UCLA is a Shithole
Suspended UCLA professor under police protection days after students sign petition to fire him


Can some people initiate complaints to WASC about UCLA giving bogus grades and issuing worthless shithole degrees to black people.  Tell the world that the degrees they give to black people are freebies.  Who does that help?  White people with degrees.

Can they also complain to the USDOE about UCLA and their fellow conspirator WASC.
This would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.  How DO you identify black students in online classes???  Why should you have to?  Would my GPA improve if I changed my name to Shabazz Jones?

Quote:UCLA Professor Suspended and Is Under Police Protection After Not Canceling Finals for Black Students
Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Jun 11, 2020 9:36 AM

[Image: 1c798f01-7549-402e-aacf-46a8f4ca447c.jpg]
Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

A University of California – Los Angeles accounting professor has been suspended and is under police protection after he refused a request for leniency toward black students on his final exam.

The incident began when a white student emailed professor Gordon Klein, asking him for a “no harm” final that wouldn’t impact their grade in the class.

“We have been placed in a position where we must choose between actively supporting our black classmates or focusing on finishing up our spring quarter,” the student wrote, according to Inside Higher Ed.

“We believe that remaining neutral in times of injustice brings power to the oppressor and therefore staying silent is not an option,” the email continues. “[It’s] not a joint effort to get finals canceled for non-black students, but rather an ask that you exercise compassion and leniency with black students in our major.”

Klein declined.

“Thanks for your suggestion in your email below that I give black students special treatment, given the tragedy in Minnesota. Do you know the names of the classmates that are black? How can I identify them since we’ve been having online classes only?” he replied.

“Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black-half Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? Also, do you have any idea if any students are from Minneapolis? I assume that they probably are especially devastated as well. I am thinking that a white student from there might be possibly even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not,” the email states.

“Remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the color of their skin … Do you think that your request would run afoul of MLK’s admonition?

A Change.org petition was soon launched to get Klein removed over his response. 

“We ask for your support in having Professor Klein’s professorship terminated for his extremely insensitive, dismissive, and woefully racist response to his students’ request for empathy and compassion during a time of civil unrest,” the petition states.

Klein said he denied the request at his direct supervisor’s order.

“I have been placed on involuntary leave for three weeks, and it looks like it may end up being more than that,” Klein told the New York Post. 

His classes have also been reassigned as a discrimination investigation is carried out, according to UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

FIRE spokeswoman Katlyn Patton said Klein’s disagreement was not harassment or discrimination. 

“As a lecturer at a public institution bound by the First Amendment, Klein has significant rights to manage the content and direction of his course, and his disagreement with the students' reasoning does not amount to harassment or unlawful discrimination," Patton said, reports The Washington Free Beacon. 

He is now receiving police protection after receiving threats.
UCLA has no monopoly on shithole-ism.  It's part of the cultural revolution.  Shut up and kowtow to the new orthodoxy--or else.

Quote:Cornell Prof. William Jacobson on the push to get him fired (or denounced)

John Sexton
Posted at 2:41 pm on June 11, 2020

[Image: William-Jacobson.jpg]

Professor William Jacobson has been a thorn in the left’s collective side for years. His blog Legal Insurrection has done some great original reporting over the years including reports last year on the legal battle between Gibson’s Bakery and Oberlin College. But despite having blogged about hot-button topics since 2008, Professor Jacobson has never had a push to get him fired or denounced like the one he says is taking place now.

Quote:Living as a conservative on a liberal campus is like being the mouse waiting for the cat to pounce.

For over 12 years, the Cornell cat did not pounce. Though there were frequent and aggressive attempts by outsiders to get me fired, including threats and harassment, it always came from off campus…

Not until now, to the best of my knowledge, has there been an effort from inside the Cornell community to get me fired.

The impetus for the effort was two posts I wrote at Legal Insurrection regarding the history and tactics of the Black Lives Matter Movement:

Jacobson is of course correct about the history of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That was a false claim (among many false claims) about the Michael Brown shooting. But the fact that it was false doesn’t seem to matter to the protesters around the country who are still chanting it or to the media which never seems interested in reminding people this has been fact-checked already. It didn’t happen.

Despite this, the pushback started with a series of emails from law school alumni to the Dean of the law school. Jacobson writes that the emails appear to be part of a coordinated effort because, “some of the emails were in a template form.” So far the Dean is defending Jacobson’s right to free speech. Meanwhile, a group of colleagues co-signed a letter to the student paper which said in part:

Quote:As individuals and as professors, we oppose racism in all its forms. We are outraged by the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and by the killings of countless other Black people who have lost their lives as a result of racialized violence. We are also outraged by commentators, some of them attached to Ivy League Institutions, who are leading a smear campaign against Black Lives Matter. In describing the protests, they deliberately use terms like “wilding,” a racially loaded term coined in 1989 to describe the imagined actions of five innocent Black teenagers (Korey Wise, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Antron McCray and Yusef Salaam) who were wrongly convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms for the assault of a White jogger. These commentators express rage over the sporadic looting that has taken place amidst the largely peaceful protests, calling for organized manhunts to track down those responsible. Theirs is a form of racism that gives cover to those police who use their batons and tear gas and rubber bullets and fists to silence and maim their critics.

While Jacobson isn’t mentioned by name, it’s pretty clear who they are talking about. He adds that the Black Law Student Association has decided not to push for his ouster but only because they don’t want to bring more attention to his blog. Instead they are seeking to have him denounced as a racist.

Quote:BLSA and other groups are working on their own effort against me. Based on documents I’ve seen, there was consideration of demanding my firing, but it appears to have moved away from that not because they don’t want me fired, but “because calling for his firing would only draw more attention to his blog and bolster his platform, and we do not want to give him that satisfaction.” The plan is to call for “the law school to unequivocally denounce his rhetoric, acknowledge the harm caused by subjecting students to his racist pedagogy, and critically examine the views of the people they employ as professors of the law.” They plan to circulate the petition to the law school community and to “inform incoming students” of the situation.

Rather than try to respond through the student paper, Jacobson suggested a representative from his critics should agree to
hold a debate with him on the issue:

Quote:In this toxic political environment in which intellectual diversity and differences of opinion are not tolerated, trying to shut down debate through false accusations of racism seems to be the preferred tactic.

I challenge a representative of those student groups and a faculty member of their choosing to a public debate at the law school regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement, so that I can present my argument and confront the false allegations in real time rather than having to respond to baseless community email blasts. I ask the law school to arrange an in-person live-streamed debate during fall term, or if for some reason the law school does not have in-person instruction, to arrange a ‘virtual’ format.

Will anyone step up to defend BLM’s honor? Maybe such a debate could actually bring some light to this subject. Jacobson concludes we are living in times reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in China.

Quote:We are living in extraordinarily dangerous times, reminiscent of the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution, in which professors guilty of wrongthink were publicy denounced and fired at the behest of students who insisted on absolute ideological orthodoxy. It’s a way of instilling terror in other students, faculty, staff, and society, so that others shut up and don’t voice dissenting views. We are seeing monuments destroyed in Taliban-fashion because they represent an uncomfortable history, movies and TV shows cancelled, and individuals disappeared from employment due to even the slightest deviation from the prevailing political culture.

Whether you agree with him or not, Professor Jacobson ought to have the right to his own opinions without the threat of being fired or denounced. Here’s hoping the school will continue to defend his rights from those who would seek to punish him for his refusal to kowtow to the new orthodoxy.
[Image: shitholes.jpg]
Quote:Academics Demand Econ Journal Purge Prof For Criticizing Defund Police Movement

Only 16 percent of Americans support slashing police budgets

[Image: University-of-Chicago-campus.jpg]

Chrissy Clark - June 11, 2020 6:30 PM

Students and professors are demanding that an academic journal fire a professor who criticized efforts to defund the police.

Activists submitted a petition accusing University of Chicago economics professor Harald Uhlig of "trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement" on his Twitter account. The campaign came after Uhlig wrote that Black Lives Matter "torpedoed itself with its full-fledged support of #defundthepolice." Max Auffhammer, an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and University of Michigan economics professor Justin Wolfers created the petition to oust Uhlig from his position of editor of the prestigious Journal of Political Economy.

Uhlig's comments "hurt and marginalize people of color and their allies in the economics profession," the petition said. "We do not question the right of Prof. Uhlig to make such comments, but we are strongly opposed to him holding a position of power as the editor of a prominent journal in our discipline."

Uhlig did not respond to request for comment.

In a tweet thread, Uhlig criticized the "#defundthepolice" movement and called for a serious conversation on police brutality and policy reforms instead of the proposal—which is gaining traction on the left even as an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose it. A YouGov poll found that only 16 percent of Americans support decreasing law enforcement funding in the wake of nationwide protests; 65 percent oppose the idea.

"Time for sensible adults to enter back into the room and have serious, earnest, respectful conversations about it all: e.g. policy reform proposals by [the Democrats] and national healing. We need more police, we need to pay them more, we need to train them better," Uhlig said.

The petition, which is no longer active, allegedly urged Uhlig to resign his position as lead editor of the Journal of Political Economy. Uhlig has made comments on controversial topics in the past, including the riots and looting that followed the murder of George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, as well as the 2017 Charlottesville protest that left one dead.

Uhlig's comments sparked condemnation from liberal economists, journalists, and activists across the country. New York Times columnist and City University of New York professor Paul Krugman called Uhlig a "privileged white man who evidently can't control his urge to belittle the concerns of those less fortunate." Wolfers, another contributor to the New York Times, said he was angered by Uhlig's tweets and claimed that the professor was engaged in "a sophomoric debate about language" in order to "condescendingly try to ridicule the movement."

After the petition gained traction, Uhlig offered an apology for not choosing his words and comparisons more carefully and for "irritating people." Wolfers called the apology an "a**-covering, followed by [Uhlig] speaking on behalf of communities of color in a way he has no business doing."

Online petitions and propositions to fire professors for offensive speech have gained traction in the wake of Floyd's death. The University of California, Los Angeles placed an accounting professor on a leave of absence and launched an investigation into his conduct after he refused to give minority students exemptions from the scheduled final exam. The incoming journalism dean at Arizona State University had her job revoked after she called some police officers "good" in a tweet.

The letter was submitted to the editors of the Journal of Political Economy and the University of Chicago president on June 10. Neither the journal nor the university returned requests for comment.
thank g-d the greatest generation  Tongue helped uncle Joe Stalin win that just war so we can have more of "that" Rolleyes  and then some more Sad ... thank you, thank you brave boys...
Seriously folks, are we so stupid that we did not see this coming?
Is it REALLY that astounding that so many of uncle Joe's little great-grandchildren are around?
How so?
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