Unethical Scumbag George Gollin Fined $5000 for Ethics Violations
Well the way I see it is like this...

The reality is those few emails only really capture probably hundreds of hours he spent on his campaign while working at his place of employment and who knows how many emails he wrote/read with his campaign email account while using his University computer, personal calls on his cell or even his office line. The internet pipe into the University is not free either.

So really, you have a clear case of "Theft of Time" from George Gollin where he essentially stole probably tens of thousands of dollars of Illinois Tax Payer funds doing campaign work instead of Physics work.

So now you have "Theft of Time", Financial Fraud, and if he was doing these activities instead of Physics work accepting a full paycheck for Physics work when it is now fact he wasn't always doing Physics work, a clear case of Academic Fraud as well.

What George Gollin is quite frankly---- a thief.

I wonder if there is an aggressive conservative DA willing to look at the report? It may be likely they can dig deeper and catch more of his internet activity during that time, compare activity before his campaign, during, and after he lost.
(10-10-2015, 04:29 PM)D00bie Wrote: What George Gollin is quite frankly---- a thief.

I wonder if there is an aggressive conservative DA willing to look at the report?

Great points, Doobie. Gollin truly is a thief and belongs in jail, IMHO. Perhaps something will be done if enough people write to the State's Attorney (statesatty@co.champaign.il.us) and alert her to Gollin's outrageous conduct.

However, the Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz is said to be a "moderate Democrat" according to the News-Gayzette. Ordinarily that would mean slim chance of another Dim pol getting prosecuted, but this is Gollin, after all. He managed to piss off a lot of mainline Dims by running an extraordinarily dirty and misogynistic campaign against pretty Judge Callas. Perhaps the word of the day will be "reciprocity."

Rietz appears to be something of an airhead herself. She was ticketed for failure to yield after she drove her pickup and horse trailer into some poor lady's Jeep on a farm road. She first claimed she didn't remember anything, then blamed it on the "high corn." There was a lot of "high corn" going on there all right.

She sounds like the sort who would be dumb enough to believe any lie Gollin told her. E.g., "It's those diploma mills, I tell you, diploma mills made me do it."
(09-29-2015, 05:01 PM)Armando Ramos Wrote: Sleep with dogs, get fleas. Thanks to George Gollin and his half a million dollar campaign of self-aggrandizement, three of his unethical prof butt buddies now have been found in violation of the Ethics Act as well. When will the libtard buffoons in academia learn what we all knew: George Gollin = Cancer.

Interesting that the three profs George Gollin suckered into ethics violations consist of one black and two women. Is this part of racist, misogynist George Gollin's continuing War on Blacks & Women??? Don't Black Lives Matter to George Gollin? Is George Gollin trying to take the "U" out of Uterus?

[Image: 43170.jpg]
Leon Dash--Ethics Violator

[Image: lhgreene.jpg]
Laura Greene--Ethics Violator

[Image: Blake_Nancy_w580_h487_zparchives.jpg]
Nancy Blake--Ethics Violator
(10-11-2015, 11:20 AM)Howie Felterbush Wrote: [Image: lhgreene.jpg]
Laura Greene--Ethics Violator

[Image: Blake_Nancy_w580_h487_zparchives.jpg]
Nancy Blake--Ethics Violator

Jesus Christ Almighty! My eyes are bleeding! I'll never get those horrible images out of my head! I realize it's a university and not a beauty pageant, but hasn't the good Lord punished those um, women enough?

No wonder they eagerly replied to Gollin's ethics-violating campaign emails. It was probably the first time anyone of the more-or-less opposite gender had ever initiated a conversation. I notice even Gollin didn't bother to just walk down the hall and talk to them in person, as it might have ruined his appetite for lunch. He was probably trying to recruit them to be some of his Fabulous Gollin Babes.

Attention UIUC Ethics Enforcement! Be on the lookout for these suspects:

[Image: b1fd6abca17a36f93b722c1343a20861.jpg][Image: 653984192_ugly.jpeg][Image: 6ac04278c16df51bf384c5057c842833.jpg]
(09-29-2015, 05:01 PM)Armando Ramos Wrote: George Gollin has been found in violation of the Illinois State Employees and Officials Ethics Act and fined $5,000. George Gollin "knowingly and intentionally used his state-provided email account to engage in prohibited political activity...." George Gollin admitted he knew he was misappropriating state resources when he sent "dozens" of campaign emails with his university email. The Executive Ethics Commission levied a $5,000 fine against George Gollin, the maximum allowed under the statute.

I endorse brilliant comrade George Gollin and he endorse me. I teach George Gollin all he know about politic. Who care about ethics? We both have phsyics degree! We are birds of feather!

[Image: GeorgeGollinButtBuddy01.jpg]

Fuck Gangnam Style. We gots Pyongyang Style!!
(10-09-2015, 03:46 PM)Yancy Derringer Wrote: Gollin spoke three times with UIUC Ethics Officer Donna McNeely regarding his run for political office.

I nominate Donna McNeely as DLTruth Woman of the Century. Admittedly the century is only 15 years on so far, but Klempnerian hyperbole is always appropriate when we are talking about the ignominious fall of one of his clones.

Lovely and talented Donna McNeely appears to be the one who finally put the kibosh on sleazy slimy misogynistic racist stalker George Gollin once and for all. And in doing that she has advanced the cause of non-traditional education by making the environment safer for legit startups and religious schools to operate.

After being crushed by Judge Ann Callis in the Dimocrat primary--where he squandered half a million dollars and still finished in third place behind a guy who spent nothing--Gollin now sees his crazy train completely derailed by yet another woman. Maybe this explains Gollin's support for the pervert community, as he's trying to find a third gender that won't beat him like a drum the way men and women typically do.

Now that wrist-flipping, nose-picking, armpit-sniffing, butt-scratching George Gollin has been officially exposed and certified as ethically challenged, he and his grand diploma mill "research" (i.e., speculation, conjecture, guesswork, supposition, shots in the dark) are permanently consigned to the dung heap of history.

Of course, this probably won't stop a sociopath like George Gollin from continuing to commit extortion, computer hacking, civil rights violations, stalking, defamation, impersonation of government agents, death threats, and all the other warped, degenerate and antisocial practices he has employed over the years. But now when he does it he will just be drawing public attention to himself as the lame ethics violating loser he always has been.

DL Truth salutes
UIUC Director of Ethics and Compliance
Donna McNeely!

[Image: McNeely05.jpg]
Donna S. McNeely
DL Truth Woman of the Century

Quote:Donna S. McNeely

Executive Director of Ethics and Compliance

Donna McNeely began her career working as a certified public accountant in the audit and banking industries, joining the University of Illinois in 1995 in the Office of University Audits. In late 2003, an opportunity to create a separate, university-wide Ethics Office was presented and Donna accepted the role of University Ethics Officer. The Office later assumed responsibility for the development and administration of all annual ethics training for the nine public universities in Illinois, in addition to managing the Statement of Economic Interests filing process and providing advisory services to employees. Donna has been awarded the Lincoln Presidential Award for her dedication to excellence in ethics and has presented at several national conferences. More recently, Donna's position has evolved to include a compliance component and the coordination of multiple ethics and compliance facets across all University of Illinois campuses. She serves as liaison to the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor and Illinois Executive Ethics Commission, manages the growth, development and planning strategies, and oversees the daily functions and operations of the University Ethics and Compliance Office.

[Image: McNeely03.jpg]
Heh heh, would that be FATHER Shawn Denney, as in Catholic priest? The religion that the Gollin Klan likes to mock as "dirty Papists"???? Oh the irony!

Quote:Abraham Lincoln Ethics Award
U of I ethics officer wins statewide award

April 30, 2008
Contact: Donna McNeely, 217/206-6202, dmcne1@uis.edu

(Springfield) -- University of Illinois Ethics Officer Donna McNeely has been named recipient of the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission's 2008 Abraham Lincoln Ethics Award. The award was presented at a luncheon held April 29 at the University of Illinois at Springfield campus.

Created by the IEEC in 2006, the award recognizes a state employee who has a "demonstrated record of exemplary adherence to the principles of integrity, fairness, and service" to Illinois citizens. In her position, McNeely is responsible for ethics issues across all three U of I campuses in Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield.

Presenting the award, Commission Chair Fr. Shawn Denney noted that McNeely's work is "an example to all the kinds of efforts an ethics officer can undertake to develop and make profound differences in the ethical climate of the state."

Denney cited a number of efforts undertaken by McNeely and her staff, including revising and circulating a handbook and preparing a newsletter for faculty and staff; conducting workshops on conflicts of commitment and interest; conducting outreach to campus contacts to familiarize them with the ethics training process; enhancing communication with the Ethics Office; and working to heighten awareness of ethics issues within the university structure.

The University Ethics Office is designed to be a partner, educator, and source of specialized guidance for employees of the University of Illinois. It is the designated liaison to receive and coordinate or refer investigations of alleged fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, or other violations of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. The office is also charged with reducing unethical or illegal behavior by University employees, while improving employee decision making and commitment, as well as the University's work environment, reputation, and image.
Quote:Nearly two years after physics professor George Gollin's unsuccessful campaign for democratic congressional candidate, three University professors became the subject of an ethics investigation by the Illinois Executive Commission.

Leon Dash, journalism professor, Nancy Blake, literature professor and Laura Greene, physics professor, were found in violation of the Ethics Act which led to the investigation.

. . .

The fact that George Gollin is an unethical scumbag is really old news. The really amazing part about this is that he wasn't happy just driving his own clown car over the cliff, he had to take three of his buddies along with him. People in academia might be socialist buffoons but they usually aren't suicidal. What academic would give George Gollin the time of day now after he has thrown his own colleagues under the bus? Even saying "hello" in the hallway just might put you at risk when "The Informant" George Gollin needs to trade somebody's scalp to the government to save his own sorry ass.

[Image: 9fd88df8422f78e06f0affa1b8382bb0.jpg]
Gollin's life has been right down the dumper since he lied to the SS idlers and got them to railroad Dixie into pleading guilty to crimes she didn't commit.

Did Gollin ever publish that fairy tale of a "book" he got paid at least twice to write? If not, he should make like OJ and expose the real culprit. He could add another fifty chapters and describe how he pissed away half a million dollars running for Congress only to finish in third place, and then got himself and his dimbulb professor pals busted for ethics violations.

Instead of that lame "I Dream of Sausages" or whatever he called it, he could title it "Asshole: My Descent from Irrelevant Physics Dork to Unethical Politician Scum." It wouldn't sell any more copies, but it would make more entertaining reading and might have more true stuff in it.
(10-05-2015, 05:53 PM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: [Image: GeorgeGollinNoEthics02.JPG]

Too unethical for Illinois? That's like being too stoned to stay at Keith Richards' house.

Keith Richards Wrote:This might sound strange coming from me, but you have to leave.

This would be funny if it wasn't so tragically sad. Too unethical for Illinois politics--the cesspool of corruption that gave us Barry Soetoro.

Called "screwball," "cuckoo," "lame," "dishonest," "a joke," "silly," "goofy," "idiotic" "pitiful," "pathetic" and "absolutely bizarre"--by other Illinois Dimocrats. Blows half a million bucks on bogus attack ads and then finishes third to a guy who didn't spend any money at all.

Too much of an asshole for DegreeDiscussion. Too much of a liability for CHEA. Too crappy a writer for the U of Illinois Press. Busted by his own lesbian daughter for listening to the "SMDFMA" song with her.

What's next? Too violent for the Manson Family? Too racist for the KKK? Too gay boy porn for Degree Info?
Hey Kids! It's the old Crap Master George Gollin with a message to all you ethically challenged out there:

[Image: ethicsmasters04.jpg]

George Gollin Sez:


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