US Dept. of Education's Official Stance on RA vs. NA
Hi Guys,

My name is Richard A Douglas.  I know I disappointed you guys when I went for the DBA at University of Leicester, and only to have WES evaluated as a Master's (fuck me, what a clown).  That really hurt.  My mother even said to me:  "Oh geez, son, what an asshole!  You're supposed to be the expert." 

Also, I would like to apologize when I commented that WES was rude in dealing with me.  As you know, I am always nice and polite with everyone but when shit doesn't go in my favor, I like to call that um...rude.

I found this awhile ago, right from the horse's mouth, and would like to share this with everyone so that they don't get discouraged or insulted by the monkeys at degreeinfo.  

Effectively July 1st, 2020, the US Dept. of Education has removed the word "regional" from its language.  Specifically, DOE states that they make no distinction between Regional Accreditation vs. National Accreditation. DOE states that they hold all recognized accreditation agencies to the same standards and all states must follow suit in stages.

Link:  2020-02-26_ED_Final_Accreditation_and_State_Authorization_Regulations.pdf (

I'm very surprised, there hasn't been much discussion at degreeinfo on such a big step forward on the part of DOE, except for the usual attacks by me and the usual cocksuckers (my lapdogs). 

You know, I like to attack people with crapshoot like:  "Just because you said so doesn't make it so.  And with all the RA universities available, why would you pick anything else?"
I guess my mother was right when she said to me:  "What an asshole, so why did you pick University of Leicester and MIGS again?"  Big Grin

Richard A Douglas

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