Doxer Hit with RICO Suit
(07-10-2018, 07:50 AM)Howie Felterbush Wrote: Mother of mercy! Is this the end of Rico? Or the beginning of RICO?

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No, not that Rico, this RICO:

Sound familiar? A degenerate university employee uses university resources to stalk and harass his enemies. Innocent victim sues employee and university under RICO statute. Coming soon to a university in the Champaign, Illinois area? Only time will tell.

Quote:Antifa doxer "AntiFash Gordon" sued in federal lawsuit for harassment

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell
The Post Millennial
September 28, 2020 11:56 AM

A federal lawsuit accuses St. Lawrence University of allowing an employee and notorious Antifa doxer to use campus facilities and equipment to lead harassment and threatening campaigns against an ex-New York Daily News employee.

The lawsuit filed last week in New Jersey federal court claims that Christian Michael Exoo, a 39-year-old supervisor at the university library in Canton, N.Y. who runs the notorious Antifa Twitter account "AntiFashGordon," harassed the plaintiff, Daniel D'Ambly, causing him to be fired from his job as a platemaker for the paper.

"Exoo is a self-described anti-fascist, notorious doxer, and leader of Antifa, who by doxing others has acquired a great deal of notoriety and infamy," D'Ambly's civil complaint claims. "Exoo's activities are well known to St. Lawrence faculty and administrators, who allow Exoo to direct the enterprise from St. Lawrence property, from his place of employment, during his normal work hours using St. Lawrence equipment and information technology."

The suit alleges Exoo has participated in "racketeering activities through interstate communications" and that he has the "consent and approval" of SLU to recruit students. In 2017, he spoke at a campus conference where he gave instructions to students on how to investigate and dox people.

D'Ambly's lawsuit also names St. Lawrence University, New York Daily News, Twitter, and others as co-defendants.

"Christian Exoo is a part-time employee of St. Lawrence University. It is not our practice to comment on pending legal matters," SLU spokesperson Paul Redfern told WWNY-TV in an emailed statement.

D'Ambly is seeking compensatory damages in an amount to be determined at trial exceeding $75,000.

D'Ambly's lawsuit says he lost his job at the New York Daily News as a result of Exoo's mass harassment campaign. D'Ambly is a member of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, which the lawsuit calls a "non-violent pro-domestic policy organization." The Anti-Defamation League labels the organization a "white supremacist group."

The New York Daily News allegedly fired D"Ambly after conducting an investigation into his activities following a mass online and phone call campaign initiated by Exoo. A private investigator's report acknowledged that Exoo's doxing was the impetus for the inquiry, the lawsuit claims. The dismissal letter read: "[Y]our choice to take these repulsive actions has now put our workplace and employees at risk of counter attacks by Antifa."

The lawsuit says Exoo's harassment campaign led to real-life violence where D'Ambly's vehicle was keyed and his tires slashed at his home in South Brunswick, N.J.

Exoo--operating under the Twitter moniker "@AntiFashGordon" to hide his real identity--had disclosed the plaintiff'"s personal information in a torrent of tweets in October 2018, asking his followers to "send harassing, intimidating, and threatening phone calls and tweets" to D'Ambly's employer to extort his termination. Exoo posted a phone number for his thousands of followers to call.

Exoo gloats on Twitter: '"Technically, I don't just stalk fascists. I also get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc." (For the record: Exoo has led a harassment campaign to get The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo removed from Patreon based on a lie that he worked with a neo-Nazi terrorist group.)

Exoo is currently evading a permanent ban on Twitter by using a third account. Exoo's two previous accounts, @ChrisExoo and @ChristianExoo, were permanently suspended for doxing.

Despite the popularity of Exoo's Twitter account among Antifa militants, he has been embroiled in recent personal controversies. In December last year, Exoo was accused of blackmail, racism and predatory behaviour towards underage girls by a former friend. The friend, who is black and transgender, also accused Exoo of inappropriate touching.

In March this year, Exoo encouraged the public to steal supplies from St. Lawrence University, his place of employment, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Exoo's father and brother are also all employed by the university as academics.

Exoo has been reached for comment.

The complaint is linked in the article, but to insure its future availability it is also linked below.

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