Exposed as Front for Gay Pedophile Porn

Quote:This has been reported to the FBI, state and local police, and national media:


Investigations have found that the Internet distance learning site is closely linked to gay pedophile pornography. The co-founder and registered owner of the site, El Cerrito, CA, resident Thomas "Chip" White, is at the center of a network of degenerate activity, including hard-core pornographic websites which are attractive to pedophiles both because of their focus on deliberately young-looking aadult men and the repeated use of the word "boy" - which is customarily used to describe a minor - in their titles.

Pornographer White set up Degreeinfo as a safe haven for his group of friends after they came under increasing challenge on an unmoderated Usenet forum dealing with distance education. The site purports to give consumer information on distance learning and via its forum to advise distance learners. It is now clear that this whole enterprise may well have been an elaborate attempt to conceal the true nature of the activities of White and his cronies, and to gain them public trust by deception so that they could go about their real business behind the scenes.

What is intriguing is that White's interest in distance learning is not a personal one. He holds no degree, nor has he ever studied or taught via distance learning. It appears increasingly as if Degreeinfo was simply a clever attempt by White to create a cover of legitimacy and spurious moral authority for his main business interests in pornography. The front  he put up at Degreeinfo has almost certainly snared innocent bystanders  with a legitimate interest in distance education as well as serving White's inner circle of degenerates. Well-known distance learning writer John Bear, who lives close to White in El Cerrito, CA, was an administrator at Degreeinfo until recently (, and the popular "Bear's Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning" continues to credit Degreeinfo as a contributor. Other senior members at the site include Alan Contreras, a former gay lobbyist and now administrator of the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization, George Brown, director of Higher Ed Consulting (Australia), who is a Degreeinfo moderator, Revd. John Weaver-Hudson, pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hartford, Michigan, and Dr George Gollin, a physics professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

White's Mail Boxes Inc. address at 5245 College Ave #217, Oakland, CA 94618, is not only listed as the base for, LLC.  (, but also for Media Resource Communications, Inc. (

White is listed as agent for service of process for both corporations by the State of California at the same address, with A.J. Braden of Dublin, CA, listed as president of MRC. Other mailboxes used by MRC are located at  1380 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 106, Roseville, CA 95661, and PO Box 7995, Berkeley, CA 94707.

MRC is described in an Internet press release as owning "a number of adult websites and adult video production companies." These websites include,,,, and The first four of these are registered to White's 5245 College Ave mailbox according to, while and, are registered along with to the PO Box 7995 address listed above. Degreeinfo was also registered to the College Ave mailbox until yesterday.

MRC's Cuteboy Videos uses the advertising tagline "Brand New Amateur Teen Videos." Cuteboy Videos and its fellow MRC studio "18 West" have produced video titles including "School's Out", "Elijah's Wood" (presumably named after the child actor Elijah Wood), "Cumdominium" and "Twink Tails".

On a gay chat forum ( White introduces himself, "Chip here from Boyfunk/Gaybucks. My business partner AJ and I run,, and two video studios, 18West and Cuteboyvideos. The company has been around since 2001, but our real growth and visibility has happened within the past year or so." A similar message appeared at In another posting, White used the disturbing signature line "We are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands."

Aside from his pornographic activities, White has previously come to attention as the promoter of Gerson therapy, an extreme alternative health practice which advocates coffee enemas as a cure for cancer (,

Ironically, the site, which has consistently opposed alternative medicine, has allied itself with Degreeinfo in its attacks on holders of degrees in alternative medicine whilst granting Degreeinfo's owners immunity from its investigations. Nathan Whiteside, who describes himself as Degreeinfo's C.O.O. and who lives close to White in Oakland, CA, is another alternative therapist with no experience of distance education, though he does claim to be able to heal people without meeting them (

White's pornography has adopted an approach that should raise major red flags among responsible citizens in both the gay and straight communities by focussing on the extreme youth of the actors featured on his sites. In an Internet press release, MRC describes as featuring "youthfully attractive gay men" - stated to be between the ages of 18 and 20 on the site - and Braden goes on to say ".we are very, very picky about our models. We pick a very specific look, so our  customers know exactly what they're getting every time." This is coded language for material designed to appeal specifically to gay men who like to look at explicit pornography featuring actors who could easily be taken for minors - in other words pedophiles. The site content, which includes hard-core still images and video of gay sex, depicts activities which are illegal in over 50 countries in the world.

Even if the sites that White runs are technically legal in the USA because they feature adult participants, they are surely acting as a magnet for pedophiles to gather and indulge their depraved fantasies. Studies of pedophiles reveal that they use the Internet to gather in groups in order to share images of pedophilia and to plan and execute the abuse of children (euphemistically referred to by some of them as "boylove"), with an intricate network of coded sites and backchannels. White represents every parent's worst nightmare in encouraging this behavior through his site's focus on very young-looking men and his repeated use of the pedophile trigger word "boy" to brand his wares and make them appealing to child abusers.

It is clearly vital that those who might have been taken in by Degreeinfo's outward show of respectability are aware that it has been funded by and is in turn funding pornography of the most depraved kind. It is entirely possible that a number of members of Degreeinfo's "inner circle" have pedophile tendencies or are themselves pedophiles, using the site as a front for their criminal and immoral activities. We call upon concerned citizens to join us in our call to shut White's sites down and take appropriate action to ensure that he can no longer serve as a danger to the nation's young people.
Boyfunk brings you some of the cutest 18-20 boys you'll find anywhere, and most of our models won't be found on any other website. Every week, we bring you a new photo/video set, usually with at least one new model.

I wonder how MRC does this when Chip told me just a month ago that they are not shooting any more???  Boys don't stay age 18-20 forever, you know, they must be getting some new "talent" somewhere???

Randy is a cute 18 year old rugby player. He works as a clerk at a local grocery store, where one of our model scouts found him!

See, I knew that MRC must still be engaged in some kind of recruiting!!!

From:  Dog Gone Video:

18 West Studio  (Owned by MRC/Chip White).
5245 College Ave.  #217
Oakland, CA USA 94618

Cute Boy Video  (Owned by MRC/Chip White).
5245 College Ave. # 217
Oakland, CA USA 94618

The above address is for the US Post Office there.

We're revamping our model application at the moment.

In the meantime, you can apply at,
just please mention in the notes that you are interested in working
for 18West Studios.

Questions? Concerns? Curious?
Contact us with any questions at
or on AIM at model418west

All of Chip White's websites:

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