American Council on Education Hates Students - in my opinion
The retarded assholes changed providers that transcript the courses they approve as college equivalent.? They orphaned all the old courses leaving students scrambling to make contact with past course providers.? Current providers are slowly? figuring it out but past providers couldn't give a shit.? These useless jackasses are the people who manage America's universities.? What is their damage?? Tens of thousand of students coughed up millions of dollars and spent millions of hours passing courses are now given a big fuck you.? Legendary incompetence, in my opinion.
No personal experience with ACE, but I find pretty much all higher ed institutions, whether academic or administrative, behave like privileged, entitled assholes.? If they were used car dealers they would all be in jail, but the rules don't seem to apply to the higher ed cartel. "Students left scrambling" should be a federal crime.? I generally don't favor government regulation, but if they are going to regulate the crap out of, e.g., stock brokers or SEC-registered companies in the name of consumer protection then the wealthy, entrenched higher ed cartel certainly should get the same oppressive treatment, particularly when they are largely financed by federal money.

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