Please help
I normally do not make requests like this but I really need help.

There is some schmuck by the name of Dr Fleischman who is trying to sabotage the Warren National University page.

He got into an edit war with another user and in able to resolve they put this to a survey vote.

If you feel a need to have an unbiased opinion on this web page please do the following:

1 go to
2 Go to the section that says Survey (the second to the last section at the end of the page)
3 Enter "Oppose.

Its that simple. If you have a Wikipedia account that would be good. Otherwise you can just edit without loging in.


The Bison
I wonder which one of the gay boy porn front posters "Dr Fleischman" really is?  I notice that a major portion of the Wikipedo discussion posts on the WNU topic are by "TallMagic," who, as we know, was really the turd Bill Huffman.  "TallMagic" was kicked off Wikipedo for sock puppetry.  Is "Dr Fleischman" another one of his fake identities?  Does Huffman have a Rob Morrow fixation?

As the poster "Sunshine Warrior" correctly suggests, "Dr Fleischman" behaves as if he has a personal interest in seeing WNU debauched.  Huffman/TallMagic was ecstatic when WNU's bid for regional accreditation failed.  He seemed to take it as a personal victory.  That "Fleischman" seems to have become unhinged by the mere intimation that at one point WNU/KWU was a more or less legit operation suggests he and Huffman have a lot in common.  

As was said here in another post, Wikipedo is "confederacy of dunces."  This is the reason why not only do few people take them seriously, but many schools outright ban citing them as a source.  This situation illustrates how stubbornly they resist letting the truth infiltrate their political agenda.
I know Bill Huffman quite well. He got into some of the most ridiculous edit wars on Wikipedia. One of which was with a Game Developer by the name of Derrek Smart. He hounded this guy because he put a DR in front of his name. His little crusade was named one of the lamest edit wars on Wikipedia by fellow editors.

But I cannot say if Fleishman is really the same guy as Huffman.

He does use the same name as the man who developed the science of Cold Fusion, which is largely discredited. I am currently researching this and found that none of Fleischmann's work could be replicated.

However since Fleischmann died several years ago we can safely say he is not the same person.
If you check Dr. Flushman's user page you'll find this:

Quote:My username is an homage to a "young, somewhat uptight, Jewish doctor from Manhattan" whose "neurotic, almost Woody Allen-like, urban mindset" clashes with "the easy-going, community-minded people around him."

If you google those quoted lines you'll find multiple references to the Northern Exposure television show character Dr. Joel Fleischman played by actor Rob Morrow.  Hence my query above as to whether Huffman had a Rob Morrow fixation.

Also, note comments about Flushman at The New Nationalist.  That author apparently didn't get the Northern Exposure reference, but he does note this:

Quote:He has managed to crank out 20,000 edits and articles over the last three years, making him a major presence in the Wikipedia conspiracy space. That is 18.26 per day, which suggests Fleishman may be a cadre or cell of several writers using the same contributor name.

Sounds very much like some sort of nefarious DegreeInfo-type of project.  Probably Huffman and three or four Klempner Klones, if not the grand dweezil himself.
Funny, I used to watch Northern Exposure but I don't remember that character.

Yea, he a typical educational elitist. A real schmuck. Acts like he owns Wikipedia.

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