Castro Dead! Take A Bow, Gus!
Quote:There were also significant contributions to the investigation and prosecution by Gus Sainz and his team at

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The scum sucking bastard is dead!  (Castro that is, not Gus).  Take a bow, Alfalfa.  Fire up the burners in Hell!

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Hope they have a rotisserie in hell to do a slow painful cook.  Is Gus going to be president of Cuba now or does he have to wait until Raul is dead?
(11-27-2016, 08:10 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Hope they have a rotisserie in hell to do a slow painful cook.

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you bastards!
Didn't you know Castro got us rid of Hitler?
Stop the hate!
Hammer&scythe forever.

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Quote:Ice Cream Shop Creates Flavor Called ‘Burn in Hell Fidel’

[Image: burn-in-hell-fidel-ice-cream-instagram-640x480.jpg]
by Katherine Rodriguez
29 Nov, 2016

One ice cream shop in Miami is celebrating Fidel Castro’s death with a new ice cream flavor.

Azucar Ice Cream Company, located in the Little Havana section of Miami, has created an ice cream flavor called “Burn in Hell Fidel” to celebrate the dictator’s death, the Miami New Times reports.

“This ice cream is specifically for Fidel’s death, says owner Suzy Battle. “May he burn in Hell is the inspiration.”

The flavor is homemade chocolate ice cream with a kick of cayenne pepper. Battle says the heat “is for the Hell that Castro should be in now.”

Azucar is also known for its Cuban-inspired ice cream flavors, such as cafe con leche, platano maduro, and Abuela Maria, named after Battle’s grandmother, who was born and raised in Cuba.

The new flavor costs $4 per scoop and will be a permanent part of the shop’s ice cream line.

Fidel Castro died at age 90 on Friday. Cubans from Miami to California have been celebrating Castro’s death.

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