Recent Down Time
Regular visitors might have noticed some odd error messages, down time or other strange behavior on this site recently. Heavy traffic resulted in our database server maxing out. We switched to a new server with larger capacity, but it took a while for our overseas techs to complete the job. Foreign notions of time being what they are, what they called "1 to 3 hour resolution" turned out to be more like one to three weeks. A few glitches remain, such as some odd type symbols that have crept into old posts. Still, for the most part, mission accomplished. Sorry stalkers, fake experts, and porn peddlers, DLTruth should be here for many more years to come.
The domain registrar we had been using since 2007 went out of business with no prior notice. Despite timely payment of renewal fees on January 6, 2023, the successor registrar parked the domain and refused to cooperate in either renewing it or transferring it to another registrar. Eventually, after complaints were filed with ICANN and litigation threatened, the successor registrar agreed to cooperate in the transfer of the domain to a new registrar. DLTruth is now back in action!

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