JohnBear I have a question for you
I presume you are not a poser or a phony. Anyone can pretend to be anyone online. I can say that I am President Obama but it would not make it true.

If you are really John then I applaud your courage in coming into hostile territory to give your side of the story.

Anyway, I wanted to discuss Warren National University, also called Kennedy-Western.

I am a graduate there and I believe there is a great deal of misinformation regarding the school.

The primary source was from a 2003 GAO investigation where no students, faculty nor administrators were allowed to give testimony! The star witness was an officer in the Coast Guard who claimed to have earned 40% of her credit in 16 hours. This is, in reality misleading since it is possible she was given credit coming into the university. Also since she, by her own admission took only one class.

I believe that if this is true, she may have cheated. I certainly think she cherry picked the course looking for a very easy class.

What I do know is that I communicated with many other graduates and found that this is not normal at all. Many students took up to a year or two years to complete 60 hours. Note that the University did require a minimum of 60 credit hours to enter any program.

I also heard many ridiculous claims and statements from disgruntled former employees who said that "any one who can write a check can get admitted." And any junior college could say the same. The same goes for many four year schools. I do not think that the University of Pheonix, for example has very strict admission standards either.

I do know that the now defunct Cheyenne Herold (the work of really just one man) published a long string of articles on Kennedy Western/Warren National and the editor/publisher virtually declared war on the school and its students.

I am not going to say that criticisms are without merit. In fact, now that the school is out of business, many students cannot get transcripts or copies of diplomas. This is a serious problem affecting many students.

But I would say a lot of this is due to the destruction of the school well intentioned individuals. The real losers in this battle were the students and graduates.

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