"New College" Losing Accreditation
San Francisco-based New College of California is about to lose its WASC accreditation.  

According to this article, it has been "on sanction" with WASC for 17 of the last 27 years!  Who knew?  Not the kind of thing you like to tell prospective students, so apparently nobody bothered.

Nice curriculum too, "degrees in activism and social change and women’s spirituality" according to this article.  Gee, and with such sure job magnet degrees how could they possibly be going bankrupt? Rolleyes

In a letter to the acting president, WASC stated a lengthy laundry list of deficiencies, including no stated policies for admissions, enrollment, student files and related records, award of credit, or award of grades.  

And this is a problem why?  I mean, they were RA weren't they?  It must be the "gold standard" of quality.  Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

This comment by a reader just about sums it up:
Quote:Right after moving to SF I was driving down Valencia Street and saw a bunch of seemingly strung out individuals hanging around what I thought was a methadone clinic. Having previously worked up state with addicts I thought I'd go home and get my resume to drop off in case they had any job openings.

When I returned to Valencia Street I found out what I thought was a methadone clinic was in fact New College.

RA = methadone clinic quality
Anything less and it's right out the door....in 27 years!

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