Jill Biden's EdD Diss
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BRUTAL: Tucker Carlson exposes Dr. Jill Biden's dissertation and it's REALLY BAD

Dec. 16, 2020 9:53 pm by The Right Scoop

As you may have heard Dr. Jill Biden isn't really a doctor in real life, despite what Whoopi Goldberg might say about her becoming Surgeon General. Dr. Jill is actually more like the doctors you see on TV, who are only pretend doctors.

Well tonight Tucker Carlson decided to read parts of Dr. Jill's dissertation that she did to get her PhD [sic, EdD] in education, and as he puts it, it's embarrassing:

Tucker begins by showing a portion of the dissertation that highlight Dr. Jill's inability to do math:

[Image: tucker_jillbiden_dissertation1-620x269.jpg]

Tucker notes that Dr. Jill managed to find five quarters of the class instead of four.

But he's not done. Here's another portion I've transcribed that Tucker highlighted to show her math skills:

Quote:"Of the 159 students surveyed, 55 receive financial aid, 41 pay their own tuition bills; 45 student's parents pay, 3 spouses pay; 9 receive scholarships; and 9 others receive funds through the GI Bill, vocational rehabilitation programs, or grant."

As Tucker points out, 159 students were surveyed but apparently Dr. Jill found 162 results. But he's still not done:

[Image: tucker_jillbiden_dissertation2-620x266.jpg]

An eight week study week? Wow, that's a new one.

Lastly, Tucker highlighted one of the better parts of her dissertation, noting that it wasn't all bad:

[Image: tucker_jillbiden_dissertation3-620x265.jpg]

Wow. A retention department that's made a concerted effort to address retention. That's profound.

If you haven't figure it out yet, the point here isn't to just mock Joe Biden's wife. That would be cruel. Rather, it's to point out that while she likes to be called Dr. Jill, the "Dr" part seems like more of a status symbol than it is anything else. This is her dissertation after all, the document responsible for landing her that doctorate in education. It's riddled with typos, errors, and very simplistic conclusions if we go just by what we see above. Just how much did she pay for that doctorate at the University of Delaware?

If you want to read Dr. Jill's dissertation, you can find it here.

Also available here:
.pdf   bidens-dissertation.pdf (Size: 864.07 KB / Downloads: 8)

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