Massive Vote Fraud (Redux)
Anyone remember this post from eight years ago?

Massive Vote Fraud

Well, it's deja vu all over again.  Will Trump roll over like Romney did in 2012, or Nixon before him in 1960?  Not bloody likely!

Quote:Game-On for the Coup?

Michael Anton

It will all go according to plan—unless we stop it.

Strictly speaking, a coup is an illegitimate change of government by violent means. But what if you can do it without violence? To win without fighting is best, Sun Tzu says. An ostensibly (“mostly”) peaceful ouster from power is preferable to the use of force because it can much more easily be sold as “our democracy” at work.

National polls consistently predicted a huge Biden blowout. That they were wrong (again) is demonstrated by the facts that (a) the 2020 popular vote is, so far (California is not fully counted), a mere two-point spread, hardly a blowout; (b) Trump got a higher share of the vote than last time; and ( c) Trump received far more total votes than last time.

But it’s the swing states that matter. Here (again) Trump was supposed to lose—if not necessarily bigly in every case, at least widely.

But throughout the day, the president consistently outperformed the polls. He crushed his 2016 performance in Florida. He also outperformed in Iowa, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas. Senators he was supposed to drag down with him, including Joni Ernst, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, won handily. Even Susan Collins, who was supposed to be sure goner and lose by at least three, won by nine. A party that was “certain” to lose the Senate has kept it and gained (so far) six seats in the House.

Looking at states no one expected Trump to lose, his overperformance is even more stark. The polling average for West Virginia was Trump +17; he won it by 39. Kansas was estimated at +9; the result was +15.

Throughout the day the president was also outperforming his expected result in key states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. He even, for a time, looked like he was within striking distance in Virginia, a state Hillary Clinton won by five points in 2016. At one point the New York Timess “meter” had Trump’s chances in North Carolina at 92%. The needle was also sliding in the president’s direction in Arizona and Georgia, among others.

And then, suddenly, the counting stopped in at least five states (or parts of states): Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; all but one with a Democratic governor (coincidence, surely!). When has that ever happened? Well, it happened in Broward County, Florida, in 2018, when a dodgy Democratic election official appeared to be intervening, illicitly, on her party’s behalf. The process only got back underway when the state’s (Republican) governor intervened and had her removed from the process.

But getting back to last night, some time in the wee hours, additional ballots were “found” and added to early totals which had Trump ahead. To no one’s surprise, those votes were overwhelmingly—literally as much as 100% in some batches—for Biden. According to Nate Silver, no one’s idea of a Trumpist, one tranche of 23,277 votes that turned up in Philadelphia were “all for Biden.” Absent some kind of harvesting or fraud (or both), that’s a logical and statistical impossibility.

Through the night, all such ballots came from heavily Democratic areas posting unusually, improbably high turnout. 85% in Milwaukee? A city that turned out at only 61% in 2016, and even with Obama on the ballot in 2012, at 71%? But 85% for Sleepy Joe? According to one report, seven Milwaukee precincts returned more presidential votes than they have registered voters. Turnout in Wisconsin overall is alleged to have been 89.25%, more than five standard deviations for the state’s mean turnout since 1960—another statistical impossibility.

One might also wonder why this urban Blue wave materialized only in close states. Milwaukee was way up but not Cleveland? Philly but not St. Louis? Granted Ohio and Missouri are Red, but their big cities aren’t.

How It’s Done

We’ve seen this movie before. This is how they beat Scott Walker in Wisconsin in 2018, Tom Foley in Connecticut in 2010, and Norm Coleman in Minnesota in 2008.

Why stop the count? Because that’s the only way to know how many votes you need to “win.” Sure, you can just brute force things by backing up a truck full of ballots. But that looks bad. You might even end up counting more votes than there are registered voters in the state. Better to eke out a narrow win. As Joseph Kennedy, Sr. allegedly said to his second son, “I’m not paying for a landslide.”

Speaking of the Kennedys, veteran political observer Theodore H. White—in their company on election night 1960—explained how it’s done. In Illinois, the race came down to

Quote:downstate (Republican) versus Cook County (Democratic), and the bosses, holding back totals from key precincts, were playing out their concealed cards under pressure of publicity as in a giant game of blackjack….

The AP ticker chattered its keys once more and reported: “With all downstate precincts now reported in, and only Cook County precincts unreported, Richard Nixon has surged into the lead by 3,000 votes.”

I was dismayed, for if Nixon really carried Illinois, the game was all but over. And at this point I was jabbed from dismay by the outburst of jubilation from young Dick Donahue, who yelped, “He’s got them! Daley made them go first! He’s still holding back—watch him play his hand now.” I was baffled, they were elated. But they knew the counting game better than I, and as if in response to Donahue’s yelp, the ticker, having stuttered along for several minutes with other results, announced: “With the last precincts of Cook County now in, Senator Kennedy has won a lead of 8,000 votes to carry Illinois’s 27 electoral votes.”

Later that evening, Kennedy told his friend Ben Bradlee of an early call from Daley, when all seemed in doubt. “With a little bit of luck and the help of a few close friends,” Daley had assured Kennedy before the AP had pushed out the count, “you’re going to carry Illinois.”

Is that what happened last night? Sure looks like it. Plus ça change.

To say nothing of other considerations, it’s hard to believe that an eight-point win in Ohio would be coupled with losses throughout the rest of the upper Midwest, or that historically deep purple Florida would go strongly for Trump while Georgia and North Carolina would not. Are those states really so unrepresentative of the American electorate?

Stop the Steal

The thing could (but will never) be proved. Those who ran the operation are also in charge of all the potential investigating agencies. There’s zero chance they will use any of that power to uncover their own malfeasance. Think a Biden Justice Department will look into it?

Expect instead a media typhoon of propaganda insisting that the results are all legit, that any anomaly you think you see (or saw) is a “conspiracy theory,” or at any rate innocently explainable by mundane process details too boring to get into. Twitter is already slapping warnings on the accounts of those who point out irregularities. How long before they start outright suspensions?

Will it work? That depends on the president and his allies and what they do. The odds and the forces arrayed against them are immense.

What would I have them do? I’m no expert but the crew at Revolver has some good ideas: (1) challenge the late-night “finds” in the courts; (2) hold rallies in contested states; (3) urge GOP officials in close states to expose shenanigans and, if necessary, to refuse to seat Biden electors in the event of a fake count; (4) mount a campaign to marshal grassroots public opinion in the president’s favor. Convince the people that if in fact the election is in the process of being stolen, the president and his allies are going to fight the steal on their behalf. If middle America wants to prevent this election from being stolen, it will have to be willing to act—now. I know they are willing, but they need to hear from the President and his best surrogates. I’d get Trump on Tucker, tonight, to explain his plan.

But in another sense, the Democrats’ plan won’t “work.” Even if the steal can be made to stick, half the country won’t accept it. That is, they’ll accept the reality that power is now in the hands of a party that took it by fraud. But they won’t believe that the election was fair or the outcome real. They will believe, or be confirmed in a belief that’s been brewing for a long time, that the system is rigged, the process is fake, the ruling class are liars, the government is illegitimate, and that they themselves are subjects and not citizens—anything but a free people with a say over its own destiny. If the ruling class can get away with this, they will be able to get away with anything. And they will know it.

The irony will be that those who, over the last four years, have bleated the loudest about “our democracy” will have been most responsible for killing it off.
USA now officially a banana republic. 

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Quote:November 5, 2020
Count and Recount Every 'Vote' Until You Win
By Shama Tobin

First, they tried to bring him down with a sex "scandal" that almost elevated a creepy lawyer to a Democratic presidential contender.  Then they cooked up a baseless impeachment.  A virus came from China to later derail what could have been a landslide win for him.  Then numerous blatant push polls tried to demoralize his supporters.  (Just pick one.  Less than a week before the election, an ABC News–Washington Post poll gave Biden a 17% lead in Wisconsin.  Is there any way to sue these two corrupt companies?)

They had written him off.  Yet he not only survived, but also is winning — until a massive cheating operation came at the right time.  The votes he won in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin should be enough to re-elect Trump.  But he must be stopped.  Just use the old refined trick.

Joseph Stalin, the Russian communist dictator, once said it is not the people who vote that count, but the people who count the votes.  The Democratic Party in the U.S., which is full of radical leftists and quasi-communists, understands this trick well.  Not only that, but the party has perfected it.

On Election Night in 2008, the Republican Senate candidate in Minnesota, Norman Coleman, led the Democratic candidate, Al Franken, by 726 votes.  It's enough to warrant an automatic recount.  Two weeks later, Coleman's lead was down to 215.  The case then went back and forth to the court.  Six months later, the election winner was certified.  It was Al Franken, who then won by 312 votes.

Later investigation showed that 1,099 felons, all ineligible to vote, had voted in the race.  Writing in the Wall Street Journal, John Fund aptly titled it "Felons for Franken."

Keep recounting the "votes" until you win.

On Election Night in November 2004, the Republican candidate, Dino Rossi, led his Democratic opponent, Christine Gregoire, by 261 votes in the Washington gubernatorial race.  That triggered an automatic recount.  After a three-week machine recount, Rossi was still ahead by 42 votes.

The Democrat Party asked for a recount again — manually.  In the second recount, the election officials in King County, a heavily Democrat jurisdiction, entered a locked "cage" in a warehouse.  They found a treasure: a plastic mail tray that contained 162 absentee ballots.  They also decided to count 573 other ballots that were already rejected because the election workers could not find voter signatures that corresponded to them.

Seven weeks after the election, Christine Gregoire eventually emerged as the winner by a 130-vote victory.

Keep recounting the votes, including the "extra" ones, until you win.

Exactly two years ago, in the congressional race in California's District 39, the GOP candidate, Young Kim, faced the Democratic candidate, Gil Cisneros.  On election night, Kim led Cisneros by about 4,000 votes.  But that's not the end.  There were still "many" mail-in ballots to be counted.  Even after Election Day.

After about ten days, Cisneros was declared a winner with a 3,020-vote victory.  The Kim campaign accused Cisneros's campaign of foul play, stating that the overwhelming percentage of the mail-in ballots that had gone to Cisneros was way higher than the overall split in the normal votes.  And who was in charge of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder?  Dean Logan, who was the election director in King County, Washington State, whose office mysteriously found the 162 absentee ballots in a warehouse.

Keep counting the votes, including the "extra" ones, until you win.

The mother of all election fiascos, until this year, is perhaps Florida 2000.  On Election Night, George W. Bush led Al Gore by 1,784 votes.  It's enough for an automatic recount under Florida state law.  After a three-day recount in the 66 Florida counties that used vote-counting machines, Bush's lead was down to 327 votes.  The Gore campaign requested a manual recount in four counties, which the Bush campaign objected to.  But the manual recount went ahead, and that's the beginning of the fiasco, which led the U.S. Supreme Court on December 9, upon Bush's appeal, to order the manual recount to stop.  At that time, Bush had a 537-vote victory.

After the election ended, a comprehensive study reported that George W. Bush would have increased his vote gap to a 1,665-vote margin if the recount continued.  But that was done with essentially nothing at stake.

When the stakes are too high, the invitation to cheat will be so strong that even a saint could falter.  I am fully convinced that Gore would have won the recount had it not been stopped.  "Votes" would have shown up from mysterious places.

The Democratic Party's meme sounds noble: all votes must be counted. The problem is, who counts them, whose votes need to be counted (legal or illegal), and for how long should the votes be counted?

President Trump was already ahead in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  With a fair and honest count, Trump will win in all of these states and be re-elected.

But another Democratic Party trick came in handy.  When your opponent is about to win, delay the vote count.

Had Biden done very well and been expected to win Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania on the Election Night, the vote count would have continued.  But because Trump was about to win in the aforementioned states, the vote count was postponed. 

Why they didn't count all the mail-in ballots first, as Florida did?  And why did they delay the vote count in heavily Democratic blocs?  It's reasonable to believe they did it so they could anticipate the number of the votes they need to produce in order to win the election.  If the still uncounted "votes" turn out to overwhelmingly go for Biden, it will be said that the ballots are coming from Democratic strongholds for justification.

Brilliant!  But it smells to high heaven like fraud.

Stalin's dictum has been refined by the Democratic Party to include "whose votes" to be counted.  They are applying it in this presidential election to stop Trump — at any cost and at any means.

This time, we hope they meet their match: a street-fighter president.  Trump must fight to the end.  Otherwise, the United States will soon descend into a banana republic.
(11-06-2020, 04:08 PM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: USA now officially a banana republic. 

Not quite yet, but heading in that direction. In their wisdom, our founders gave us a way around this corruption.

Quote:November 05, 2020
How Republican-controlled state legislatures can rectify election fraud committed by courts and governors

By the proper power our Constitution gives them

Daniel Horowitz

Who determines the outcome of the presidential election in a given state? Governors? Secretaries of state or boards of election superintendents? The courts? Fox News' decision desk? Nope. The president wins a state when electors selected by state legislatures conduct a vote in their respective states on Dec. 14. Thus, ultimately, according to the Constitution, the state legislators wind up serving as the kingmakers in a disputed election.

Endless pots of unverified mail-in ballots that often fail to meet state election law standards weren't created overnight at 3 a.m. on Nov. 4. They were created by a mix of illegal administrative actions taken by Democrat administrations in the key states and state and lower federal courts overriding long-standing state election laws. This has been going on for years, but accelerated to a fever pitch over the past few months.

The Constitution, in Art. I, §4, cl. 1, gives state legislatures the power over the times, methods, and procedures of elections and provides no "public health emergency" exception that enables governors or judges to override them and create a new system for elections. At its core, this is why we have such post-election chaos, and it was by design – set in motion for years by the courts and crystalized over the past few months by using COVID-19 to remake the in-person voting electorate into a postal ballot free-for-all, in what Justice Gorsuch described as the greatest judicial intervention in elections in 230 years.

Well, now state legislatures can have their revenge and have the final say, as intended by the Constitution. Mark Levin reminded his audience today that state legislatures are the ones who choose the electors who directly vote for president in each state.


In case you think this is some desperate tactic Levin has concocted because he doesn't like the impending results of the state ballot tallies, he has been warning about this for months. While everyone slept as the courts rewrote election law, Levin, a constitutional lawyer, warned on Sept. 18, "As in Pennsylvania, the Michigan legislature is controlled by the Republicans. They must meet in emergency session and exercise their Article II power under the federal Constitution and seize back control over the election system."

In the run-up to the election, courts have allowed "late voting, namely submission of ballots after Election Day so long as they are postmarked before. In addition, a Michigan court allowed ballot-harvesting under certain circumstances, which appears to have occurred late at night in Wayne County. There has been a series of rulings or administrative decisions in numerous states, which are contrary to state law and in some cases federal election law, that enabled Democrats to upend the electoral process – putting aside questions of additional fraud in the early morning of Nov. 4.

Liberals say they want every vote to count, but having votes submitted by insidious special-interest groups that violate the terms and conditions of absentee balloting ensures that the lawfully cast votes of individuals indeed do not count. We can debate the policy merits of some of these anomalous voting procedures, but everyone agrees that state legislatures control the process. In many blue states, they have already codified Democrat priorities on ballot-harvesting, registration deadlines (or lack thereof), and weak voter verification systems. But in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, there were laws on the books that were illegally ignored by the Democrat governors and the courts.

In his 2005 book "Men in Black," Levin noted that the reason the Supreme Court ruling on the Florida recount in 2000 was final was not because the courts are supreme over the electoral process. Quite the contrary, the Supreme Court was merely rectifying a mistake the state court made, because Democrats were the ones who involved the courts in the election process to begin with. But why did Al Gore ultimately accept the decision in Bush v. Gore?

"The Florida legislature could have (and, in fact, was preparing) to intervene and name a slate of electors if the Florida Supreme Court continued to interfere with the election," wrote Levin on page 170. "The legislature, which was controlled by the Republican Party in 2000, had absolute authority under the Constitution to choose Florida's members of the electoral college."

Art. II, Sec. 1, §2 of the Constitution stipulates that "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct" the electors to vote for president. The Constitution gives Congress the authority to set the date of that vote, which, pursuant to 3 U.S.C. §7, is the Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years. This year it is Dec. 14.

Notice how the Constitution specifically gives the job of choosing electors to the legislature, and unlike with standard legislation, there is no shared jurisdiction or responsibility with the governor, much less some random state or federal judge. Charles Pinckney, one of the signers of the Constitution from South Carolina, reiterated on the Senate floor on Jan. 23, 1800, how careful the framers were to cut Congress out of the process.

"The Electors are to be appointed by each State, and the whole direction as to the manner of their appointment is given to the State Legislatures," said Pinckney during a Senate debate. "Nothing was more clear … that Congress had no right to meddle with it at all; as the whole was entrusted to the State Legislatures, they must make provision for all questions arising on the occasion."

Technically, this means that state legislatures could even appoint electors and completely avoid or cancel out popular election ballots we have today, at least for the president and vice president. This was the practice in some states in the early days of the republic. As Justice Joseph Story wrote in his 1833 "Commentaries on the Constitution," state legislatures choosing the electors themselves "has been firmly established in practice, ever since the adoption of the constitution, and does not now seem to admit of controversy, even if a suitable tribunal existed to adjudicate upon it."

Indeed, in 1892 (McPherson v. Blacker), in upholding Michigan's practice of dividing the state's electors by congressional district (as done today in Maine and Nebraska), the Supreme Court wrote, "The legislature possesses plenary authority to direct the manner of appointment, and might itself exercise the appointing power by joint ballot or concurrence of the two houses, or according to such mode as it designated." In Bush v. Gore, the high court reiterated that any state legislature "may, if it so chooses, select the electors itself."

Obviously, none of us wants to abolish popular elections, but why would the Constitution even grant state legislatures such power? Well, the framers understood that, unlike Congress, these are the bodies that are closest and most accountable to the people, and unlike judges or executives (state or federal), they are numerous in a deliberative body and won't wield unilateral authority without some degree of consensus.

By overriding the legislatures in how to properly conduct the popular elections that choose these presidential electors, the courts and governors have disenfranchised their voters. A Michigan court extended Election Day for two weeks. A Pennsylvania court, along with the Democrat secretary of state, essentially nullified signature verification for mail-in ballots.

Thus, if there is ample evidence of voter fraud that would be sufficient to alter the will of the people through this popular election, it is incumbent upon the state legislatures in those states to reclaim their authority over the Electoral College and rectify the fraud that has upended our election process.
Quote:November 12, 2020
When computers cheat, they inevitably leave evidence behind
By Andrea Widburg

You should learn three main things from this post: (1) the Supreme Court can consider statistical evidence of fraud and can order a new election.  (2) Most of the computers used for voting in America have a built-in mechanism that allows votes to be weighted in favor of a candidate.  (3) If someone does tell a computer to mess with the election outcome, the computer's processes will inevitably create unnatural data trails that prove human intervention in vote counts — and that's what happened in three Michigan counties.

The Supreme Court

Alexander Macris found Donohue v. Board of Elections of State of New York, 435 F.Supp. 957 (E.D.N.Y. 1976), a case with close parallels to 2020's election.  After President Ford lost in 1976, Republican voters sued New York, alleging that systematic fraud deprived them of their voting rights.  The district court allowed the suit and stated the following legal test: (1) plaintiffs had to prove specific acts of misconduct that (2) involved "willful or knowing" ballot fraud (3) by state officials or private persons acting jointly with state officials that (4) changed the outcome of the election.

The court held that the plaintiffs could introduce expert opinions and statistical analyses showing that voting patterns markedly deviated from the predictable uniformity to be found in random samples from elections counts that were honest.  If the plaintiffs, won, said the court, they could get an order requiring a new presidential election.  Any other outcome would fail to protect election integrity (especially in presidential elections) that is "essential to a free and democratic society."

Donohue plaintiffs were unable to meet the legal test because they did not introduce sufficient evidence showing that fraud changed the outcome.  However, there's an unending flow of evidence in this year's election, both witness testimony and data evidence, showing fraud sufficient to change the election's outcome in the contested states.

Vote-counting machine irregularities

Some of the statistical data Trump needs can be found in the video at the bottom of this post.  In it, Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., a multi-credentialed MIT grad whom leftists despise, works with Bennie Smith, a software engineer, election commissioner, and data analyst, and Phil Evans, an inventor, engineer, and data analyst, to show massive voting machine fraud in three Michigan counties.

Ayyadurai leads with some fundamentals.

First, most vote tabulation using computers is fraught with ambiguity and the potential for error.  As we've learned, the ballots going into the system can be fraudulent (dead voters, fake voters, faked ballots, etc.).  Democrat-run states increase the potential for fraud with mass mail-in voting, prohibitions against voter ID, and a failure to check signatures.

Second, we don't know what goes on inside the computers.  The computers work by taking a snapshot of each ballot and then working off the snapshot.  By law, these snapshots must be saved for 22 months, but Democrat-run counties and states tend to delete them immediately.

Third, we don't have evidence tying voters to the ballots fed into the computers, since voters leave empty-handed.  Moreover, if voters enter data on the computer screen and then hand a printout to a poll worker, although voters can see accurate words on that printout, they have no idea if the coding that the computer reads is accurate.

Fourth, almost all voting machines (including Dominion's) are intentionally programmed with something called a "weighted race feature."  This allows the computer to add a multiplier to a candidate's actual votes.  For example, the machine could automatically multiply every Biden vote by some number over one.

In the video, Ayyardurai carefully demonstrates that in Oakland, Macomb, and Kent counties, the machines were set to systematically take votes away from Trump and hand those same votes to Biden.  The outlier was Wayne County, a heavily Democrat, minority county.  Not only did the machine not steal Trump's votes, but the data also showed that Trump overperformed in this county (although not enough to win in it).

Intriguingly, the more heavily Republican a precinct was, the more votes the machine stole from Trump and gave to Biden, creating a beautifully sloping line on the graph that could never have occurred naturally.  If you know how to read them, machines are rotten liars.

It's noteworthy how unambiguous the data are.  For just three of the four counties analyzed, the analysis showed that Trump's margin was reduced by a minimum of 138,000 votes.  Now imagine if this vote theft occurred in Michigan's other 80 counties.

And keep in mind that Michigan is one of the states that allegedly passed thousands of fraudulent ballots into those voting machines.  (See here, here, and here for examples.)  When you consider that Biden allegedly "won" by less than 3%, the combination of voting machine manipulation and illegal votes means Trump is right — he probably won Michigan handily:

Quote:November 13, 2020
Big Data to the Rescue: The Electoral College Meets Data Pattern Science
By Jay Valentine

Too many Americans who never had a civics class are learning about the Electoral College, which they are coming to realize may be James Madison’s “Do-Over Button” for times just like these.  (If you are under 35, Madison was a president a long time ago.)

The Electoral College is the last chance to stop a presidential election from going off a cliff.  Let’s take some examples.

What if the presidential candidate of a leading party were caught taking bribes from an American enemy and that was learned after the vote counting began?  What if his son delivered prima facie evidence, and a witness stepped forward weeks before the election and the media suppressed it so the voters never heard a word?  What if a candidate were in early stage dementia and his party and the media hid it?

What if millions of American voices were suppressed utilizing social media, so only the voices of one party were allowed to speak?

Oh my gosh!  How could such things happen?

The Electoral College has a “do-over button.”  States fail to certify the vote, and Congress decides.  Remember, Congress is the house of the people -- Nancy Pelosi notwithstanding.

Madison and his pals actually thought that through over two hundred years ago, no kidding. 

It applies only to the presidential vote, not to senators or representatives.  The Founders knew how important it was to get the executive thing right.

So just how do we make a case to the Electoral College that massive voter fraud, on an industrial scale, thwarted the will of the American people?

Remember, the Electoral College at this point means six Republican legislatures in swing states!

Well, there are ways that will not work.  One of them is the long, slow slog through interminable, dusty election precincts, counting one vote here, a dead guy who voted over there, three ballots where the local team filled out the missing fields.  That is the loser road.

James Madison, meet Big Data.  Actually, meet statistical data pattern analysis and together, grasp hands and speak to America.

Fraud at an industrial level is not a new thing.  It happens every day. 

I recall when our fraud team met with the CEO of one of the world’s largest insurance companies.  You know them.  In our presentation, with his fraud team present, we showed the record of a doctor to whom they paid over a hundred grand a year, for almost a decade, for insurance medical bills.

Their fraud inspectors sat confidently at the long table.  They said “…yeah, we know him, he’s clean.”

In our next slide, we showed that the address where they were sending checks was a federal prison where he had been incarcerated for years.


Our team built the fraud engine for the largest online auction house.  You may have used it.  We uncovered industrial fraud at most of the top 10 property and casualty insurers.  We did this with big data analysis.

What’s that, you say?  Well, take a look at Andrea Widburg’s story.

The video explaining big data is a little complicated.  Watch it a couple of times.  It is college level statistics, so you will get it, I promise.

Here’s the summary:  For the election returns in many precincts to happen the way they did, Biden would have to flip a coin 1,000 times and get heads every time.  We aren’t done here.

He would also have to do it over and over again, in scores, perhaps hundreds of precincts.

Welcome to big data analysis.

Industrial fraud is always discovered with statistical analysis like Andrea’s subjects do quite well in this video.  Industrial fraud is pretty cool because from the outside, it is invisible.  Remember the doctor getting paid in prison, above.

When subject to statistical analysis against known patterns, industrial fraud stands out like a dinosaur walking through a field of peanut butter.  It is unmistakable.

Is such analysis proof?

Yes, it is proof that there is an anomaly of such proportions that it must be investigated.  And this isn’t hard.  Remember, all the data you need to do the analysis is after-the-fact voting data.  You do not need to see a single ballot.

Like Andrea’s subjects, you just need to know that in precinct after precinct, there is an unmistakable pattern that the more people vote for Trump over Biden the greater the number of Trump votes the counting machines scoop from Trump to Biden.

The pattern is one that can only be done by machines, like a computer.  There are too many transactions, with too straight a line, across too many precincts, to be the guys with the ballot boxes arriving in the middle of the night.  They are extra fraud.

What’s next?

Industrial fraud must then be summarized in a picture or two that anyone, even a state legislator, can understand.  No matter its strength, it will not be understood by Fox News.  In the video noted above, the authors get pretty close.

Using big data, measuring against historical trends, enables many of the math geeks who inhabit the internet to find these frauds.  Andrea’s boys did a good job but there will be many more.  They will all find the same thing – industrial-scale voter fraud.

This isn’t going away and there is much more to find.

The magic is to craft the picture so that anyone but Fox News can understand it.

That forces our state legislators in the six battleground states to hit Madison’s “do-over button” and let Congress decide.

There may not be enough time to crawl through every vote by hand, but big data analysis will find that dinosaur in the peanut butter, show it to the most recalcitrant state senator and reveal this election to be the fraud it clearly is.

[Image: Kraken.jpg]

Quote:November 16, 2020
It's a Coup. Just Say It!
By Jay Valentine

Political science types have a word for every happening.  One is the Overton Window.  Like lots of these terms, it is not too scientific, but it well describes things observed every day.

For instance, the idea that an eight-year-old boy decides to be a girl, because he feels like it, and is then medicated with hormone therapy to look as close to a girl as science enables was once a preposterous idea.  Then it was possible, then probable, and now, voilà!  A boy is now a girl, and if you use the wrong pronoun, you lose your job!

Meet the Overton Window: that period of time when something seemingly quite impossible becomes mainstream.

This is a game two can play.


Say it: "This is not just election fraud, it is a coup." 

Say it, and it will start to sink in.  As it does, at least for you, your Overton Window opens up.  The impossibility that the election of the president of the United States of America can be overthrown by preprogrammed, organized election fraud — that a likely landslide was turned into a loss — happened.  You saw it.

That window is about to open up for our nation.

What's a coup feel like?

We are all accustomed to seeing tanks around a white palace and palm trees.  Lots of them.  The streets are quiet and the means of communication controlled by the new junta types.  There are corpulent generals with white uniforms and lots of medals.  That seems to be our picture.

This week may be the first time a sophisticated modern society had a coup.  There, I said it again.  Not so startling after you read it a couple of times.

A modern-day coup, where Big Media, Big Tech, a political party, and likely the intelligence agencies gather to change vote counts, both electronically and physically, has much the same result without the tanks and fat generals in white uniforms.  The first result is that everyone, or about everyone knows it was a coup.  They don't use that word as it does have an edge to it.

Some stay silent in collaboration.  Some do not want to be singled out.  Some protest.  Many benefit.  Most just acquiesce.

We'll see.

Coups sound really cool to the people who instigate them — in this case, those noted above.  They justify it in their end-justifies-the-means minds and move on.

It works in third-world countries because for them, there is no tomorrow.  The armed forces just mandate compliance, and life moves on.

In a sophisticated society like ours, that is a little stickier.  Let's go there.

Overwhelming evidence has already come out about institutional voter fraud — for example, here and here.

You will see many more math geeks showing that there was massive voter fraud, and you will not see a single deeply researched math person saying their math is wrong.  That's important.

OK, you met Overton above.  Meet Occam.

Occam's razor is the name given to a critical thought shortcut, which dates back to the Middle Ages, saying that when you are looking at a really complicated problem, for which there are many causes, the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one.

Our pal Occam describes how people come to reason through a problem.  Americans, particularly 71 million of them, see all the complicated stuff about voter fraud yet see that it isn't that complicated at all.  Votes were stolen from Trump by many means.  They read articles like the two above.

Applying critical thought, let's bring in another old, dead white guy, Bayes.  Bayes was an 18th-century reverend who had a thing or two to say about how people reason.  Bayes's Theorem measured something like this: if someone knows something with incomplete information, when more information comes in, this happens.  "This" is how new info impacts the person's conclusion.

Well, folks, let's just sit down at the poker table with Occam, Overton, and Bayes.  Together they conclude that as more information appears about organized election fraud, people's conclusions are likely to move from "election anecdotes" to "election fraud" to "WTF, this was a coup!"

Some of us are already there.

Why is this important?

As long as we continue to screw around, acting as though we are dealing with voter fraud rather than an organized coup, we are playing their game — the fat generals in Big Media and the coup-instigators.  When we start calling this event what it is, a coup, we impact everyone's Overton Window.

Want to have great fun?  Just watch the Chris Wallace and media types go wild when we say "coup."

When one is in the middle of a historic event, one does not know it.  Seems like just another day.  In hindsight, wow, I was there!  I saw our country fake the vote and put an early dementia patient in the president-elect column.

The question for us all is how this story ends.  We were there.  We were at the axis of history.

What did we do?

It's a coup.
A Kraken with a MOAB!  Hugo ShaveAss stole your vote!

As Mark Twain said, if voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.  Trump broke the algorithm!  Glad I don't live in Georgia because Sidney is going to blow it up first, and in biblical fashion.  

Making Elections Great Again!  Today is Kraken Day!

[Image: ReleaseKraken02.jpg]
[Image: Karl_Marx_V_Sign.jpg]

well, he couldn't "lock her up"
he couldn't "handle rocket man"
he couldn't build the wall...
so I guess it's just fair good old Karl gets yet another chance...
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