crossed America to speak at HUNDREDS of colleges and universities.

So I have seen firsthand how the College Cartel is BRAINWASHING an entire generation to hate our country and our freedom.

And I know that YOU have seen firsthand how their racist, sexist, Socialist ideologies have escaped college campuses and TAKEN OVER our culture, our politics, our media, our government, and our lives.

I knew that I had to EXPOSE the College Cartel and put an END to the College Scam for good -- and that's why I wrote my NEW BOOK, The College Scam.

Now I want to reach as many grassroots patriots AS POSSIBLE with The College Scam to learn the TRUTH about the College Cartel and their attacks on America.

I'd like to send you a copy of my NEW BOOK, The College Scam, as a special thank-you for a gift of ANY amount to Turning Point USA. Will you claim your book right now?

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I wrote this book as an ESSENTIAL GUIDE for every patriot concerned about young people and the future of our country.

When you read The College Scam, you'll learn:

* my 10-point case that exposes higher education -- so YOU can be the judge

* the real reasons that administrators and professors attack American Greatness

* how the government and the education PR machine brainwashed a generation into taking on massive debt for minimal gain

And I want you to know -- this isn't just another book about Campus Leftists.

Instead, it combines FRONTLINE EXPERIENCE from my 10 years criss-crossing America to speak with students ... EXTENSIVE RESEARCH into the dirty secrets of higher education (and how the government props it up!) ... and a PROSECUTOR'S INTENSITY to present my case against the College Cartel.?

Can I send you a copy of The College Scam right now? All I'm asking for in exchange is a gift of ANY amount, even just a dollar, to Turning Point USA.

That means you'll get a copy of this exciting new book AND help support Turning Point USA's critical work to EXPOSE the Left's college scam, DEFEAT the radical Left, and WIN the American Culture War!

The College Cartel has created and spread the WORST and MOST TOXIC beliefs behind the Left's War on American Culture.

And no one has exposed the FULL TRUTH of the College Scam -- until now.?

You don't want to miss it! Please claim your copy of The College Scam RIGHT NOW. All I'm asking for is a gift of any amount to Turning Point USA to help cover shipping -- and support our efforts to WIN the American Culture War.

Thank you for helping me EXPOSE the College Cartel and fight back against their toxic ideologies in the American Culture War!

Charlie Kirk
Founder & CEO
Turning Point USA?

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