Reginstein Fans: JCU 'On Notice'
Who cares that John Carroll University in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, has been placed "On Notice"? by their accreditor NCACS?? Other than the 3,700 students who had the misfortune to enroll there, nobody really.

But you have to wonder about the judgment of any college that hires a pot smoking socialist dirtbag like Mike Bestul, a/k/a Carl Reginstein to be their CIO.? Surely NCACS was duly impressed by the fact that Mike Bestul holds an illustrious St. Regis MBA degree. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin?

12/2008: John Carroll U hires Mike Bestul as CIO
2/26/2015:? John Carroll U goes On Notice


Let's hope the Chief Information Officer is busy letting everyone know that his employer is On Notice with its accreditor.? He'll probably get around to it after he sends out a few hundred r?sum?s.
You are just envious because HE looks like a star of a third-rate actioner, and his first wife was arm candy.
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I notice that John Carroll University finally went "off notice" and regained its full accreditation status in 2017--right about the time pot-smoking ogre and St. Regis alum Mike Bestul a/k/a Carl Reginstein left. Coincidence? Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Quote:Bestul & Associates LLC was founded in 2017. . .

But wait, his LinkedIn page says:

Quote:Founder & Principal Consultant
Bestul & Associates LLC
Dates Employed Mar 2018 -- Present
Employment Duration 1 yr 9 mos
Location Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Bestul & Associates LLC was founded in 2018 . . .

Fortium Partners, LP
Dates Employed Sep 2017 -- Mar 2018
Employment Duration 7 mos
Location Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Chief Information Officer
John Carroll University
Dates Employed Dec 2008 -- Jul 2017
Employment Duration 8 yrs 8 mos
Location University Heights, OH

Uh oh, it can't be both, so somebody's lying about something! Typical pot head, can't remember which lies he told when. Apparently "CIO" stands for Corrupt Information Orifice. Is this really the guy you want running your information security?

[Image: liar-liar-pants-on-fire-your-pants-are-a...00x303.jpg][Image: MikeBestul09.jpg]

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