Mandalay Bay: Look For Union Label
How did the guy get all those guns AND a gazillion rounds of ammo into the room, without anybody noticing?

Look for the union label! Mandalay Bay security "the first ever Casino Security Professionals to unionize in Las Vegas."

Quote:Welcome Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

[Image: 2017%20-%20Mandalay%20Bay%20Group.jpg?itok=Fl5Gw-C0]

On December 9, 2016, the Mandalay Bay Casino Security Professionals voted 2 to 1 to join the SPFPA Family. This historic victory makes them the first ever Casino Security Professionals to unionize in Las Vegas. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has since certified the election. The SPFPA continues to work with numerous other Casino Security Professionals across Las Vegas. SPFPA Unity Strong! (Picture taken by B. Smith.)

"Let me give you a hand with all those bags, Mr. Paddock."

[Image: 1powpowpow.gif?w=490&h=485]
(10-05-2017, 10:29 AM)Winston Smith Wrote: How did the guy get all those guns AND a gazillion rounds of ammo into the room, without anybody noticing?

Steve Wynn lets it slip in Chris Wallace interview. Nobody asked Wynn about the service elevators. He brought it up on his own, and Wallace immediately caught it. Wynn backed off and changed the subject. "I'm not sure whether he did..." is not the same as "I don't know." Sounds more like, "I'm damn sure he did but I don't wanna say on TV." Sounds to me like Paddock brought the guns and ammo up the service elevator, accompanied by security.

Quote:Steve Wynn: "We Profile Or Inspect Or Examine Everybody That Enters The Building"

Posted By Ian Schwartz
On Date October 8, 2017

In an interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday, casino mogul Steve Wynn explained the security apparatus at Wynn Resorts and how measures including profiling are incorporated. Wynn said the shooter, who has stayed at Wynn's properties, had one of the "most vanilla profile on could possibly imagine."

Transcript, via FOX News Sunday:

Quote:WALLACE: The Las Vegas massacre raises new questions about how to prevent these attacks. Joining me now for an exclusive interview, one of the giants of Las Vegas, Steve Wynn, Chief executive of Wynn Resorts, who's been thinking about this problem for a long time.

Steve, it was over a year ago when you said that Las Vegas was a target city and you were going to harden your hotels and casinos. What did you do?

WYNN: Actually it was two years ago Thanksgiving, and I got every consultant and adviser I can think of to come through from Ray Kelly to the people from Seal Team 6. It took us from Thanksgiving until May to develop and institute and recruit a program of counterterrorism and it will be two years this May.


WYNN: It started in 2015.

WALLACE: And without going into great detail, what kind of things do you have on your facilities?

WYNN: Basically we had to recruit and expand security by tens of millions of dollars to cover every entrance, to retrain the entire workforce, from housekeeping and room service, and people are in the tower and observing people. We had to cover every exit and every aspect of the building to see if we could identify and preempt any kind of terroristic or violent action. It is never perfect, of course, but what you can do to use local vernacular, you can change the odds, I guess.

WALLACE: So, given all of that, and I know that you had a hidden metal detectors and you had profilers in your casinos, watching the people walking in and out, would any of those measures have prevented Steven Paddock from checking in to one of your hotels instead of the Mandalay Bay to have brought in these suitcases carrying his arsenal, a couple of suitcases at that time, checking in to a room on a high floor, knocking out the window and raining terror down on people below.

WYNN: Well, I know that my friends at MGM are particularly fastidious about trying to protect their employees and their guests. Having said that, there are couple of things in retrospect and it's always good to look over your shoulder on these things. But we have a routine with housekeeping, with room service, with audio visual, who anybody that goes in the room to do an inspection.

We also have rules about do not disturb. If a room goes on do not disturb for more than 12 hours, we investigate. We constantly -- we don't allow guns in this building unless they're being carried by our employees and there's a lot of them. But if anybody's got a gun and we find them continually, we eject them from the hotel.

WALLACE: So, if he had suitcases carrying these automatic -- or semi-automatic weapons, would you have been able to spot that if they were in the suitcases being carried up to his room?

WYNN: We certainly wouldn't invade the privacy of a guest in a room. But let's put it this way, the scenario that we're aware of would have indicated that he didn't let anyone in the room for two or three days, that would have triggered a whole bunch of alarms here. And we would have -- on behalf of the guests, of course, investigated for safety and it would have been provocative situation. I'm sure that the same is true in other hotels but in this hotel, a 36-hour, a 24-hour, 36-hour Do Not Disturb on a room is a predicate for investigation.

WALLACE: After the shooting last weekend, you started having security at the entrances to your hotels, wand people, wand -- inspect bags being brought in, are you going to keep doing that? And with 20/20 hindsight the benefit there, have you thought of new measures that you're going to take to try to prevent another one of these massacres from happening using one of the Wynn Resorts as a perch to fire down on thousands of people on the street below?

WYNN: Well, if I can clear the record, we have been guarding the doors for two years every single day, 24 hours a day. We have magnetometers at any place, at every employee entrance, and at every place of human collection like the night clubs. We don't wand the people lift the door. That's not necessary.

We profile or inspect or examine everybody that enters the building. And under most circumstances, it's unnecessary to wand people or to do any kind of invasive procedure. The things we're looking for that represent potential threats are much more obvious and allow us a great deal of freedom in allowing us to not interfere with the normal flow of people in and out of the building, which is close to 15,000 or 20, 000 people a day.

WALLACE: I understand that Stephen Paddock had gambled and stayed at your properties along with a lot of other places along the Strip. I know you talked to your security team afterwards. Looking back, after talking to all of them, how much of a profile did you have on him? And was there anything in that profile that should have raised a red flag?

WYNN: It's an interesting question. He's been staying in Las Vegas since '06. So you know, we're talking about 11 years with his girlfriend or at least in recent years, frequent visitor, once or twice a month to this hotel and others. The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine. A modest gambler at least by our standards, you know, nothing serious, paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in Las Vegas. He didn't fit the profile of a problem or compulsive gambler.

What was -- if there was anything interesting that we discovered in the years of service and we have butlers and waiters and masseuses and the people in the beauty shop that know this woman and this man completely. They talk about normal mundane things. But if there's anything interesting that stood out over the six years, nobody that's ever worked here have ever seen the gentleman or the lady take a drink of wine, beer or alcohol of any kind.

Now, a lot of people don't drink. But considering their frequency of all the restaurants, and their behavior as normal tourist taking advantage of everything that's available in our resort, they never ever imbibed in any liquor. Their behavior was conservative, private, understated in every way. You never ever would stop a man like this coming in, you know, in the building.

However, nobody in this company's history, no public person has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by a security. That wouldn't happen. Secondly --

WALLACE: Did he go on a service elevator, Steve?

WYNN: I'm just saying anything like that. I'm not sure whether he did, but nobody ever goes in the back of the house unaccompanied by--by security. But another thing, being in a room for three days in a Do Not Disturb situation, that would have triggered an alarm here, and would have considered -- what have been considered as a potentially dangerous thing from the guest's point of view that maybe the person was ill. And we would want to inspect and see that they were safe. We'd go into the room. We'd want to know more about anybody who was sequestered in a room for more than 12 hours. That would be something that would -- our people have been trained too look out for.

WALLACE: Steve, you and I have known each other for some years. You are very smart man who knows almost everything, has seen almost every aspect of human conduct. Do you have a theory, do you have an instinct for the big question, why Steven Paddock did what he did?

WYNN: No. No. But I have this feeling, Chris. This is a man who behaved rationally, privately, a little introverted, liked to play video poker. But he was a rational man. And every historical review of his behavior indicates that he was a rational man so was his girlfriend. And yet he prepared over an extended period of time, a totally irrational act.

Now, this sounds like someone either totally demented -- a behavior which he never evidenced-- or someone who's sending a message. This is a plan. We don't know what that message is or if there is one, but this behavior, according to my employees, is as stunning, as unexpected as anybody, any of them have ever met. And that's the status, you know, that I hear from the Sheriff, and watching television that seems to be the moment -- the momentary analysis of this situation. I really don't have anything to add to that.
Sheriff really ought to quit doing press conferences until the Feebs get their story straight.

Quote:Significant Timeline Change=> Sheriff Reveals Mandalay Bay Security Guard Was Shot BEFORE Vegas Attack

In a significant timeline change, Sheriff Lombardo reveals Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot BEFORE the Las Vegas attack started.

"Las Vegas sheriff says Mandalay Bay security guard was shot 6 minutes before first shots were fired at crowd.,"? reports ABC News.

Quote:On any given shift, 17 of 200 officers at the hotel complex are armed, [Dave] Hickey [president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America] said.

Now, thanks to the union goon president, everybody knows (a) how many security officers per shift, and (b) how many of them are armed. Somebody ought to 'splain it to Supreme Security Honcho Hickey how terrorists and bad guys like to know those little tidbits. Where were the other 199 when the shooting started?

Quote:Charles "Sid" Heal, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff's commander and tactical expert, said the new timeline "changes the whole perspective of the shooting."

Heal said that if police had known immediately that a guard had been shot, they would have rushed the room while the gunman was still firing. He said it seemed to signal a breakdown in communication.

"It doesn't say much for hotel security,"? Heal said.
(10-10-2017, 08:54 PM)Armando Ramos Wrote: Where were the other 199 when the shooting started?

Right, like there were really 200 guards on duty. I'm sure the hotel got billed for 200 guards, but hey, it's Vegas. It probably was more like 20. And most of them were probably having a 99 cent breakfast before 5 am.
(10-09-2017, 10:14 AM)Howie Felterbush Wrote: Sounds to me like Paddock brought the guns and ammo up the service elevator, accompanied by security.

Nice call, bro.

Quote:CBS/AP/ October 10, 2017, 3:02 PM

Las Vegas shooter believed to have used hotel's freight elevator before attack

Last Updated Oct 10, 2017 4:55 PM EDT

Law enforcement sources told CBS News that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is believed to have used the freight elevator at the Mandalay Bay hotel casino in the days leading up to last week's deadly attack.

It wasn't clear what Paddock used the freight elevator for or how often he used it.

CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton reports authorities were continuing to comb through Paddock's electronic devices -- including a laptop and cellphone -- at the FBI crime lab in Quantico, Virginia. So far, none of the devices point to a motive for the shooting rampage.

Meanwhile, billboards requesting assistance from the public have delivered a large response with callers offering possible leads and information about Paddock, Milton reports.

The FBI has more than 50 agents and personnel on site assisting Las Vegas police with evidence recovery, interviews and other investigative work.

During a news conference on Monday, authorities made a significant change to the timeline of the mass shooting, saying Paddock shot a hotel security guard before he opened fire on concert-goers.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had previously said the guard was shot after Paddock fired at the country music festival and that the guard's arrival in the hallway on the 32nd floor may have caused Paddock to stop firing.

It was not immediately clear why the timeline of the shooting changed a week later and what the impact could be on the investigation.

Lombardo said security guard Jesus Campos was in a hallway of the hotel responding to a report of an open door when he heard drilling from Paddock's room. Paddock, who had installed three cameras to monitor the approach to his suite, opened fire through the door, spraying 200 shots down the hall and wounding the guard, who alerted other security officials.

A few minutes later, Paddock began raining down bullets for 10 minutes in an attack that killed 58 people -- the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Authorities also said that Paddock targeted aviation fuel tanks, stocked his car with explosives and had personal protection gear as part of an escape plan.

Paddock had power tools and was attempting to drill a hole in an adjacent wall, perhaps to mount another camera or to point a rifle through, but he never completed the work, Lombardo said. He also drilled holes and bolted a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit stairwell door near the door of his room. . . .
Quote:Fake News: Police Did NOT Arrest Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Compos As Second Shooter In Las Vegas Massacre Jesus Campos was not arrested, and neither was "Jesus Compos" as he is mistakenly refered to in a fake article titled "Police Arrest Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Compos As Second Shooter In Las Vegas Massacre" which was posted by a site named and which opened:

Quote:(CNN) Breaking News - Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Compos has been arrested accused of being an accomplice and second shooter in the Las Vegas massacre that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured more than 500.

Jesus Campos had originally been praised for his apparent heroics on October 1st, as he supposedly rushed to Paddock's suite, was shot in the upper thigh through the door, and continued to help get people to safety despite his wounds. However, FBI officials involved in the investigation now believe he was an accomplice of Paddock's, and was involved in the initial shooting as a second gunman from the other broken window in Paddock's 32nd-floor room. (archived copy of article)

The website was only registered two days ago according to WHOIS records and has nothing to do with the real

Registration Date:2017-10-10
Expiration Date:2018-10-10
Updated Date:2017-10-10
[Image: xcompos-thumb-900xauto-3058464.jpg.pages...wSoSRx.jpg]
Meanwhile the real CNN has reported that Campos was actually shot in the leg by the Mandalay Bay shooter and called in a warning to hotel security. No report has been made about his supposed arrest by any official source or mainstream news source.

The fake CNN site is part of a network of sites designed to look like local news outlets but which actually create and spread fake news, including:

Earlier the network also ran (now defunct) which was used to peddle a Clint Eastwood death hoax. Typically these sites try to keep the fake stories off their front pages in order to mislead casual visitors. Usually they are filled with regular news stories copied from other websites. Don't fall for this hoax and warn people you see spreading it on Facebook or other social media.
There is a lot of weird shit going on. Every day they are correcting the lies of the previous day. ISIS took credit for it. Why all the denial? As someone above said - The sheriff should keep quiet until the FBI gets their lies straight. I'm sure the FBI blames the Russians.
(10-16-2017, 03:20 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: There is a lot of weird shit going on.  Every day they are correcting the lies of the previous day.  ISIS took credit for it.  Why all the denial?  As someone above said - The sheriff should keep quiet until the FBI gets their lies straight.  I'm sure the FBI blames the Russians.

big brother spends how many billions to rape the world to make it safe for democracy (since 1914...) and the first moron with a gun bought at kinko's shoots how many of them dead? ISIS gets the credit? What could ISIS do with all those screwed up morons in need of moorings they can safely approach online? I mean...big brother spends what, $100.000 to deliver each "intelligent bomb" to kill a muslim peasant and those people with one hundred dollars -if at all- kill dozens down Vegas' watering hole promenade? Am I the only one who sees trouble looming on the horizon?
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Security guard disappears, reappears on Ellen Degenerate show:

This gets weirder and weirder. Will he be hosting SNL next?
Ellen Degenerate is wasted skin - an old ugly lesbian. I can tolerate good looking young lesbians who want to put on a show. Degenerate did the interview to keep things under control - she has a business affiliation with MGM. No danger of asking him why he didn't have a license. She's a professional retard - not a journalist.

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